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Magento development Company

Magento Store is more than a centralized platform that enables organizations of different shapes and sizes secure their global presence; It indeed powers them to expand their businesses by serving a larger client base.

Over the past few years, the Magento has set up a formidable reputation for itself and has become one of the most popular e-commerce platforms globally. According to the stats, in the year 2017, 31.4% of the top 100,000 websites were developed on this platform. It offers a large number of benefits due to which, multiple Magento development company, all over the world, prefer to choose this platform while building their online store. Since its inception, we have seen many upgradations with every of its latest edition. And, if we talk about its editions, the New Magento Commerce Cloud is gaining popularity these days. Why? Let’s get to know.

5 Things That Every Magento Store Owner Needs To Know About GDPR by Magento Store

As General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced on May 25th,
2018, compliance became a necessity for a large number of online
businesses across the globe. The data privacy regulatio...

Artificial Intelligence Making Magento E-commerce More Powerful

The e-commerce industry is undeniably one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It has completely transformed the way businesses used to promote and sell their products and services. with…

Top 10 Magento Commerce Cloud Features That You Should Know About

The release of Magento Commerce Cloud has been a ground-breaking event for the e-commerce industry. The new edition is specifically meant for B2B sellers as their challenges are quite different and…

Six Essential Ways To Enhance Your Magento Store Security – Magento Development Services

The Magento is undoubtedly one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms. Whenever it comes to choosing a platform for building the online stores, the developers and entrepreneurs prefer to choose this CMS platform. There are multiple reasons behind it such as delivering full controls to owners and developers over both the front-end and back-end. Not…

Elevate Your E-Commerce Business With A Responsive Magento Store

E-commerce is a huge, competitive space, with thousands of sellers trying to make an impact for standing apart.

Magento Empowering Businesses With Its Advanced Features

E-commerce is a fast-paced industry that keeps itself updated with the latest trends and technologies. And, Magento is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms that has crafted a niche for itself. It has been appreciated for being one of the most-effective CMSs for developing online stores. Today, multiple brands are using this platform for Magento Website Design as it can be accessed very easily. Also, it facilitates businesses to showcase their content on a personalized basis.

What Changes Will AI Bring To Magento Development – Magento Store – Medium

Artificial Intelligence is touching multiple facets of the industries. Be it healthcare, hotel, education, recruitment or e-commerce industry, none has remained untouched by its impacts. And, when it comes to one of the biggest industries that are going to be completely transformed with the emergence of AI, E-commerce emerges on the top of the list. This industry is backed by many powerful technologies and platforms. And, Magento is considered one of the most popular platforms in this industry. Day by day, the demand for this platform is increasing in the market, and correspondingly the number of Magento development companies. Now, if we talk about the emergence of AI in Magento, there will be multiple enhancements that will further empower this popular and scalable e-commerce platform.

4 ways to Minimize Cart Abandonment Rate in Magento Store

Being an online vender is an arduous responsibility. Envision a physical store having large number of potential customers and out of those only few make it to the billing counter and really pay, the others simply stay there by looking at your things. Many chances are that they are holding your items in a single hand while also checking the same item from some other store. Each of these things is done well from your own particular store. Sounds unusual, correct? However, this is actual scenario of ecommerce business.

Shopping cart abandonment has turned out to be one of the greatest issues that the ecommerce business is confronting today. With a prominent rise in online accessibility of products, customers have various alternatives to look over which prompts the comparison of price, quality, and accessibility, which was an inaccessible dream in store shopping. This is one of the primary reason responsible for shopping cart abandonment. Here are some simple, yet great tips to lessen abandonment cart rates on your Magento store and turn more visitors into buyers.


5 Reasons That Make Magento 2 An Ideal M-Commerce Platform

Mobile Commerce, popularly known as m-commerce has emerged as a booming e-commerce trend. The reasons are obvious as customers are more inclined towards shopping via the mobile channel because of the unmatched convenience it renders. As a result, e-commerce ventures are investing in mobile versions of their e-stores so that they can keep pace with this trend. Moreover, Google’s new algorithm has made responsiveness and mobile-friendliness mandatory for all websites. In this scenario, e-commerce businesses have no choice but to look for a platform that supports a mobile presence. Magento 2 has emerged as a preferred choice because it has several features that make it m-commerce-friendly. Let us check them out.

User Friendliness

The biggest reason that Magento 2 is revered as a platform is its user-friendly interaction for whichever channel it is used. By investing in Magento 2 Development Services, you can ensure a smooth navigation and intuitive experiences for your web and mobile customers. The platform version comes with a default theme but you can get a custom theme to build an interface that matches your brand image. Similarly, it extends a seamless user-experience with simplified search, add-to-cart, and checkout functionalities.


4 Must Have Magento Extensions to Boost Efficiency of Ecommerce Store

Being one of the best-class open source e-commerce solutions, Magento accompanies with a host of features that make shopping fun and play. The accessibility of innumerable valuable Magento extensions made available can help enhance marketing performance of your online business. There are few features which Magento is not pre-worked with. However, making use of these extensions with proper magento website design will definitely add more to its performance making it even better. Listed below are some fundamental Magento extensions that every business requires.

1. Shopping Mentor

It happens regularly that individuals can't discover an item that suits their prerequisites. Shopping mentor as Magento extension is here to expel the boundary that prevents the client from purchasing. When you integrate the module in your site, your customers will be guided to a rundown of items which are generated by asking a couple of questions identified with their requirements. Aside from simply posting, the customers are given information about the items, this module turns out to be exceptionally helpful for the non-specialized individual purchasing electrical items.


Reasons to Choose Magento for E-commerce Web Development

In the today’s competitive world, it’s very necessary to have an online presence. Whether you’re running a small enterprise or a large one, if you want to sell your products on the internet, you have to become the part of it. Though, there are lots of options out there that can offer you ecommerce solutions still, making the right choice is important. And, when it comes to choosing the best platform Magento for ecommerce development covers up all the features and functionalities that you can plan to include in your online store. What are the other reasons that make it appealing? Let’s explore them!

Custom Made For Everyone

This platform can easily get into the shape of your requirements very quickly and easily. It has become one of the most vital tools in the armor of the developers as well as programmers. Be it a small or single person’s project or a large scale project, Magento has the power to build it all.

Vast Range of Features:

In comparison to any other ecommerce platform, Magento has an extensive list of robust and modern features that make it demandable in the market. The features incorporated into this platform enable developers to work with several tools such as Google Content APIs, Google sitemaps and Search Engine Compatible URLs.


10 Magento Extensions That You Must Consider For Your E-Commerce Store

Running an e-commerce store effectively is a challenge in itself. Not only do you need to deliver exceptional shopping experiences but also scale the store according to the changing needs of your business. Magento is a great platform in this context as it offers scalability, with several extensions available to add specific functionalities to e-commerce stores with different needs. These can play a key role in boosting conversions, generating higher revenues, engaging the customers and driving retention. The benefits that you can get from them are immense, provided that you choose the right ones.

How do you decide which extension works for you, considering the countless options out there? Is there a ready-made product that suits your needs or will you have to opt for custom Magento extension development? What good will a specific extension bring to your business and how to get it installed in your store? Before delving deeper, it is feasible to check out some popular extensions that you must consider for your e-commerce store.

1. Ajax Search Autocomplete

Ajax Search Autocomplete is a search extension that enhances the search functionality of the store by providing an autocomplete box for text input by the user. Once they start entering the search query in the box, an auto-suggestion will appear for them. This feature enhances their experience by simplifying and expediting the searches.

2. Delivery Date Scheduler

Another extension that can improve the customer experience as well as add credibility to your brand is the Delivery Date Scheduler. It offers the flexibility to the customers to schedule their preferable delivery time while purchasing a product. The extension facilitates the addition of a calendar view and format so that the buyer can choose the relevant details for scheduling convenient delivery.

How Magento Can Help To Flourish Your Ecommerce Business

There are a wide range of ecommerce platforms out there, however there are valid justifications why Magento is so prominent and why picking it for yours could make future development a whole lot easier.
There are no surefire approaches to business achievement. But having a site that is easy to use, versatile, completely customisable and tailored to your changing business needs will help. Here are 5 different ways a Magento site could help develop your business:

1. Magento sites convey remarkable ecommerce functionality

Magento is a scalable digital ecommerce platform for fast growing and expansive organizations”. We need to concur it without having any doubt.While each platform has its benefits, Magento ecommerce development has ended up being head and shoulders over the rest with regards to conveying adaptable ecommerce websites for expanding businesses.

Magento currently holds around 30% market share among the main 30 ecommerce platforms, on account of its potential and adaptability. In 2016, the arrival of Magento 2.0 has conveyed everything from elevated client commitment and enhanced execution to smoother navigation and upgraded efficiency. It’s more simple to use, as well.

2. A platform to future proof your ecommerce website

We regularly prompt clients that building up a site is certifiably not a coincidental exercise. Your business needs of today will have moved by tomorrow, and could be unrecognizable by one year from now. Any site requires progressing upkeep, advancement and refreshing to keep pace with market patterns and support your business as it develops, particularly for ecommerce sites.

In the case of building up your business implies broadening your product range, venturing into Europe or differentiating to target new markets, Magento is completely adaptable. It has all the ecommerce features you could require as you move forward, as opposed to expecting you to begin again starting with no outside help. What’s more, with help for most languages, monetary standards and duty estimations, it’s a genuinely international platform.


How Magento 2.3 Release Will Bring A New Era For E-commerce

Magento platform has gained acclaim as an e-commerce platform, not only for the range of features it packs but also because of the constant hunger to get better. The platform has been bringing regular upgrades, all focused at making it better than ever before. The upcoming one, Magento 2.3, is just around the corner and all set to make things exciting for e-commerce merchants who have already invested in Magento 2 Upgrade or planning to do it soon.

The upcoming release was announced in April 2018 and the actual version is expected to be unveiled by the end of the year. So the expectations are the top and there is a lot of buzz about Magento 2.3, which is much more than just another exaggerated version of the stereotype additions. It actually presents valuable features that will open innovative opportunities for the ecommerce merchants.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Magento 2.3 will be empowered with a PWA studio, a valuable suite of tools which allows development, deployment and maintenance of a PWA storefront. This technology brings together the best that native apps and websites have to offer. Any Magento 2 development company would favour PWAs as they deliver high-end user experiences along with exceptional features such as push notifications, offline compatibility.

Declarative database schema

The new version introduces declarative database schema, an approach that enables the developers to define the database structures and changes in XML files, rather than defining them with install scripts. The conversion of XML schema files into SQL statements will be handled by the platform itself. This will make Magento installation and upgrade simpler as it would facilitate the roll back of database changes implement on a functionality or module to a previous version.

Google reCAPTCHA and 2FA security features

The upgrade will take Magento’s security features a notch higher with advanced security features such as Google reCAPTCHA and two-factor authentication present natively. ReCAPTCHA offers robust protection for the login, register, contact form pages, and other website elements from spam and abuse. Rather than just being a checkbox that differentiates humans from robots, it performs advanced risk analysis for making this distinction with greater accuracy. The 2FA feature offers an additional security layer to prevent malicious attempts to access the admin panel.


Accelerate Your Magento Store Speed And Performance With These Tips

Magento is a well known eCommerce platform for online retailers with sufficient provision to work consistently, keeping transactions streaming. Aside from a Magento store abilities, the speed at which it loads, completes internal item searches and checkout are totally basic. In a period brimming with fast loading websites, having a steady site can make you lose your focused edge. Ecommerce is about coherence and development and running a store unfit to keep up with standard paces is a reason for concern and requires a quick fix.

More speed implies better customer reach

The web is gotten to by endless countless comprehensively through various devices, huge numbers of those don’t have the advantage of rapid associations. A slow loading Magento store would thusly disconnect a noteworthy portion of your gathering of people making a decent prospect for focusing on be prohibited from your business channel as a result of speed deficit. A quick and smooth web store then again can be effectively perused and explored by group of onlookers with rapid and low speed connections alike. Moreover, Magento website development company are expanding the emphasis on enhancing website speed, since it is an indispensable key to survival in a focused commercial center.

Here are some surefire approaches to accelerate your Magento store:
Running the most recent adaptation: Using a version in which bugs and different issues are sorted is in every case better. The most recent Magento store version brags of extensive changes over its past renditions to make online offering simpler and quicker. The check out process that would already make six strides is currently a moment wonder only a tick away.

Getting rid of superfluous extensions:After a nearby technical assessment, one can discover extensions that are not of much significance and shedding them away can enable a store to stack quicker. Likewise before setting up a store, one should ensure that the Magento store development process leaves out superfluous augmentations as they can back off your website’s loading speed.

Utilizing the intensity of cache management: If your Magento store cache is overseen legitimately you can perceptibly increase your site speed. There are different caching options on offer to optimize your store performance. Caching has changed astoundingly with Magento 2 and has turned into a more powerful approach to accelerate your online store with lesser asset usage. With the help of magento development agency you can recognize the most appropriate caching mechanism to be executed.

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How Magento Extensions Assist To Increase ROI For Your Online Store

Ecommerce is growing at quick pace inferable from the relentless and quick advancement of the technology and the advertising techniques. Magento ecommerce platform has outperformed the various stages in giving the helpful and attainable features for vendors and the clients. Notwithstanding built in features, it accompanies a few augmentations which would make the online store more intelligent and easier.

The Magento development offers uniqueness for the business by meeting the necessities of the changed clients. There are ready to-use augmentations and adaptable extensions as well. What’s more, it could be modified according to the business esteem making it the more solid platform for any sort of organizations. These custom augmentations assist the merchants with managing their store effortlessly and encourage their clients by giving an inimitable ordeal.


Moving To Magento 2: Is It Actually Worth The Cost And Effort?

Transitioning from the old to new is never easy and it is the same when you think about moving from an older version of a development platform to its newer one. After the release of Magento 2, the number of merchants wanting to migrate is growing in number, though many of them are not aware of what really goes into it. If you are contemplating a move, start by understanding all that you would need to do to make a seamless transition. Primarily, you should know in the first place whether an upgrade to Magento 2 will do you any good at the specific time when you plan to do it or it would be better to wait for Magento 1’s End of Life. The latter is going to happen sometime in the mid of 2020, which means that you still have some time left. If you do plan a shift anytime soon, here are a few pointers that can be considered to justify the cost and effort involved.

Does your business need to customize frequently?

Some businesses need to customize more frequently as compared to others, probably because they are scaling for growth. Expanding their product catalogs and enhancing the functionalities of their e-commerce stores are some essential steps that they need to take. The best approach for a new business would be to connect with a Magento 2 Development Company and develop a store on this innovative platform to leverage on the themes, extensions, integrations, and customization it offers. For those already having operational online stores, moving to Magento 2 is a feasible decision to avail all these features.

Is it the right time to upgrade now?

Whether or not you should make a move at a specific point in time is the next crucial aspect to consider. This depends greatly on the current site and its condition; if running an outdated version is compromising the performance in any way or depriving the store of the functionalities it requires, you should not wait to migrate. An investment in version migration is a smart way to give your existing store a revamp and arm it with all the excellent enhancements that the advanced version has to offer. On the other hand, you can wait for the EOL date and plan a migration sometime near it if everything is going well even with the current version of the store.


Reasons To Hire A Magento Programmer For Creating An E-Commerce Store

As the e-commerce domain evolves continuously, developing an appealing, conversion-oriented online store becomes more challenging than ever. It comprises several crucial activities, from coming up with a development strategy to selecting the right resources, understanding the competition and customer expectations, and choosing the right technology platform. Since this seems a lot of work, the best approach would be to join hands with an e-commerce expert to handle the complexity of the project.

The key challenge for enterprises lies in the choice of platform and Magento surfaces as a good one because it caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes and types. Once you have zeroed in on the platform, the next step would be to hire Magento programmer with the right skills and experience. By hiring specialists, you not only ensure a feature-rich store but can also significantly reduce the development costs and time. Here are some more reasons to hire an expert for your project.

Outsourcing equates saving
The cost of having an in-house team for your project includes hiring the right professionals with the relevant skills and experience, training them to meet the project specifications, and retaining them as well. This can be a considerable extent for any organization as it includes long-term maintenance and support needs as well. Conversely, if you opt to get attached with a professional provider and outsource talent from it, the entire process will be far more cost-effective. Most of the providers have flexible hiring models and you can even choose the pay-as-you-go model to economize the project.


6 Smart Ideas To Keep Your Magento Store Sales Booming After Holidays

Christmas and New Year are perhaps the best timing from the sales perspective, though there can be some challenges as well. Though you may have done everything right for your Magento store and aced the sales game during the holidays, the true test is to carry the boom beyond the season. Most of the webstores experience a sudden lapse in customer activity once the festive period is over. Now the big question is how to retain the influx of customers and gain in terms of conversions post-holidays too. With some smart ideas, you can still achieve booming sales for your Magento store even after the New Year. Let us share these ideas to help you achieve soaring post-holiday sales.

1. Keep the festive look and feel on

If you have invested in professional Magento website design services to give your store a festive makeover, make the most of it even after the festivities are bygone. Retain the holiday theme fr at least a few days or even a month to get more customers attracted and engaged with the website. Post relevant content on the blog to keep the cheer going. The look of your store is definitely a key influencing factor to capitalize on the spirit of the season.

2. Have a promotional offer for the New Year

It is great to make shoppers happy with holiday deals but giving them something more on the New Year means that you are increasing your chances of making them your brand loyalists. Offer special discount coupons, bonus gifts, and targeted deals to win the shoppers with new beginnings and start the year with a positive note for your relationships with them. There are several Magento extensions that can be integrated into the stores to run these deals.

3. Stay connected via targeted emails

Just because the holidays are over, this is no reason to go slack with customer targeting strategy. Stay connected with the customers and keep them informed about the offers that you have for them beyond the holiday season. Establish an automated campaign for the best results because a targeted strategy to connect with your regular customers and get in touch with prospective ones does boost your chances of getting results, festive season or no festive season.


10 Reasons That Make Magento Development Services The Best Ecommerce Option

The journey in the e-commerce domain begins with building an online store to showcase the products or services you offer. Your success greatly depends on the look and feel of this website as well as the shopping experience it offers. These factors, in turn, are dependent on the choice of the development platform. Magento is a preferred CMS for e-commerce stores. Such is its popularity that millions of online businesses have chosen it over other available platform choices. But to what extent is the choice justified? Well, there are several reasons that such a large number of businesses opt for Magento development services for building an impressive online presence for themselves. Here are some features of this platform that make it an apt choice.

1. Open-source nature
Magento is an open-source platform, which makes it a cost-effective option for businesses that are starting up or the ones that are on a bootstrap budget. Being open-source has another advantage that you have empowering community support to help you resolve whatever issues you come across with respect to development or running of the store. All you need to do for creating the business site is to hire Magento developers with the right skills and expertise and they can create a store with the open-source edition of this platform.

2. Flexibility
Another feature that makes Magento a feasible choice is its immense flexibility. It empowers the developer to enhance the store with advanced features and functionalities without many efforts. There are numerous extensions and themes that it brings to enable developers to create stores that match the requirements of a business to perfection.

3. Scalability
Magento offers extensive scalability that makes it just right for businesses that visualize growth in the future. Scalability is a vital need for every e-commerce store because it will obviously add new products in the future as well as come across seasonal traffic peaks. So a platform like Magento that can accommodate growth and traffic peaks becomes imperative for such sites.

4. Responsiveness
A mobile presence is essential for every online business because this is where the customers actually are. This is the reason that you cannot do without a responsive platform and Magento fits your needs for one. It enables consistent shopping experiences for the users, irrespective of the devices that they use to access your business website.

5. SEO-optimized
Being an SEO-friendly platform, Magento comes with a host of features that empower you to take your store on the top of the search rankings. These includes the options for URLs, keywords, meta tags, descriptions, sitemaps, etc. The rich and powerful in-built SEO features are helpful for optimizing the search engine results and improving the website rank.


All That You Need to Know To Gear Up For Magento 2 Migration

As everyone knows, Magento 1.x version has already begun the countdown to its End of Life (EOL). The platform will breathe its last in the mid of 2020, leaving hundreds of thousands of stores vulnerable to security risks unless they make the right move. While there is a choice to keep running your original online store, you will land in trouble if you need support because the platform will stop providing it post-EOL. The best thing to do, therefore, would be to get Magento upgrade well in time. If you still have some questions about it, here is all that you need to know before embarking on this journey.

Benefits of embracing Magento 2 for your e-commerce store
Whether you want to start building an e-commerce store from the start or look to upgrade an existing one, Magento 2 definitely serves as a great choice. Compared with the previous versions, Magento 2 comes with significant improvements including:

  • A responsive platform which delivers seamless experiences across devices
  • Performance benefits with up to 50% faster loading time for the website
  • Easy-to-manage website with more user-friendly and intuitive admin panel
  • Greater flexibility for easier extension updates and adding personalized features
  • Enhanced security features and greater convenience with several payment gateways
  • New B2B and B2C features that make Magento 2 development services an apt choice for such businesses

Downsides of Moving to Magento 2
While there are several reasons that you should consider the move, there are a number of downsides when you do so. You should know these aspects better before taking the plunge. You will probably have to hire expert developers for the job because there is a lot involved. These include the following:

  • New themes are to be built from the scratch
  • Porting Magento themes directly into Magento 2 is also a challenge
  • Some Magento 1 extensions will disappear as you migrate
  • There are risks related to SEO and indexing issues
  • Migration is a time-consuming process as well
  • It is expensive if you choose to move to Enterprise Edition
  • There are stability issues and technical difficulties


7 Reasons That Make Magento 2 The Ideal E-Commerce Platform In 2019

As the New Year begins, things just look better for e-commerce businesses as these are likely to see a booming growth ahead. But everything depends greatly on the way you showcase your business online. This is where the choice of the right e-commerce development platform really matters as it can singularly determine the look and feel of your online store. While there are several options that you can explore, Magento is recognized as one of the best.

What more, it is all set to get even better in the coming year!

Before you do opt for Magento e-commerce development, you should know that Magento is ever focused on improving itself with regular updates. Another noteworthy fact is that you should opt for Magento 2 if you are considering investing in a store from the scratch. The reason is that the 1.x version is approaching its end of life in the mid of 2020. Moreover, there is a lot more that the new version brings that makes it an ideal choice for sellers looking to start afresh in 2019. Let us uncover the reasons to choose Magento as the e-commerce for your business in the year ahead.

Magento 2 For Ecommerce

1. Better performance

Magento 2 offers an in-built and improved indexer, which translates into higher query performance speed. This makes it a favorable platform for providing enhanced user experience to the shoppers and merchants alike. Furthermore, it leverages Varnish Cache to cache full page content for super fast performance and high SEO ranking (the latter comes as a part of the deal). Another benefit of opting for this platform is that it prevents data conflicts because it now allows multiple admin users to create and edit the product information on the store.

2. High scalability

High scalability is another factor that makes Magento 2 development an ideal choice for online businesses in 2019. Fulfilling all the needs of a growing business is the prime concern and this platform addresses it well enough. An e-store built on this platform has an advantage as it stands on a solid foundation and a robust support. Magento 2 is optimized for handling all types of loads and this segregation enables enhanced scalability for your business.

3. Smoother check-out process

Magento has always been recognized for catering excellent shopping experiences and the new version takes this feature a notch higher. A smoother and faster check-out process makes it a preferred choice for online sellers. Additionally, it comes with multiple extensions for integrating popular payment gateways such as Amazon Pay, Vertex, Klarna Pay, Braintree, etc. This paves way for smooth and streamlines shopping experiences. Simplified checkout has multiple benefits, from reducing the cart abandonment rates to increasing the average order value and boosting your revenues.


5 Shipping Facts You Should Know For Running A Successful Magento Store

Nothing makes online shopping more convenient than the fact that you get the goods delivered right at your doorstep. But this means a lot of work and any e-commerce merchant would know the challenges of logistics. Shipping, in fact, emerges as the mainstay of e-commerce strategy because it determines the level of customer satisfaction. High costs, poor packaging, late delivery, unfulfilled orders, wrong product being shipped, etc are only a few of challenges that you need to address to be on the top.

While some of these can cause increase in cart abandonment, others can result in lost customers. The idea is to know e-commerce shipping better and consider all these facts when you ideate a business strategy. Whether you are already running a store or planning to invest in Magento e-commerce development in the near future, here are some shipping basics that you should be aware of.

1. Understand the value of free shipping

Shipping charges are an integral element of e-commerce pricing, but they are also a key turn off for the shoppers and cause them to abandon their carts. Magento merchants can leverage free shipping as a promotional tool to entice customers and boost sales as well. For example, offering free shipping on a specific order value to increase the average cart value for the customers. Another good idea is to give it free of cost during holiday seasons or as a loyalty reward.

2. Know about different shipping rates

E-commerce shipping rates are calculated in different basis, such as flat rate and table rate shipping. While flat rate shipping refers to the calculation of costs irrespective of factors such as size, weight, destination, and value, table rate considers these factors as the basis of calculation. While choosing the apt method for your Magento store, you need to consider the kind of products you sell and the buyer persona.


10 Tips For Hiring Magento Developers As A Startup E-commerce Business

If you are contemplating a breakthrough in the e-commerce domain, you will probably be aware of the challenges involved. The first and foremost requirement of starting up would be to set up an e-commerce store. Magento emerges as a great choice for e-commerce ventures as it is open-source yet brings a range of functionalities that would be essential for building a robust, scalable, and full-featured e-commerce store.

Once you are sure that you want to opt for a Magento store, the next obvious step would be to get on with the development process. Having an in-house team will not be viable for a startup; so it would be best to hire Magento developers for creating the e-commerce store to showcase your business online. Here are some easy tips that can help you for hiring the best professionals to work for you.

Image result for 10 Tips For Hiring Magento Developers As A Startup E-commerce Business

1. Have a clear business plan

The best approach would be to start with a business plan and identification of website requirements. Further, you should gain a basic understanding of Magento before you connect with a developer. This will help you to ask the right questions during discussions and choose the right professionals for your project.

2. Look for the right skill set

The key thing to ensure is that the developer or team you hire should have the appropriate skill set and thorough knowledge of the platform. Valid certifications in Magento are desired and so is the knowledge of the entire versions and editions. Look for a Magento 2 development company if you want to build a store on the latest version of the CMS.

3. Verify their tech-savviness

The developers you choose should be tech-savvy, both in terms of having the latest technological know-how and being willing to embrace innovations. This would make them capable of integrating all that’s new into your store. Being hands-on about the entire facets of the platform is another plus.