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LASIK Articles and Information || LasikPlus

Here you'll find some of the best and most reliable eye care articles containing information about laser eye surgery, from certified LASIK doctors!

Frequently Asked Questions About LASIK | LasikPlus

Have questions about red dots on eyes? how long need to be off work? tanning after surgery? and more. Read our blog and get a better understanding of LASIK.

When A The Good Time To Have LASIK Laser Eye Surgery? - LasikPlus

When NOW is a good time for LASIK? When may have to wait? Timing is important when considering LASIK. Learn how LASIK can improve your life at LasikPlus.

Risks and Complications of Laser Eye Surgery | LasikPlus

Eyes are sensitive, so it’s understandable for you to be apprehensive about risks and complications of laser eye surgery, which are extremely rare.

Laser Eye Surgery Makes Rapid Advancements | LasikPlus

Safety. Precision. Customization. Affordability. Sound like good things? They are. And they also characterize today’s LASIK Eye Surgery. As doubts about the procedure vanish, more and more professionals — including law enforcement officers, military personnel, and athletes — are discovering the advantages of LASIK. These professionals are saying goodbye to eyeglasses and contacts, and never looking back.

Reasons to Choose LasikPlus | LasikPlus Vision Center

LasikPlus is among the leaders in laser eye surgery with a 100% bladeless approach. See why patients choose LasikPlus over other LASIK providers.

LasikPlus - We Offer LASIK and PRK Laser Eye Procedures

Learn more about the laser eye procedures available at LasikPlus. We are committed to providing custom solutions with your safety and comfort top of mind.

What is Custom LASIK (Wavefront LASIK) - LasikPlus

Custom LASIK measures the eye from front to back with a special laser, using "wavefront" technology, to create a three-dimensional image of the eye.