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Updated by Taya Legge on Jun 23, 2018
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5 Surprising Websites For Weight Loss

You can find hundreds of websites for weight loss, but this 5 are my favorite as they provide tips to lose weight naturally. They do not require you to starve for food so it works on people with low willpower as most of other diet programs fail because they demand you to starve yourself.

Seriously, Honey For Weight Loss?

Honey, when used as a healthy food for weight loss management is a good food and it also creates a defense against heart diseases. As per recent studies, if you eat 1 tbsp of honey before going to sleep, you can lose up to 3 inches of belly fat or 5 pounds in 3 weeks. As honey increases metabolic activity in digestive system, it burns more fat.

Amazing Health Benefits of Apple For Weight Loss

There is a old proverb about apple, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apple contain antioxidants, flavanoids & dietary fiber which is the reason it was ranked first in recent study published by Medical News Website. This ingredients not only save you from chances of cancer, heart attack and other diseases but also helps in losing weight. If you eat apple on you regular basis, it can reduce your belly fat as it contain high potassium and fiber content.

Diet Doctor

In the world full of advice and recommendations on diet food to earn money, Diet Doctor charges only $9 per month which is very affordable. They provide accurate information about weight loss. They put more trust in natural foods and plans instead of corporate health industry. They help you in making diet plans on low calorie diet or keto diet which when implemented accurately can show you miraculous weight loss results.

Noom Inc.

Noom is dedicated to create products that help in healthy lifestyle. They use modern technology on smart phone to observe your progress and based on this observation, they give you recommendation.

Join Free + Free month + Free cookbook–it's a Triple Play!

Weight Watchers provide you with excellent diet plans, cook books and tracking at reasonable prices.
It includes more than 200 foods like eggs & salmon. The food programs are high in protein food which helps in muscle gaining and losing weight. It also encourages people to follow it accurately and precisely.