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Casting Material and Kit for Life Casting and Body Casting

EnvironMolds offers a wide variety of casting products for Life casting and Sculpting purpose.

EnvironMolds Casting Materials, Resin, Latex, Silicone, Mounting Casting

EnvironMolds offers a wide variety of casting products, metal and stones powders, mounting and display, resins, silicone, casting kits and ancillary materials to assist in casting and finishing.

Challenges In Life Casting.

Life casting is as challenging as it is exciting. The tiniest of mistakes or slipups will immediately show up as glaring blunders in the body mold. Perfection comes only with caution and practice.

What Materials Are Needed For Life Casting?

Creating whole body casts demands expertise. Capturing the human form with precision is not a casual matter as it requires experience and acumen to create a flawless casting. Visit -

The Art Of Life Casting – Mold Making and Casting Material Supplies – EnvironMolds, LLC

While all creative arts are extremely stimulating, nothing can inspire more intense passion than life casting. This art form is a sight to behold, but getting there is another story altogether. Visit:

Commissioning a Life Cast

Photographs and paintings are passé; a three-dimensional replica of your own body is what is capturing the imagination today! It’s not just a trend either, as looking at the realism of your life cast will give you immense joy and also preserve your exact appearance for your descendants.

Create and keep memories in 3D

This is something that literally freezes the moment. Life casting is the new age technique to replicate an exact likeness of a three dimensional object. You can keep your baby’s hands or your mother’s feet molded and preserved for a lifetime. Call them for more details on casting.

Why alginates over other impression materials?

Looking for a skin-safe and environment friendly alginate material? Several varieties of alginates might serve your purpose either as dental impression material or for life casting and mold making. Contact them to choose from a range of formula available and order online the one that serves your purpose the best.

Making Sprues In Molds

Closed molds usually need a series of small holes called sprues on the surface. These allow the air inside to escape and also serve as a conduit for getting the casting material inside the mold.

The Versatility of Plaster in Arts

Plaster powder is a favored art material as it lends itself well for making molds, casts and even shell molds. Both plaster molds and casts capture the details well and set to a smooth and rigid form. There are many mold making materials like clay, wax, polyurethane rubber, silicone rubber, etc. Similarly, there is no…

Getting A Life Cast Done

Making a body cast is an intricate and sensitive matter that should be entrusted to the right hands only. The artist should drive away all apprehensions and ensure a comfortable experience.

AquaClear Clear Casting Resin

Looking for the resin which doesn’t yellow and there is no air bubbles formed in your lifecasting sculptures? AquaClear Clear Casting Resin is the perfect choice of the artists and newbies alike. Contact them to book your product as per your requirement.

How To Mix Alginate?

Alginate is easy to work with and delivers excellent results as long as you follow certain pertinent rules about measuring and mixing the alginate. Know what you should and shouldn’t be doing with alginate.

Two-Part Mold – When To Use?

It is obvious that a single part mold is simpler and easier to make than a multi-part mold. But there are instances where you have no choice but to make the mold in two or more parts that can fit together.

Silicone Rubber Has A Lot Going For It

Silicone rubber is about as versatile a material can get! This blue colored compound can easily be used to make molds of soaps, candles, figurines, giftware, toys, ornaments any other object that strikes your fancy. It is easy to mix and odor free; the work time is sufficient and the demold time quick enough to not be a bother for the busy artist.

Which Latex Should You Use For Mask Making?

Latex casting rubber is the material of choice for making masks and RD-407 Mask Making Latex is the industry standard among all the options. It is simply the highest quality of latex available.

SOLSYL Silicone Solvent

SOSYL is a multipurpose VOC-free silicone solvent used to thin RTV mold making silicone for airbrush applications. It can be used as the basis for silicone mold enlargement and shrinking process as well as to clean up un-cured silicone. SOSYL is an excellent solvent for removing a wide range of industrial oils, greases, fluids and waxes from substrates.

Why are nameplates essential?

Having name plates engraved beneath the art is very important. Without it viewers, not well aware in aesthetics of art, might fail to identify the painting or the artist. If you need a engraved nameplates for your art or art gallery, then you can reach out to them.

Modeling Eyes In A Life Cast

The most challenging part in making a full body casting is definitely the eyes. It is virtually impossible to make a head mold with open eyes. The model is asked to close the eyes and the alginate is carefully applied over the lids and into the eye cavities. Therefore, the mold depicts the eyes as closed which will then be replicated in the life casting.

Do’s and Don’ts of Plaster Bandages

Plaster of Paris bandages are extremely handy when making body molds. But there are certain rules when working with plaster bandages that will determine the efficacy of your mold and life cast.

How is a latex mask created?

Looking for latex mask to make high quality masks or body parts? Make sure to follow the procedure in the right order, and in the correct way. Contact them to get your products delivered to you right at your doorsteps.

Finer Impressions with Art Casting Stone

Your impressions can be more lifelike with CastRite Art Casting Stone. Plus, being chip and crack resistant, your art pieces has a longer shelf life. Buy a pack of this magic casting material from them, and create spectacular art pieces. They stock all mold making essentials required to give your art a new lease.

Making Perfect Casts From Molds

The casting process always begins with how to make a mold. The artist can choose the mold making material and the technique depending on the nature of the model, the preferred casting material, personal dexterity and so on. While the mold can be made using clay, wax, plaster, resin or rubber, the method can vary from simple block molds to more complicated blanket molds using the brushed, poured or glove mold making system.

MoldEZ Hair and Mold Release

Gone are the days of hassles of removing the casting material from hair and body. With MoldEZ Hair and Mold Release, you can easily remove the casting materials effortlessly and easily. A must-have for every life-caster, the material is water soluble and washes out completely in the first wash. One can even use it on alginate molds before casting. Made from natural ingredients, the material is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction to the body. Available in mild fragrance, the product is essential for every life caster.

Sand Molds For Metal Castings

Did you know that almost 70% of all metal castings in industries are made using sand molds? Sodium silicate comes in handy for binding the grains of sand together to form solid and durable molds.

Opening The Eyes In A Life Cast

It is customary to make a head cast with closed eyes. But it will look real only when you can ‘open’ the eyes during the casting process. Expert sculpting skills will stand you in good stead here.