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Study Abroad Consultants

Krishna Consultants is one of the best study abroad consultants in India. Helping students who opt for Higher Education in USA, UK, Australia, NZ, Ireland and more.

Steps to Select the Best Study Abroad Program

Choosing where and what to study can be the most difficult task when we plan to study abroad. The selection becomes a little difficult as t…

How to Save Money While Studying Abroad?

If you have financial restraints, it’s essential to plan your study abroad destination with a logical approach. If you check for the most popular study abroad destinations like US, UK, Australia or Canada then finances can’t be restricted. If you are ready to think of other study abroad destinations, then a detailed study would reveal that there are many more destinations abroad where you can study at much lower cost without compromising on the quality of education.

Best Universities to Study in Australia for International Students - The Future of Education

Do you aim to study in Australia?
Are you checking out for the best universities there?

But what is your selection criteria? Do you feel that the Top Ranking…

Study Cost in Germany

Check out the cost of studying, living and other general expenses in while doing study in Germany.

Student Visa Guide for USA

A visa, as you might know, is a legal entry pass to a foreign country. To go on a short visiting trip to the desired country or a business visit or for studies abroad, individuals need to apply for a visa. Not to forget, a valid passport is the basic document to issue a visa. The United States of America, too, has its own set of rules and regulations under which the Embassy confer a certain type of visa to the individual when the requirements are met. These different kinds of visas are broadly classified under two categories; immigrant and non-immigrant visa.

Germany a Study Abroad Destination: Visa Guide -

Germany is the land of advancements has been the pioneer in the development of engineering and research as well. The education qualification acquired thr...

Overview of US Study Visa and Requirements

Plan your higher studies in USA today with all the details of US Student visa application.

Benefits That Will Drive You to Study in Singapore

Apart from the US, the UK, and Australia, Singapore has also
become the best study abroad destination for many Indian students. Singapore is familiar for its low
unemployment rate. Endless career opportunities, corruption free society,
developed infrastructure, etc makes it the best studies overseas destination. “Why Study in Singapore?”
this question will be answered in through the following article.

USA: Stay Back Options & Procedure -

US Student Visa
One of the most popular country which offers great stay back options for its international students, being an immigration friendly is none other than USA. Most of the countries which are popular study abroad destinations, have strict rules...

Student Visa Requirements: COVID-19 Updates and Information for New Zealand Study Visa

Know how you can make sure to fulfill all the New Zealand student visa requirements irrespective of whichever Visa you fit into and also after COVID-19 situation.

Covid-19 Updates related to Study in Sweden -

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak has disrupted life around the globe. The full extent of consequences on the higher education sector in the months to come is not yet clear and still unfolding. Below, you find a country-by-country overview of the most...

Student Visa Requirements: Singapore Study Visa Process: An Overview

Planning to study in Singapore? Get to know the Singapore student visa requirements that can help you get the visa for higher studies.

New Zealand Visa Types-Guide for International Students

Plan your higher studies in New Zealand and know about the different types of New Zealand Student Visa.

Student Visa Requirements: Steps to obtain USA Study Visa Grant

Want to study in US? Get the detailed information of the US Student Visa and plan your higher studies abroad.

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Planning to study in Germany?
Know the key points on why studying in Germany is beneficial and Germany Student Visa as well.

Briefing of Singapore Study Visa Procedure - My Edagent

Singapore is a keenly sought-out destination for international students as it is consistently scoring well on global charts for academic excellence and innovation.

Update On Uk’s Points-based Immigration System - Education

UK government has opened a new immigration route for students ahead of plan.

Student Visa Requirements: UK Point Based Immigration System - Summarised

The following …“We are taking the control back of our borders while introducing a new UK Point Based Immigration System based on the people’s priorities we are ending the free movement, which in turn will reduce the migration number in the country” - was announced by the UK’s Home Secretary Priti Patel.
Planning higher studies in UK? Get the new update on UK Student visa and Immigration System that is made mode flexible for applicants.

Norms of Earning While Learning in US

Know what the minimal restrictions are while you are studying in the United States along with how the International students are assisted by most of the colleges and universities in finding employment on-campus and off-campus.

Basics of Opening an Account - FTS & IRD to Study in New Zealand -

One of the most important things you must do when going to New Zealand to study abroad, is to open a bank account there. Now read on why is opening a bank account in New Zealand so important. • To meet the expense of studying and staying abroad which...

Student Visa Requirements: Student Visa Requirements of Popular Study Abroad Destinations

Acquiring a student visa is one of the most important parts for the students willing to study abroad. The general requirements of applying for a visa which generally fall under the documentation part are more or less the same for all the countries, but the core visa requirements for different countries are different as the country governments demand for various types of clearances. 

KC Overseas Education — Germany a Study Abroad Destination: Visa Guide

After you have filled the application form for the Germany National Visa, collect all your documents. To fulfil the Germany study visa requirements here’s a list of documents.

Benefits of Working while Studying Abroad

Get to know the great benefits of working while studying abroad. Keep these points in mind as you get an opportunity to work in your desired study abroad destination.