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Headline for Surfing Spots in the Maldives- The island hub for many water activities
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Surfing Spots in the Maldives- The island hub for many water activities

During June to November, many tourists and surfers flock to the Maldives, as it is the best season for surfing; guaranteed 8-12ft of surf! Here are a few popular spots.


Male Atolls

Male Attols have many popular surfing spots which are brimming with tourists during the peak season thanks to its central location. The wind usually blows from west or southwest at this time of the year. Surfing is one of the most common water sports the Maldives has to offer apart from snorkelling and diving.



Situated on an uninhabited island called Villingilimathi, the wave facilitates a ride up to 500m long and can range from 3ft to over 10ft high. It is a left-hand wave and has two sections. It is more suitable for either intermediate or experienced surfers.



Named Cokes due to a Coca-Cola factory nearby and is located close to Chickens. This is another wave that is recommended for intermediates and above. Unlike Chickens, this is a right hand, tubular wave.



The Ninjas is appealing to many beginners and those who love long-boards. It has an average swell, about 3 feet and is a slow right-handed one. Fun fact- it is a favourite among Japanese surfers, hence the name "Ninja"!


The South Atolls

The South Atolls, unlike, others have a longer surfing season; starting from February and lasting till November. The surfing spots here are much less crowded and the islands here are accessible usually by chartered boats. There are many islands here which are resort islands; the island is a resort itself! Some of these resorts like Maafushivaru Maldives offer snorkelling trips and other water activities like canoeing and surfing.



This is highly recommended for advanced surfers only as it has a shallow reef which breaks down the South West swells but also have to South East Peaks that are a little unforgiving!


Twin Peaks

As the name suggests it has 2 waves, one left-hander and one right-hander. The latter is more favoured with the surfers.


Love Charms

Sounds quite charming, doesn't it? Probably because this has a consistent swell size and surfing is possible during any tides as it is able to handle different wind directions. However, the optimum surf is achieved when the wave is small during the low tides.


The Central Atoll

This is an intermediate choice from Male and South Atolls. Though not quite as popular as the others mentioned above, these two have a few spots that make an ideal surf.



This, like Twin Peaks, is a two-way wave. However, this is ideal for beginners as they are quite easy to surf on. The barrels aren't too big and appealing to someone who has never surfed before



This is a favourable spot for advanced surfers as the wave is nothing short of being perfect when the swell conditions are favourable. The surf has 3 sections which connect perfectly during the swell, making it enjoyable and thrilling to surf.

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