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The Best Sessions of the Muay Thai Library project

All entries are linked to their Library post. Patrons log-in and vote for your favorite session in comments as found in the Muay Thai Library documentary project: and in addition to your vote in comments, give a THUMBS UP to any and all sessions you enjoyed! Take a minute to say what you loved about any of the sessions so new patrons can find the best of the Library to watch. I'd love to hear how you've grown and learned from any of these lessons.

Not every session is included, so if you see a favorite that is missing let me know. There are two pages of sessions to look at.

The full table of contents of the Muay Thai Library project is found here:

#14 Chatchai Sasakul - Perfecting Hands | 106 min

Former WBC world boxing champion at Flyweight, and winner of Best Coach of the Year in Thailand, Chatchai in this nearly 2 hours of video makes micro adjustment after micro adjustment, honing in pristine technique in the basic strikes of boxing, for use in Muay Thai. It's all about weight transfer.

#34 Samart Payakaroon - Balance, Balance, Balance! | 81 min

Atop the tower of Muay Thai legends probably stands Samart. 3x Fighter of the Year, 4x Lumpinee Champion and WBC World Boxing Champion, no fighter more brilliantly showed what femeu fighting could do. In this session he shows the foundations of how to build true balance, the ultimate key to his fighting style.

#26 Sagat Petchyindee - Keys to Explosive Power | 57 min | Part 1

One of the great fighters in the history of Thailand, and the inspiration of the "Street Fighter" video game character, Sagat is like no other. Here he teaches how power has to come out of the ribs, and your frame, taking the shortest distance to your target, making sure your feet are constantly "organized".

#29 Pornsanae Sitmonchai - The Power of Hook and Low Kick | 74 min

A whole system of low kick and hook attacks is taught in this one session. Rajadamnren and 2x Lumpinee Champion Pornsanae is known for his brutal power fighting and this is how he gets it done. Cutting angles, lead arm control, invading space. Pornsanae teaches his philosophy.

#38 Sagat Petchyindee - Maximum Damage | 61 min | part 2

Such an anticipated session, part 2 of Sagat Petchyindee, the inspiration of the Sagat Street Fighter character. It's hard to believe, but he's even better in real life. In this session his continues to teach his "stay in your frame" method of bringing maximum efficiency and damage to striking.

#36 General Tunwakom - Lertrit Military Muay | 46 min

General Tunwakom is the last living direct student of the grandmaster who developed this Lertrit/Muay Khorat military style of fighting, designed to end exchanges quickly. Much can be learned from the foundations of these techniques, and these are definitely techniques that could be effective in the ring with proper timing.

#41 - Samson Isaan - The Art of Dern Fighting | 64 min

To "dern" in Thai is to "walk", which means basically to just come forward no matter what, to create a relentlessness. Samson Isaan was one of the great Dern Fighters of the Golden Age, Fighter of the Year in 1991, and in this session he shows his forward pulsing techniques which are meant to just overwhelm his opponent. Also a great session for pressure Southpaw fighters.

#30 Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn - Muay Khao Craft | 42 min | 2nd Session

The greatest knee fighter who ever lived not only shares his secrets in ring tactics - how to draw out your opponent and then ultimately hem them in - and various closing and tripping techniques, he also shows his amazing heart. He's a Legend among Legends, the fighter without equal in the history of the sport.

#19 Attachai Fairtex - Teaching Timing and IQ | 72 min

2x Lumpinee Champion Attachai Fairtex is one of the great femeu fighters of Thailand. Namsaknoi, himself an elite femeu fighter of legendary status called him his most difficult fight as he just was too hard to read. This is a window into that quality, and how to build it.

#5 Hippy Singmanee - Developing Power | 69 minutes

Two-time Lumpinee champion Golden Age legend Hippy Singmanee takes me though one of the most unique and valuable hours I've spent with a top trainer. He is building ground up how power and relaxation are related to each other. This session has been highly influential upon my own training. Learn how spacing+timing+relaxation produces dynamic power.

#33 Kru San Sitmonchai - Pace, Control and Distance | 56 min

Kru San is a big man but has incredible muay, a lightness to his movement that he transforms into a jai yen advancing Muay Thai style. In this session it's all about. Creating pressure without rushing, using the teep to set up combinations to the body and head, raising ring awareness, and using weapons at the appropriate time in your opponent's fatigue.

#23 Boraphet Pinsinchai "Kru Ten" - Muay Khao Techniques | 64 min

Kru Ten (Boraphet Pinsinchai) lives and breathes the Muay Khao fight style, and in this session just unfolds a treasure of interlocking techniques, all of which express what I would call his "sticky" style. Trips, counters, locks, elbows the list is extensive, almost too much to fit into an hour.

#22 Singdam Kiatmoo9 - Precision in the Basics | 71 min

Singdam provides perhaps the best progression through the basics I've yet filmed, the blueprint of his beautiful, effective style. This instruction is bottomless. Even after 5 years in Thailand there is a ton for me in this very close examination of powerful technique essentials.

#8 Sangtiennoi - Advanced Clinch Entry & Leverage | 52 Min

The Golden Age Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Champion, a legendary Muay Khao fighter who fought all the greats instructs on the finer points of clinch technique. Small differences that make big differences. Advanced tips on the swim-in and turn, and the importance of going from long distance techniques to short distance grab and lock.

#24 Kaensak Sor. Ploenjit - Explosive Defense | 55 min

Kaensak, the 2 time Fighter of the Year, teaches the keys to his explosive, defensive first style, showing how training timing and open side tracking can produce powerful counters. This is blueprint to one of the most unique and admired fighters of the Golden Age.

#21 Rambaa Somdet - Clinch Throws & Trips | 34 min

Thailand's first MMA World Champion, and one of the most aggressive, stinging fighters to grace the ring shows his philosophy on how to handle the clinch, using quick attacks, lifts, body-weight shifts to upend an opponent often before they are set. Some of my favorite trips are in this.

#17 Burklerk Pinsinchai - Dynamic Symmetry | 82 min

Arjan Burklerk is a unique master of Muay Thai from the Golden Age, boasting one the highest win percentages in Thai history, and possessing a beautiful craft that harkens back to older styles of fighting with powerful, dynamic symmetry and control of space.

#9 Yodkhunpon "The Elbow Hunter of 100 Stitches" Slicing Elbow | 37 min | part 2

Simultaneous Raja and Luminee title holder at 118 lbs, Yodkhunpon was one of the most feared elbow fighters in Thailand, and in this session he teaches the looseness and spacing that made his lead elbow such a viscious weapon. He also shuns the traditional rocking chair knee, and instead teaches a powerful stand-in crossing, open-hipped knee that compliments his elbows up top.

#3 Dielselnoi Ring Strategy & Training Ethic | 54 minutes | 1st Session

Dieselnoi is the greatest knee fighter who ever lived, and it just wasn't because of his height. Spending this hour with him lets you feel how much love and energy he pours into his Muay Thai, even at this age, the real secret to what make him dominant in the Golden Age of the sport. There is nobody like Dieselnoi. Nobody.

#35 Yodsanan Sityodtong - Southpaw Tactics & Power | 86 min

One of the biggest Knock Out artists Thailand has ever produced (46 KOs in 57 boxing wins), PABA and WBA World Champion Yodsanan teaches both the secrets to his devastating hook and a slick Muay Thai style from the left side.

#20 Karuhat Sor Supawan 3: Switching to Southpaw & Open Side Attack | 144 min

2x Lumpinee Champion Karuhat Sor. Supawan in this epic video posts installs a limited Southpaw core which leads to developing high level ideas found in his switching style: tracking and attacking the open side, watching for and dictating weight transfer. This is the blueprint of a legend's acclaimed fighting style.

#16 Thailand Pinsinchai - Attacking Shell | 62 min

Former Lumpinee and Rajadamnern champion Thailand Pinsinchai teaches the beautiful framework for his attacking, elbowing style. Lots of minute corrections, small vital details that turn working techniques into dominance. You get the entire picture of a Muay Buek fighter out of the legendary Pinsinchai gym .

#15 Yodkhunpon Sitraipom "The Elbow Hunter of 100 Stitches" - Escapes | 48 min | Part 2

Part 2 of my session with one of the most feared elbow fighters of the Golden Age, Yodkhunpon Sitraipom, The Elbow Hunter of 100 Stitches. Lots of fine details in this one, escapes from clinch locks, turns and catches. Best is his floating, gentle style that also holds such violence.

#7 Karuhat Sor. Supawan | Be Like Sand | 62 min

#7 Karuhat Sor. Supawan - Be Like Sand (62 min)
2x Golden Age Lumpinee Champion (112 lb and 122 lbs), Karuhat is considered elite among the elites. Mixing an explosive style with constant off-balances, angling, and melting aways, he was nicknamed the Ultimate Wizard. I can only describe the things he's teaching here as: Be like sand. This is very subtle, advanced stuff, far above combo techniques or specific defenses. It may take a few viewings to absorb what he is teaching. Everytime I watch this I learn something new.

Bonus Session 4: Hippy Singmanee Ultra Violence | 30 min | Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu on Patreon

Hippy is all about building power and aggression in strikes. In this session he really tries to create a conversation of violence in our padwork, and then in our light sparring he teaches elbows with incredible fluidity and invasive power.