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Most Wanted Hotel Amenities

Most Wanted Hotel Amenities What to look for when booking a hotel in Asheville, NC




Times are changing No longer is a clean bed enough to keep guests in hotels happy. Visitors to Asheville, N.C., expect more from their lodging accommodations and here is what a survey from revealed are the most sought-after amenities by American and Canadian travelers



Spa Not all the hotels in Asheville, NC are going to have a spa, but the people have spoken and an on-site spa is a luxurious amenity that is a must-have for many. The survey showed that one percent of Americans won’t book a room unless they have access to a spa.


Room Service Guests

Room Service Guests want the convenience of being able to eat without leaving their hotel room. The survey showed that two percent of Americans and three percent of Canadians prefer room service over the traditional table-service meal.


Fitness Center

Fitness Center While many look at vacation as an escape from exercise, others do not want their daily workout routine interrupted and must have access to a fitness center at their hotel. Three percent of Americans and four percent of Canadians said they require a fitness center while staying at a hotel.



Shuttle Service Getting from the airport to the hotel and vice versa can be a hassle if the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t provide shuttle service. Four percent of Americans and eight percent of Canadians who took the survey seek out shuttle services while traveling



Luxury Mattress Having a nice, comfortable place to sleep after a long day of site seeing can make all the difference in a hotel stay. Nine percent of Americans and 15 percent of Canadians need a luxury mattress in order to be fully satisfied when booking a hotel.



Free Parking Vacations can cost enough money as is. Nobody wants to pay extra to park their car at a hotel. Check your Asheville hotel deals to make sure your package includes free parking before booking. The survey found that 18 percent of Americans and 21 percent of Canadians won’t book a room unless the parking is free.



Free Breakfast The data from the survey shows that 25 percent of Americans and 20 percent of Canadians expect their hotels to provide a free breakfast for them each morning. This can help cut down on cost and time during a vacation.



Free Wi-Fi These days, not having internet access is unacceptable, even on vacation. Society’s obsession with the internet and technology is reflected in this survey, which revealed that 38 percent of Americans and 28 percent of Canadians view Wi-Fi as a necessity when booking a hotel.