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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Top 05 Water Sports to Try in Hong Kong in Summer – Beat the Heat, the Fun Way
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Top 05 Water Sports to Try in Hong Kong in Summer – Beat the Heat, the Fun Way

A range of awesome water-based activities is available in Hong Kong to keep you cool and happy. Making the most of the sea, these thrilling escapades will enhance your holiday. Do read on.


Why Don't You Try Walking on Water

Watching professional paddlers skim across the water, one is presented with the illusion of walking on water. SUP or stand up paddling is all the rage, in the world of water sports, and enjoyed across the world in various environs. For starters, since you are standing up, the views are better, of not just the coast but also of the marine life skirting the top of the waves. You need to be fit though to have a go at SUP, as the sport requires stamina and the use of your core muscles. Being based in a Kowloon hotel like Park Hotel Hong Kong will give you easy access to the coast and a chance to practise your balancing and paddling skills.


Become a Surfer

Be it those looking for 4 star hotels in Hong Kong or backpackers in search of budget accommodation, the lures of surfing attract all water sports enthusiasts alike. Surfing is a marvellous way to beat the heat and have loads of fun in the process. You can take on a surfing lesson and learn the art of a duck dive, or hang five. Of course, if you are already a 'cool surfer', then rent out a board and head over to the nearest spot along the coast.


Try Your Hand at Kayaking

Kayaking is the best way to explore the beautiful coast of Hong Kong. You can hire a kayak and get set with a friend for a marvellous adventure of discovery, as you, skim past, hidden beaches, secret coves and discover verdant coasts along the South China Sea. Ask around from your Hong Kong hotel and you may be able to hook up with a tour operator who plans kayaking tours, which is ideal for discovering the best attractions along the coast.


Snorkelling is Loads of Fun

Snorkelling can be enjoyed regardless of age; all you need are decent swimming skills, a mask, flipper and snorkel, to get up close and personal with marine life around Hong Kong's sea. Head over to 852 Sai Kung for the best experience, one of the most popular spots for snorkelling, the place is frequented by a range of sea life, which snorkelers can spot with ease, given the clear quality of the water.


Skim the Ocean on a Kiteboard

Kiteboarding is similar to surfing, except the board is propelled with the aid of a large sail or kite-like apparatus. Learn to balance on the board as the wind whips up speed and you are propelled across the shimmering ocean. There are kiteboard schools where amateurs can learn the art in next to no time, while watching the professionals perform a series of acrobats is quite a treat.

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