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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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What to Pack for Your Trip to Maldives – Other than Your Swimsuit!

The Maldives is a tropical haven, and you will be very excited about not packing layers of clothing. But taking along 'sensible' items is a must; do read on for some useful tips.


Pack Swimsuits You Can 'Swim' In

If you have chosen a luxury Maldives resort as the ultimate getaway, then, look forward to luxurious settings, and an estate sprawled across a gorgeous white sand beach. You will definitely want to take along a bathing suit, to well, simply look gorgeous in. But, the Maldives is much more than luxury, it is a destination which invites you to dive beneath the shimmering waves of the Indian Ocean and look for treasure, such as corals, wrecks and fabulous sea-life. The best water sports Maldives has to offer will be available at these top resorts with places like Kuramathi Maldives, even offering diving facilities. As such, do take along a practical swimsuit, suitable for swimming and exploring the ocean.


Pack Some Sensible Clothes

The Maldives is a Muslim nation, and other than for the private resorts or designated 'tourist beaches' one cannot wear bikinis or bathing suits. Visiting the mainland means you must dress conservatively, this goes for local islands as well, and while men can wear shorts and t-shirts, women should stick to long skirts, baggy shorts and loose t-shirts. Visiting a mosque means females must cover their heads, shoulders and ankles. Do pack a pullover shirt with long sleeves, a 'flowy' skirt or comfortable cotton pants; a shawl too will be come in handy while a colourful kaftan, will serve as a pull-over to your bathing suit and double up as chic evening wear when paired with a belt. On the same note, do not take in liquor or pork, these items are banned and will be confiscated at the airport.


Leave the Fancy Shoes Behind

Pack a comfortable pair of flip-flops, take two pairs in different colours and it can double up as casual evening footwear. Remember there is sand everywhere and you will be walking barefoot most of the time, strappy sandals and heels will only trap or be trapped in the sand. A good pair of beach shoes will come in use when you are exploring the reefs, but make sure you do not step on any coral.


Taka Along an Underwater Camera

An underwater camera will allow you to take back memories of the gorgeous world beneath the waves of the Indian Ocean. From coral in varied hues and shapes to marine life of varying size and colour, the ocean surrounding the Maldives is teeming with many wonders. And a simple snorkelling tour will have you swimming with manta rays and the odd turtle, hence, a camera will be really helpful in capturing the true essence of the ocean in Maldives.


Don't Forget Sunscreen, Shades, Snorkel and Cotton Clothes

While snorkelling equipment can be easily rented out, you may prefer to take along your own set, if you are used to a particular brand. The same applies to sunscreen, the Maldives may not sell the brand you are used to, and besides, prices could be much higher than at home. Your favourite pair of sunshades is a must for those ocean cruises you will be taking or island hopping tours on traditional boats. Think tropics and pack plenty of bug spray, moisturising lotion and cool comfy, cotton t-shirts and pants as well.

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