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Benefits of being an Engineer- It's not just about the money!

Engineering is considered a productive and prestigious profession among everyone, regardless of status. There are many benefits of being an Engineer. Here are some:


Variety of Career Opportunities

Engineering is a vast subject and can be broken down to many different sub-categories; electrical, electronic, computer engineering, mechanical, mechatronics, environmental, automotive, civil and construction, biomedical, marine etc to name a few! So depending on one's preference and strengths, one might choose which path they would want to follow.
Among a variety of undergraduate courses in Sri Lanka, Engineering is one of the most sought-after courses. CINEC campus Sri Lanka, for example, is known to offer a well reputed Bachelor of Engineering degree for most of the above-mentioned types of Engineering courses.



Undoubtedly, Engineering is one of the most challenging job roles. It mainly revolves around being practical despite the many theories you might have learnt in the classroom. Sometimes there is no one answer, instead, you should be able to analyse the pros and cons of every option and find the best-suited one for this particular situation. Any slight change in the equation could drastically change the outcome, therefore it requires one to be constantly vigilant and be prepared for anything that goes wrong.



As mentioned previously, since it is a challenging job role, you are always on the edge and always learning. This will definitely have a positive impact on your intellectual development. Not only will it make you a good decision maker when it comes to Engineering, but also an equally good problem solver outside the engineering context.


Financial security

Engineering is a profitable career and is known to receive a higher starting salary than other entities. In a world where the cost of living keeps going up, it is comforting to have a job that provides you enough.



Creativity doesn't necessarily mean being able to paint or play the piano. It is about how you are able to come up with ideas and solutions that initially might seem non-conventional. It is about how, in a case of urgency, you are able to come up with a decision to at least temporarily solve the issue until further management is required. It makes you question anything and everything, it might lead you to a discovery or even an invention! The possibilities are endless!



There is no doubt that when you introduce yourself as an Engineer,
anyone would immediately have and show respect to you. Engineers help maintain the standard of this world and are constantly striving to make the world a better place from their perspective. Your hours of dedication, blood and sweat are appreciated, respected and well rewarded.


Job Satisfaction

At the end of the day what matters is if you are happy with what you are doing; if you were able to bring about a change, even a little one, it all counts! Small steps lead to big victories. Some days might be exhausting and strenuous but still, when you go back home, you are pleased with yourself. You can't help it but you're already looking forward to the next day and looking at possibilities to make tomorrow an even more productive day.

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