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21st Century: High School Learners

This is a collection of lesson plans focusing on essential skills for 21st century students. These skills are leadership, digital literacy, communication, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, global citizenship, problem solving and team working.

Created by Pathways RTC

Young Adult Leadership Curriculum

This is a full leadership curriculum of lessons for young adults. Additional topics related to leadership include interaction between leader and followers, leadership types, a leadership self assessment, three types of leadership, and scenarios to open discussion. There are additional lessons on communication/leading a meeting, advocacy, public policy and sharing your story.

Digital Literacy

Created by Rochelle G.

How Data Is Collected As We Move Through Our Digital Life | Common Sense Education

This lesson plan introduces students to technologies being used to track digital activities, reasons why companies collect this information, important parts of the privacy policy and strategies to protect oneself.




Created by Educators and Professional Development Specialists

Deconstructing the Creative Process: A Video Viewing Assignment

This lesson plan is designed to facilitate discussion around the Adobe Student Showcase video series. Each video profiles a young person and his/her creative process. Learners will discuss observations about this person, their background, local context, inspiration, creation tools and how feedback or collaboration is incorporated. Students will reflect on how their own creative process is similar or different.

Emotional Intelligence

Created by Emily Hainer

Cyberbullying Lesson Plan

This lesson directs students to identify what cyberbullying is, the consequences, and the appropriate responses to this situation.

Lesson could be modified as a teacher led whole class activity and discussion if students do not have access to individual computers. Teacher would need access to one computer, a projector, and a projector screen if lesson is done as a whole class activity.


Created by Patricia Page, MBA, MAT, PhD Student

Entrepreneurship Syllabus - Google Docs

The course presents steps for turning an idea into a business (writing a business plan, obtaining funding, etc). Students will identify a personal strength, solution to a problem, or a market opportunity that will be the basis of a business concept. Market research and risk assessment will be conducted.

Created by Ian Upton

Creative Commons: Lesson Plan

By the end of this lesson students will be able to discuss copyright with peers and its relationship to their work, develop an awareness of the Creative Common License, create a Creative Commons license, conduct an online search for and compare Creative Commons resources.

Problem Solving

Created by Hinsdale High School

Conflict Resolution Skills Training

This training plan teaches interpersonal conflict resolution by helping students to believe they are capable of responding appropriately and equipping them with the skills to do so. The lesson plans focus on attitudes, skills, and behaviors. A small group high school freshmen students complete an intensive peer mediation training program. Then use their knowledge to help peers transition into high school by utilizing interactive skits along with serious discussions to practice observation, reflection, and goal setting.

Team Work

Created by Sacred Hearts Academy |

Civic Responsibility: Meeting A Community Need

This lesson allows students to focus on civic responsibility, identify local problems and their causes, identify the help services already available, brainstorm ways the class can help and decide on an action to meet the need.

Team Work

Author Unknown

Great Egg Drop - Description of a team building exercise

'Great Egg Drop' engages small teams in the challenge of building a package for a single egg which can sustain a fall of 8 ft (top shelf). A 30-second jingle for selling the package must be created, also.