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We are reliable law firm in the Vail Valley offer full service for individuals facing personal injury, criminal defense, and family law issues.

Searching for the mediation attorney? You are at the right place! Take a look at this video to find the best mediator around your area! To know more, contact our lawyer Taggart H. Howard at Causey & Howard, LLC or call us today @ 970.926.6556.

How to Choose a Criminal Attorney for a Successful Appeal

A victorious criminal attorney wants more than education and experience. The better cooperation from their defendant makes the work easier. Call or text to find out more.

Even in the face of adversity or impossibility, Causey & Howard, LLC defends your rights and freedoms tirelessly. To avoid further legal trouble contact us today at 970.926.6556 to see how we can best meet your needs.

Family Attorney - Dedicated to Defending Your Rights

Finding the right family lawyer is hectic for you? CAUSEY & HOWARD, LLC has a dedicated divorce and family lawyer with over a decade's of experience and handles different types of cases that are dealt with in family court. If you need more information call us - 970.926.6556 .

Reasons to Hire Criminal Defense Attorneys

Causey & Howard, LLC provide aggressive and cost-effective legal representation for all of our clients who face criminal charges. We fight to protect the constitutional rights who have been charged with any type of crime. Call @ 970.926.6556 for more information!

Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer for Your Case!

If you are seeking a divorce lawyer in Colorado, then contact Causey & Howard, LLC. Our team of dedicated legal professionals represents residents who are seeking a divorce or representation in a wide variety of complex matters. For more information, call @ 970.926.6556!

Get Your Criminal Charges Dropped with our Experts

Have you been charged with a crime in Colorado? Contact Causey & Howard, LLC. Our professional criminal defense lawyer protect you from any type of criminal case and gives guidance throughout the process. To know more about our services, call @ 970.926.6556!

Experienced DUI Lawyers for Your Needs

Once you have chosen to move forward with Causey & Howard, LLC, reach out to schedule a consultation. We will review your case and answer any questions you have about the process. To ensure the best outcome possible, do not waste any time; reach out to our DUI lawyer in Edwards CO, as soon as possible.

Find Mediation Law Firms in Colorado

Struggling with a disagreement during your relationship? Causey & Howard, LLC provides the highest level of divorce and family law services in Colorado. We will handle your case with professionalism from start to finish. Call us to schedule a mediation today! - 970.926.6556

Dedicated Defending Lawyer For Your Case!

Are you facing criminal charges? it is crucial to have effective representation immediately. At Causey & Howard, LLC, our criminal defense lawyer give your case full-time attention, to ensure you are treated fairly under the criminal justice system. Let us put our experience to work so that we can aggressively defend the charges against you. Contact us today!

Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney to Protect Your Rights!

Fight back against unfair criminal charges with Causey & Howard, LLC. Criminal defense lawyers represent individuals who have been accused of a criminal case and work to protect their rights. Call us today!

Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Looking for a criminal defense lawyer? Causey & Howard, LLC attorneys conducting an in-depth investigation and analysis of the facts and defenses of every client’s case, we can achieve the best results possible. Don’t wait to get your case off to the right start, schedule a appointment today!

Reliable & Educated DUI Attorney in Colorado

If you are taken into police custody for a suspected DUI, your first call needs to be to DUI/DWI Defense Lawyer at the Causey & Howard, LLC! Our team of dedicated legal professionals represents residents who are seeking a divorce or representation in a wide variety of complex matters. For more information, call @ 970.926.6556!

Find the Top-Rated Divorce Attorney in Vail Colorado

At Causey & Howard, LLC, our divorce attorney can help you craft a solution that fits your individual needs and priorities. We take the time to get to know exactly what our clients want out of their divorce settlement and develop a plan to make it happen. Schedule an appointment today!