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Pediatric & Chiropractic Blog

Thrive Natural Family Health is a comprehensive centre providing exceptional chiropractic care, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, custom orthotics & other treatments.

Thrive Natural Family Health Toronto | Health & Wellness Blog

Get health and wellness tips from our chiropractors. Follow our chiropractors as they provide a wealth of information about the human body!

Allergies – Why They Happen and How You Can Help Stop Them | Thrive Health : Blog

I wanted to share an article on allergies as many this time of year suffer seasonal allergy symptoms. At a fun time of year to enjoy the outdoors, no one wants to be overwhelmed with congestion and low energy!! Allergies occur when the body mounts an immune system response to substances inhaled or ingested from the environment.

How to Manage High Stress Periods... Like the Holidays!! | Thrive Health : Blog

Most of us know that stress and feeling overwhelmed does not limit itself to holidays!! When stress is at it’s peak, it’s hard to stop and regroup. The feeling is often one of overwhelm vs. support. Below are ten ways to try and shift the balance back to a more supportive experience.

2018 Consumer Choice Award!

Thrive is thrilled to announce that it has been selected as the 2018 Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of Naturopathic Medicine in the Toronto Central Region!

Cleaning up our Intake through the Indulgent Summer | Thrive Health : Blog

Many patients come in and ask how to make reasonable improvements to their summer routines and so decided to share a few tips and suggestions in this month’s newsletter:

A Chiropractic Pregnancy! | Thrive Health : Blog

This post focuses on educating pregnant mum’s on how to prepare for the birthing process and the value of chiropractic care during pregnancy. A pregnant woman who trusts her body to do what it is naturally designed to do is much more likely to experience a healthy, natural birth than someone who is stressed and fearful. The brain responds to fearful emotions negatively during pregnancy, releasing hormones that can slow labour and dilation.

Spotlight On: Osteopathy | Thrive Health : Blog

Osteopathy is a non-invasive manual therapy that works on the muscles, joints and spine to enhance your body’s natural health. In other words, an osteopath will stretch your body for you, allowing the muscles and joints to move more freely.

Immune Boosting Foods | Thrive Health : Blog

We at Thrive wanted to give your immune system a little boost by giving you some ideas on what you can incorporate into your diet that might help you fight off those nasty germs.