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Mobile App Development Company

How to Create ICO | Create Your Own Cryptocurrency ICO Tokens - Official Blog

Saves time and Money: If we follow the old way, to raise fund from investors/banks, then it demands a lengthy process where a lot of our time and money would be wasted. But in ICO, anyone can invest easily. It is not a costly affair like traditional method. Small companies always face the problem to raise money through traditional way, as they can’t afford to spend so much time and money. Here, ICO makes it easy to fund their company

Ultimate Guide For Crypto Concepts : Bitcoin, Ethereum

In the 21st Century, Cryptocurrencies has become a Global phenomenon while still somehow it’s been difficult for many people to understand it thoroughly. This blog offers you a walk through and provides you a better understanding and overview of important Crypto Concepts like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain.

What is Cryptocurrency & Incredible Benefits of Cryptocurrency?

The complete process has been made possible by particular principles of cryptography. Each cryptocurrency functions through distributed ledger technology.

Guess What will be the JavaScript’s Framework Trends in 2018

These JavaScript Frameworks will solve different purposes and are known for doing the best job in the market. Therefore, keep trying and keep coding you will yourself see the difference between these frameworks.

Top Mobile App Development Trends For 2018

Now, mobile applications have become a part of our life. Till now, we were just using the apps for browsing, playing games, studies,...

Why Node.js use for backend/server-side programming?

Productivity, speed and scalability are the synonyms for Node.js development platform.  Node.js is a neutral language and this is the reason that it is also called the Switzerland of programming languages. Both the Java and .net developers can understand Node.js and can therefore easily deploy it on Windows as well as UNIX infrastructure. Uber, Walmart, LinkedIn platforms are build using Node.js because it has countless benefits and few constraints.

Single Page Apps Vs Multiple Page Apps – What To Choose For Web Development

Every function of the app which you see is on that page only, nothing is on some other page for which you’ll have to open another page, or in the case of a website, another URL. In other words, single page applications are dynamic in nature, as everything is located on one page.

The Best NFC Payment App- Secure Your Move

All that needs to be done is to either touch or pass your mobile device through a dedicated machine that can further access data technically. With regards to ​mobile payments apps​, NFC has been one of the major shift in technology that has been deployed in all devices, be it, Android , Windows or iOS.

Choosing the right tool - Ionic Vs React Native

Amidst plethora of framework, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose whether to opt for Android Vs iOS or go for ionic vs react native.To make the task simpler, we provide you a brief description of the latter with significant advantages of each to help you segregate your requirements and chose the framework that works best for you.

Mobile app are a necessity. In any sector where heavy load of work is required. Apps comes out to be a relaxing factor. Be it a government body or it should be of the private sector, everywhere these app are needed.

What is the difference between PHP and Node.js? - Official Blog

PHP and Node.js are both powerful backends for dynamic websites. They both fall under the same category, yet their features are quite distinct.

Step By Step Guide To Developing an Ios App -

Ranking high amongst the top operating system for mobile devices, iOS is an unavoidable platform for which developing an app is not a compulsion but a necessity. However, iOS app development is not as easy as Android apps. Apply lays down a series of rules to be followed while deploying an app.

Hair, Beauty, Spa & Salon App Development Services

Salon App Development would in a way increase the appearance of your business into the digital world. Providing customers the ease to book appointments with Salon App Development as per their schedule would not just induce a sense of satisfaction but also help your business grow on a whole.

Developing a Hybrid Mobile App using Android Studio

The recent trend has seen people shifting from the web browser to mobile apps. With the advancement in technology, the need for Android devices and Android hybrid apps compatible for the same has been found to increase tremendously.

Android App Development - The Technology That Fits The Market

Amidst the pool of technologies for app development, the preferred is the Kotlin. Not just being expressive but also that fact that it has a specific pattern makes it one if the best technology to be used when it comes to Android app development. With JVM being the platform, Kotlin effectively operates with Java.

Android App Development - The Technology That Fits The Market

Amidst the pool of technologies for app development, the preferred is the Kotlin. Not just being expressive but also that fact that it has a specific pattern makes it one if the best technology to be used when it comes to Android app development. With JVM being the platform, Kotlin effectively operates with Java.

Best On Demand App Development Services

If you are willing to step into the app market then on-demand app development is an ultimate solution you should embrace to win the market.

Seven Best iOS App Development Company

Business nowadays is more online than being offline. When companies sought to start a new business it becomes imperative to have a website or preferably an app designed to outlast the feature of the company and also lay down the specification as required.

How to Create Cryptocurrency?

You might not be expert in coding but wish to have your own cryptocurrency. Right? So, to let you know it is officially possible for you to create your own. However, you need to consider a few options before you dive in.

Get an Inclusive Knowledge of Food Delivery Apps Development Model

On-demand food delivery apps are dominating the app market greatly and thereby raised the demand for food delivery app development solutions worldwide and industrialists are looking for best food delivery app development company to get these on-demand app solutions.

iPhone Application Development Services

The iPhone app development services increase the efficiency and also the productivity of your business organization. So, look out for an app development company to build an app for iPhone users.

React Native Vs. Ionic - Which Framework Is Better for Hybrid Mobile App Development?

To have an excellent mobile app developed, you need to employ the best of all framework or platform. You need to choose between Android and iOS and the framework react native or ionic.

Most Popular Android App Development Trends

Android keeps astonishing its users with frequent updates. It's high time now digital companies step ahead to and invest in the Android app development.

Top 10 Dating Apps of 2018

Nowadays, dating app development company lay their focus to create an app like tinder and start their online venture allowing the youth of the nation to find their perfect match online.

Best Mobile App Development for Business

Which was just a media to connect over voice or text is now a media to marketize or publicize, a channel to reach out to customers and an excellent model to ease human life. In such a scenario, mobile app development services are something every business firms looks out.