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healthcare automation

Collaborative Care Management Software Solutions | Care Management Software Solutions

OSP Labs' collaborative care management software solutions help healthcare professionals and patients to work in conjunction to improve the quality of care and outcomes.

healthcare claims management software solutions provide a custom built, automated and fully-efficient workflow to help you manage your medical billing and claims without a hassle. Our customized medical billing software solutions are geared for prompt, easy-to-handle and result-oriented medical billing solutions to the payers.



OSP Labs' medical provider network management software solutions helps payers to easily store and maintain provider information and efficiently maintain the contract life cycle.


Healthcare Provider Software Solutions

Healthcare Provider Software Solutions

We deliver high-quality healthcare provider software solutions with innovative software solutions. OSP Labs help healthcare providers to optimize processes to improve quality of care and revenue performance with tailored software development.

With growing new paradigm in value-based care models, health providers demand a robust population health management solutions that meets the needs of ACOs, FQHCs, PCMHs, and other collaborative care settings. To deliver efficient care health networks, regions, and centers requires tools that optimize care models, identify higher-risk patients, and factors that determine patient health based on intelligent aggregated data analytics. OSP Labs builds bespoke population health management software solutions that enhance population treatment, improve care workflows, engage patients, and tackle daily challenges to deliver value-based care.

OSP Labs collaborative care management software solutions play a vital role in offering qualitative value-based healthcare to strengthen the foundation of trust and value to ensure qualitative and 360-degree assistance to the patients. Our care management software solution comprised of a patient-centric interface to content-enable PACS, HIS and electronic medical record applications for access for all relevant clinical and financial data. To bridge gaps and strengthen fruitful collaboration amongst patients and payers our collaborative care management software system offer advanced payment framework that streamlines multiple quality programs under the new merit-based incentive payments system (MIPS).

OSP Labs’ medical billing and healthcare revenue cycle management solutions ensure healthcare practices gain an optimal return on their investment. Our rich healthcare domain knowledge and profound payer relationships allow us to enhance reimbursement cycle and optimize patient-to-payment course to streamline revenue cycle management. Our medical revenue cycle management solutions strive to provide seamless revenue flow, enforce accurate policies, deploy time-sensitive bandwidth, facilitate compliance with regulations and reduce claim denials. OSP Labs’ healthcare revenue cycle management software services help to alleviate the labor-intensive manual tasks such as filing claims, working unpaid claims, exclusions, filing appeals, payment posting, secondary insurance claim filing, patient billing, etc. to bring efficiency to your revenue cycle management.

From specialty billing to integrated clearinghouse solutions, we are leveraging technology to build personalized medical billing software solutions for growing healthcare billing software companies.

The dynamic nature and complexity of value-based healthcare domain need a holistic approach to decision support that focuses on patient engagement, consistency of care, and the ability to measure developments in patients outcomes. OSP Labs’ tailored clinical decision support software solutions are instrumental in helping you make better informed clinical decisions, create workflow efficiencies and control final costs. Our clinical decision support solutions embed medical knowledge into existing healthcare systems to support safe medication decisions while also meeting essential compliance and market needs. The machine-learning solutions offer detailed medication classification surpassing mandated industry standards to reduce the potential for drug prescription errors. Our CDSS software solutions strive to build the robust technical infrastructure to allow health systems to share data electronically. Our software services render the complete information possible into Clinical Decision Support systems to enhance decision-making process in the clinical workflow.

Custom Healthcare Software Development | Custom Medical Solutions

OSP helps in custom healthcare software development that is compliant with HIPAA, HHS, HL7 and other security regulations. With our custom healthcare solutions secured data encryption, you can increase the app adoption ratio, reduce the risk of data loss and gain user’s trust.

HIPAA Compliant Software Development for Increased Interconnectivity

HIPAA compliant software development is the enabling of intelligent technologies within the core of the business for an improved bottom line. The transformation from traditional approaches to modern technologies requires a change in perspective, a transformation of infrastructure and a restructuring of the organizations core values. OSP Labs provides hipaa compliant web app solutions and patient portal development.

Mental Health Billing Software solutions

Behavioural health practices have a unique responsibility of care, when compared to other healthcare agencies. This is due to the patient population in question, as well as the manner in which these patients procure their insurance. Integrated mental health billing software solutions services company are the need of the hour with regulatory compliance measures. OSP Labs cutting edge provides custom billing software for mental health professionals.

Patient Engagement Software Solutions

OSP Labs offers state-of-the-art patient engagement software solutions that improve patient-provider coordination through effective communication channels and support better population health management for better outcomes.

AI Based Software Solutions for Pharma Companies

AI Pharma solutions are geared to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry with its automation and data mining capabilities. Every bottleneck that seems to have challenged the industry thus far can be mitigated through the incorporation of AI-based pharmaceutical solutions. Our solutions range from natural language processing to automated dispensing.

A brief look at Custom Healthcare Software Development & it’s future.

Custom Software Development is a thing of the present and the future, companies are beginning to realize what they've missed out on and why the word Custom has a price tag attached to it. The word 'Custom' had been thrown around many times in the past but it's only recently attached to many different words, but it's latched on to one in particular that is Software Development.

Let's take a look at Custom Softwares, and why is turning it into a norm.

What is Custom Software? what will it be? and why choose it? The answer is, custom software development is the development of a software product to meet specific needs instead of adapting the business to pre-built software products. Custom software development can be complex, i.e. to satisfy a whole process of work (employees, end clients, intermediaries) as well as to target a certain group of people, for example, workers in a company, to satisfy their business requirements, many companies are turning over towards boutique software development companies as there's a more closer bond between the developers and the clients in such environments.

A company choosing custom software development for Healthcare over a non-customized software is the one that knows of it's business goals, knows the benefits that it provides over pre-configured products and knows the advantages it can give over its competitors.
There are some advantages and disadvantages that it provides, but all in all, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages if done right.


  1. It contains only the required functions as the client needs.
  2. Provides improved security.
  3. It's very flexible, it can adapt to the growing business needs.
  4. Competitive advantage over its competitors.
  5. It's easier to implement since it's built around the companies business process.
  6. Keeping long run goals in mind, Custom Software is more favorable for the company's business environment.


  1. High development costs.
  2. The user requirements are not always identified correctly by software development companies.
  3. Sometimes the choice of the development company can be a mistake and cause a setback.

The best part about Custom Software Development is that when compared to legacy softwares, they are much better, the reason being that by the time these legacy softwares reach the store shelf they're already gone out of date -- this does not happen with customized software.

Now let's take a look at what has custom software development got in store for Healthcare? Currently, we know that Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industry currently growing at an annual rate of 5.4%, companies in this industry are all ready to shell out for their requirements, Custom Healthcare Software Development has brought the required change that was needed -- Innovation.

The process of developing a custom healthcare software starts with Ideation of a project followed by the Requirement Gathering phase where all the requirements of the client are noted down and planned out to implement in the system. After that, two of the most important phases of software development come into action: the Architecture Design and the actual Software Development in Healthcare all the necessary steps are taken here to ensure protocols are followed correctly and the final step is Software Testing where the almost finished product is tried and tested in a controlled environment where glitches and errors are fixed to provide a polished product.

Some of the growing challenges and solutions to Custom Healthcare Software Development in Healthcare currently are those such as Data Management, Platform Integration and Market Trends, there are solutions proposed to solve many of these problems, these include the likes of Revenue Cycle Management, Cloud-Based Solutions, Internet of Medical Things, Healthcare AI applications and much more.


How to Advance Towards Achieving 100% Interoperability in Healthcare?

How to Advance Towards Achieving 100% Interoperability in Healthcare?

Interoperability can be dubbed as a data superhighway, but the majority of healthcare stakeholders are still stuck in a parking lot. Integrating and utilizing EHRs together are the first baby steps. Healthcare Interoperability will be an ongoing challenge for healthcare stakeholders due to the industry’s unique information exchange requirements and stringent compliance mandates. If we aim to overcome these hurdles, then achieving 100% EHR interoperability is the final summit where we are yet to reach.
This eBook can help you look holistically at advanced and secure data sharing strategies that span the entire patient care continuum.
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7 Healthcare Industries Ready To Be Disrupted By AI in 2022

OSP' free healthcare AI ebook discusses the overview of model AI applications in 7 sub-domains of healthcare industry and their role in redefining the current industry by 2022.

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