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Characteristics of a Good beach Read – What makes a good beach book?

Beach vacations are a good chance to sunbathe, enjoy the waves and catch up on some reading. But what kind of books are suited for the beach? Here are some characteristics of a good beach book.


Keep you interested

The Beauty of the sea cannot be praised enough. The sensation of watching the waves kiss the shore gently, the breeze caressing your body slowly as the sun rejuvenates your body is enough to distract anyone. On top of this where ever you look, you'll see people dressed in the bare minimum, eager to show off their beach body covered in sweat and seawater as they engage in beach sports or simply working on their tan. Pick a book that'll keep you interested enough to zone out of your surroundings and not get distracted easily.


Nothing too heavy

Even though you need a book that'll peak your interest and keep you glued don't make it too heavy. The wind, the sun, the waves and the serene surroundings are all supposed to help you unwind and forget the stress of day-to-day life. Why ruin a perfectly good relaxing experience by reading an intense book that will draw your focus away from the beach? Contemporary fiction or light fiction that will that leave you with a happy ending is ideal and publishers even compile a list of books that are ideal for beach reading to make your life easier.


Nothing too short or heavy

You normally have a rough idea of your reading speed and how long it'll take you to finish a page/chapter. Based on that remember, the ideal beach read shouldn't be too heavy: Carrying around a heavy book could be tiresome and storing it safely when you want to go for a quick dip could prove to be challenging. It shouldn't be too short either: You wouldn't want to finish your book too early and then have nothing to do either. If you by any chance do finish your reading material, fear not, you can borrow books at most beach destinations like Sri Lanka. Hotel libraries, similar to the ones you can find at Aitken Spence Hotels are stocked with plenty of books of various languages, genres and topics that you can borrow. If you're feeling generous you can even donate books with a personal message attached, helping a fellow reader out in a time of need.


No water-related catastrophes!

A day at the beach is supposed relaxing and fun. Would you feel safe getting into the water after reading a book about the tsunami's that killed lots of people and more left more homeless or being eaten by a shark? Select something fun and entertaining that will relax your mind and help you enjoy the vacation rather than add to your list of things you need to worry about, something that'll make you happy and relaxed in short.


Nothing talking about physical health and appearance.

You're going to be surrounded by people showing off their beach body that they slaved all year long at the gym to achieve and the last thing you want to be is self-conscious. Avoid anything that will make you feel bad about your appearance. Instead, try reading something that will help you embrace you for you!

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