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Updated by Parth Bari on Jun 03, 2022
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10 Crucial Web Design Trends in 2018

Web designing and development is an important aspect of a website’s making process before it reaches its audience. A well-designed website is capable of engaging more users to your online business.


Broken Grid Layouts

The quest of web designers towards creating most engaging layouts will never end. In fact, the grid on which they always rely over for bringing logic and harmony to their layouts has itself become a constraint. However, the broken grid layouts always create a mess with your design. The text elements and the images should be drifted into the layout that should essentially be a sober one.


Illustrations at the Center Point

Image selection is the most interesting challenge one can go with, in the world of digital marketing. Here, illustrations can go with a visual challenge, where our entire design staff concluded about two types of image selection:

  • GIFs and Product UI Images
  • Editorial Photography

The first point gives emphasis over the in-product related features, functionality and experiences, whereas the later one emphasizes the human dimension of the product and its effect on the lives of the people.

In 2018, the work of website maker and Illustrators will increase more to attain an all-new prominence in both product design and marketing.


Mainstream Status of Brutalism

In today’s trends about web design practices, Brutalism emerged as a new word regarded to open a space for the designers where they can do what actually they want in terms of responsive web design, instead of what they should. The works created will come here with all the advices related to optimization and best practices listed in the favor of design, looks and effects.


Oblique and More Organic Shapes

The card-based UIs dominate both the web as well as the mobile based designs, for several years. Those cards were always be required as sharp-edged, right-angled and exposing geometry of their underlying DIVs in the modern concern for the web design materials. However, the things have changed now. Now, all the apps from Twitter to Facebook come with the rounded corners on their cards, profile avatars, input boxes etc.


More Pervasive Animations and Interactions

Now, web design has become much more than just printing words on a page. The creativity here would be to show the design in the way it directs at least some of the message through your website. It should have motion and interactivity. Your information should move and allow the users to interact with and impact that information.


Maximalism Emergence

Earlier, getting the feedback about your website as ‘clean’ was just enough to call it a perfect one. Now, the things could not be so minimal.

Today, as people have become more digitally savvy, more advanced designing is expected and in the design terms, it got the name of maximalism where every design aspect is considered keeping in mind user’s interest.


Serifs Again in Trend

Serifs Again in Trend

Sans Serif fonts were most liked earlier during the days of mom-retina screens and poor font support, but it made a lot of sense to the web interfaces. Today, as well, Serifs are back in trend with both screens and font rendering technologies. Custom font support is quite robust and plays a prominent supporting role for your design requirements.


Floating Navigation Menus

Floating Navigation Menus

Today, the sites will either be conversion-focused or have the sprawling menus making the fixed navigation a mainstay of the sites. You should always simplify the experience of the site keeping out the navigation controls constantly at the finger tips of the user.

Earlier, the designers were visually detaching the navigation from the rest of the site design and moving it a bit below the chrome browser. Now, going about this visually is possible with adding a drop shadow to the navigation bar and moving it a bit below, at very top of the site. It can be done in a flatter design as well.


Videos are an Important Element

Videos are an Important Element

You cannot play well just with a static image when you have to convey the complex information in a visual format. You should enter the video element to unfold the complexity. A still image of an UI will not be sufficient in all the cases.


Multimedia – More Immersive Longform

Multimedia – More Immersive Longform

Now, a longform of content has not just remained throwing a long text field onto the page and that’s it. The contents today are powered by high-profile CMS systems and where a single layout performs heavy lifting even for the short lengthed content. Lengthy stories are now enriched with videos, charts, graphs, sound, maps and much more.

Website design is a continual aspect of a web development process and it will always be supported by changing trends in the industry. This means, only the face would change, the spirit will remain the same i.e. to engage more and more users towards your website and make them explore your site more.

Above given factors is the outcome of the changes happening in today’s industrial scenario when the designing patterns and ideas got a little bit of boost with the changing perception. Just try finding a good web design company and get your things done wonderfully.