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Different Types of Travel - Travel Variety Categories

Depending on the time available and the nature of the excursion, there are various types of travel we all engage in. Here are some of the main categories of travel in modern times.


The Weekend Getaway

As perhaps the most popular variety of travel for those short on time but in need of a break, a weekend getaway typically consists of no more than two days away from home. Weekend holidaymakers typically select a resort hub or tourist hotspot located close to their home base so as not to spend hours or even days travelling to the destination. This quick and efficient holiday is perfect for professionals in search of some rest and relaxation without the hassle of long flights and an intense holiday itinerary. Berjaya Hotels and Resorts and similar beach hotels, as well as romantic hotels and accommodation options in seaside towns, are a popular weekend option for most.


Special Event Travel

This is another popular type of travel for those who have special interests and passions. Sports enthusiasts flying to a foreign destination to witness the Winter Olympics or the Cricket World Cup falls under this category. Travelling abroad for concerts and art showcases or to attend music festivals and other entertainment events is part of event-oriented travel plans. The destination is often irrelevant when planning an event centred trip as the reason for travel is to take part in a special event.


Holiday Packages

Holiday packages not only make travel affordable and possible for a vast majority of the population who would otherwise not venture outside their hometown but also an all-inclusive experience. Catering to every conceivable travel need including accommodation, scheduled activities, airport transfers, free breakfasts and airfare, packaged holidays take care of the minor details of the holiday for you. Although one may be limited to the itinerary and package terms and conditions, the affordability of this type of travel makes it a lucrative option.


The Road Trip

Perfect for travellers who wish to explore undiscovered treasures in their own homeland or abroad, road trips involve driving around in a camper or a caravan from one exotic location to another. The drive is not only part of the experience but also what makes road trips different from other types of travel as one is responsible for transportation aspect of the trip. Dwelling within the confines of the caravan, RV owners park in RV parks and other pit stops along the way to see the sights, unwind, cook and consume meals.


Group Travel Tours

Group tours are mainly organized by tour operators and travel agencies to bring together those who have a similar holiday or sightseeing interest but do not feel comfortable organizing the finer details of the excursion. Group tours to holy sites such as Jerusalem and pilgrimages to India are well-known group tour options while those based on interest such as wine tasting and cheese manufacturing are also common.


Gap Year Travel

Gap year travel pertains to students and professionals who take a year off from their studies or work to volunteer or backpack around the world. What sets gap year travel experiences from other vacations is the duration of the excursion. A year is a long time to spend travelling but the charm of the encounter is that one gets to fully immerse oneself in different cultures and even work from time to time or volunteer.


Family Trips

Family reunions, Christmas time trips abroad to visit family living in another country or state, fall into this category of travel. The destination is decided by the number of loved ones located in a single destination and the duration of the trip is determined by the days off from work available. Travelling to attend family weddings or other celebrations is also part of this type of travel in which one stays with family members and does not make hotel reservations as in a traditional holiday.

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