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4 Reasons why Sri Lanka should be on Your Travel List – A Traveller's Dream Destination

Sri Lanka is often described as tropical paradise, thanks to its mesmerising natural landscapes, rich culture and marvellous cuisine.


Diverse landscapes

It doesn't matter where you are in Sri Lanka, there are spectacular landscapes aplenty. From the dry grasslands of Yala National Park to the rolling mountains and picturesque tea plantations of the Hill Country, to golden beaches and clear blue waters off the coastline, Sri Lanka's landscapes are so diverse, you'll never get bored. Trains are one of the most affordable ways to travel around the country, plus they offer their own unique experiences. A memorable experience is a train journey through the Hill Country, especially one that leads to the small town of Ella. Travel like the locals and sit near the open doors of the train to enjoy the cool breeze and watch the mountains pass by below.


Friendly smiles everywhere!

In the country, a smile goes a long way! Sri Lankan's are known for being very friendly, and open - the famous 'Sri Lankan smile' is attributed to their humble and relaxed way of life, and it extends toward tourists as well. English is spoken quite well in big cities like Colombo and Galle, and you can generally find someone who speaks a bit of English and is willing to help, even in rural areas. This helpful attitude and friendliness make travelling around the country quite easy, as there's someone who will gladly point you in the right direction.


The amazing food

Whether you're a big meat eater or vegetarian, there's a never-ending supply of freshly made curries and salads on the table at every meal. Most people assume Sri Lankan food is the same as Indian, but there's a marked difference between the two. Sri Lankan cuisine features more of its famous spices as well as fiery chillies along with an endless array of sweet and sour sambals that balance the meal. Rice features at most meals, and you can't visit without trying a rice and curry lunch. A typical rice and curry meal consists of short grain rice served with a meat/fish/egg curry of choice along with at least 4 to 6 vegetable dishes, a fresh salad, and pickle or sambal on the side. Whether it's served at a small roadside eatery or a big resort, like AVANI Kalutara Resort, for example, you will always find it on the menu. Fried snacks like samosas and fish rolls, known as 'short eats', are available throughout the day for quick bites on the go. Dessert is made up of sweet puddings infused with sticky jaggery, Dutch-influenced cakes and a wide variety of fresh seasonal fruit.


The Surf

It doesn't matter if you're an experienced surfer looking for big breaks or a beginner learning to surf, you'll find plenty of good surf locations around the island. The most popular spots for surfing are Hikkaduwa, Ahangama and Weligama along the south-west coast and Arugam Bay on the east coast. Any hotel along the west coast, like a Kalutara resort, will generally offer some kind of water sports activity for guests, so do make the most of it!