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First Line Walk-in Clinic

What You Get from Immunization and How to Get Them | First Line walk-in clinic

Our immune system is the body's defense system against a variety of disease-causing organisms. However, the immune system is not invincible.

OHIP Plus: A Quick Guide to the Services for Card Holders

If you’re looking for quality clinics in Cambridge, we’re FIRST on your list. Tell your friends about us.

3 Methods to Treat Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are two medical conditions, not just feelings, that need professional attention. Being sad doesn’t always mean being depressed. You have to get an expert diagnosis from a licensed professional in a walk-in clinic in Cambridge to be sure of your status.

Let’s Talk About Addiction

Many people who are suffering from substance-use addiction are easily judged rather than offered help. Our society needs to shift from the mindset that addiction is simply a bad thing that happens to people to the fact that addiction is a medical concern. As the National Institute of Drug Abuse defines it, addiction is a chronic disease that is characterized by a compulsion to seek drugs despite its harmful effects.

We Are Not Your Usual Local Pharmacy

When we get sick, our usual response is to go straight to the pharmacy to pick up our medicine. But what if we tell you that this pharmacy in Cambridge also has a walk-in clinic? If you need an emergency check-up, minor wound treatment, routine blood pressure tests, and even annual physical exams, just stop by so that our doctors can help you out.

Depression and What to Lookout For

Depression has become an increasing concern in our society. More and more people are developing this mental illness from various causes in our environment.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and the People Diagnosed with It

There are many misconceptions about anxiety disorders and how to treat them. With so many false information floating around on the internet, it is easy for legitimate data to be overrun. The people at Firstline Walk-In Clinic, Family Practice & Pharmacy are here to shed some light on the topic of anxiety disorders, specifically the GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Great Home Remedies for the Common Cold

Cold remedies are as common as the common cold itself, but not all of them work. There is no known cure for a cold, but there are some home remedies that will surely help ease the symptoms and make things a lot more bearable for you.

Where to Get the Care You Need

Finding the perfect family doctor accepting new patients in Cambridge has never been to accessible. The health and wellness of everyone have always been the topmost priorities of Firstline Walk-In Clinic, Family Practice & Pharmacy.

All About Ear Syringing and Flushing

Ear syringing is done to remove foreign materials such as food, insects, or excess earwax from the ear as quickly and safely as possible before they move deeper into the ear, causing damage to the delicate canal.