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Watermelon benefits (Skin, Hair, health, juice) | Benefits and Uses

Watermelon is a refreshing and delicious fruit that comes with several health benefits. It is not only a great summer snack that helps you beat the scorching heat but the minerals and nutrients present in it cater our bodily functions.Read more for watermelon benefits.

Prednisone Side Effects, Dosage, Warnings, Consumption and uses

It is common for doctors to prescribe Prednisone in cases of inflammation, allergies and such skin issues. Then again, every drug you consume has some unwanted effects along with the desired effects. So does Prednisone. Understand the prednisone side effects.

Side Effects of Prednisone

The maximal movement of the adrenal cortex is between 2 am and 8 am, and it is insignificant between 4 pm and midnight. Exogenous corticosteroids smother adrenocorticoid movement the slightest when given at the season of maximal action (am) for single dosage organization. In this manner, it is prescribed that prednisone be controlled early in the day before 9 am and when vast measurements are given, organization of stomach settling agents between dinners to help avoid peptic ulcers. Numerous dosage treatment ought to be uniformly appropriated in equally divided interims for the duration of the day.

Watermelon Juice Benefits For Skin and Weight Loss

Delicious, sweet and lively, this excellent organic product is a rich wellspring of numerous minerals. On account of its high water content, watermelon is...

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Prednisone side effects in men | Benefits and Uses

Prednisone is a prescription steroid drug. It comes as an immediate release tablet and liquid. But, there are several prednisone side effects in men that you should be aware of. It causes headache, insomnia, erectile dysfunction and many more serious problems.

Watermelon benefits for Men | Surprising facts , benefits, uses |

There are several watermelon benefits for men. Watermelon acts as a natural Viagra for men and cures erectile dysfunction along with many other health advantages like....

Prednisone side effects in Women | Benefits and Uses

Prednisone might appear to you like the ultimate solution to every inflammatory issue you face. Then again, it is always advised to avoid Prednisone treatment as it can have side effects in your body as well. Women should be extra careful when opting for Prednisone treatment. Read More...

Have you ever heard about Pomelo Fruit? It is miraculous with its Benefits!

Pomelo fruit is the largest citrus fruit related to grapefruit. Pomelo fruit helps in prevention of cancer, anemia, cold & flu and fights different kinds of infections. It also boosts your immune system, it lowers the cramping of muscles and balances the blood pressure and also....

17 Health Benefits of Physalis fruit (Nutritional Value, Facts)

Physalis fruit is a smooth, round, small yellow berry, enclosed within a husk that becomes like paper on mutation. Physalis fruit is a healthy fruit with a good source of nutrients available in it. There are many health benefits of Physalis fruits such as...

How Long Does Sunburn Hurt? | Benefits and Uses

To know How long does sunburn hurt we must have to know Length of Mild to Severe Sunburns and also it depends up on the sensitivity of the skin.

Trapped gas symptoms should be known before it starts creating problems in our body

Today we ensure you about the Trapped gas symptoms, Trapped gas in the chest, trapped gas in back and how to get rid of trapped gas from our body.

Black currant juice : Nutrition, Medical benefits, Uses and Detoxification

You need approximately 4600 milligrammes of potassium every single day. Potassium is considered to regulate the acid-base by balancing heart's electrical functions. For easy muscle contraction and healthy digestion consumption of potassium is essential on food form. Black currant juice provides potassium; half cup of ..

For all the Chai Lovers! You never knew that tea has these harmful effects

Tea is a beverage which is accepted by everyone. If we drink the tea in excess then, there are so many disadvantages of tea. For avoiding the tea side effects, we should restrict its cause prostate cancer in men ,osteofluorosis. etc.

Learn how to cook prawns at home and some benefits and side effects of eating prawns

There are many prawns health benefits. They are rich in nutrients, they protect the skin, and helps to improve the immune system. In addition, Prawns are rich in energy and low in fat. Nutrients present in prawns help with production of energy, functioning of tissues, heart health, and immune system..

Change your skin tone and get fair permanently by using these remedies

Looking for how to get fair skin fast permanently? Well, the answer couldn’t get any easier than this. Just by doing this you can have a flawless skin. Natural remedies can also cure your damaged skin. Sunburn, allergy, pollution.

Cumin (Jeera in Hindi) has many lesser known benefits that will surprise you

From curing respiratory diseases, curing a cold to piles there are so many health benefits of cumin that you should know about. Cumin benefits a lot in

Love kids and want to conceive twins or triplets? Then here is how you can do that

Dealing with how to conceive twins or triplets naturally is a matter of concern. To have the twins or triplets is the gift of nature. And here is how you

Papaya Seeds have harmful effects on our body! You couldn't imagine how

Papaya fruit has many health benefits and while eating papaya the seeds are generally thrown away. Papaya seeds side effects are many. The seeds have an intense flavor, it tastes like a combination of mustard & black peppercorns. A papaya seed has a chemical known as benzyl isothiocyanate that can induce poisoning.

Drop that pill! Papaya seeds for abortion is the safest way to get it done

Papaya seeds for abortion was a traditional remedy for women who were looking for the best measure to get the abortion done. Is it really effective in today's time as well? That's what we are looking for in this article. It is the safest way to get abortion done, but why? Let's find out.

Get rid of your tanning quickly! Here is How to Remove Tanning From Face In 2 Days?

How to remove tanning from face in 2 days is the most important point for every girl. Today we are providing you with the best solution to remove tanning

Ever wondered why everyone says a no to alcohol consumption? Here are the reasons behind it

We are advised to stop the consumption of Alcohol, but do you know why that is? Disadvantages of alcohol are many, from reduced sexual health to complete dependency on others. And let’s not forget the killer hangover….

How to grow nails fast with salt? | Benefits and Uses

The answer to the question how to grow nails fast with salt is using salt water. The broken, fungus and ugly nails are not big problems. strengthen and nourish them to prevent breaking and chipping. Helps keep nail problems at bay. There is tons of folic acid and vitamin C found in orange juice.

The difference between pomelo and grapefruit- Pomelo vs grapefruit

Pomelo vs grapefruit. Pomelo is the natural citrus fruit with binomial name Citrus Maxima as it hails from Genus: Citrus and Species: Maxima, whereas Grapefruit is a subtropical citrus, which is a hybrid formed as a cross between sweet orange and pomelo. Both have high nutritional value along with health benefits.

Clove Benefits are Undoubtedly Great and Here Is All You Need To Know About It

Clove is known as a very important commercial crop. it has great medicinal values too. Clove benefits and clove side effects are nothing that you haven't heard before. keeping blood sugar at a low level along with blocking the bacterial growth are its two main key points.Drinking clove water is very beneficial.