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Updated by Francisco A Perez on Mar 24, 2014
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Best SEO Practices and Tips For 2013

Blog post at iBlogzone - Online Business Resources : Really, what's the first thing that you should know about implementing the best SEO practices? In my own experience, the best way would be t[..]

Top SEO Mistakes Webmaster Make By Volume and How To Get It Right

If you read my roundup of this week, you may have noticed that there was a video from Matt Cutts answering to a question about the top SEO mistakes... Having watched it at least a couple of more times, I decided to delve into it a bit deeper and run through some of the things that I have interpreted while "carefully" listening to Cutts.

OMG, My Traffic Is Down. Did I Got Hit By Penguin 2.0? Not Necessarily...

By now you may have noticed that the "buzz" early today is all about the "Penguin 2.0″ that was rolled out late yesterday. This may actually be a bit of a surprise to you as Matt Cutts on a recent video mentioned that some SEO changes where going to be rolled out within the next few weeks.

The Best SEO Practices and Tips 2012

Blog post at iBlogzone - Online Business Resources : SEO, or search engine optimization has been a much discussed and debated topic. IMO, I think it will continue that way, for as long as there[..]

The Best WordPress SEO Plugins For 2012

Blog post at iBlogzone - Online Business Resources : If you read my previous post about the best SEO practices, I mentioned that one of the most important elements to search engine optimization[..]

End Dirty SEO Keyword Research Now! - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

Keyword research is hugely important. The success of your entire SEO engagement depends on getting this piece of work right. Is yours the best it can be? Here’s how to make your keyword research totally awesome, without losing the will to live.

The Master List of SEO Tools - 'Net Features - Website Magazine

Website Magazine is the leading print and digital publication on Web success, covering search marketing, social media, software, web design, development and more.

How to do Awesome SEO Keyword Research for a Standard Website - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

Learn the benefits and methodology of how to build and refine a keyword list for a relatively normal site (such as a brand website) with limited amounts of template content, and how to optimize individual pages for individual terms.

How to Build a Dominant Google+ Presence : @ProBlogger

This guest post is by Ryan Howard of Denver SEO Kings. Google+ is the hottest game in town when it ...

Google Penguin: What Lurks Beneath the Surface? - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

Other than cleaning up the quality of the Google index what else could the objective of the Penguin updates be? Much like the icebergs that so often surround penguins, Google's Penguin updates have much, much more going on below the surface.

Tips Every Blogger Should Know to Improve SEO with Long Tail Keywords

Blog post at iBlogzone - Online Business Resources : If you have been searching for tips, hints and techniques to drive a ton of traffic to your website, the chances are that you have come acro[..]

Your Guide to Social Signals for SEO | SEOmoz

Social signals are paving the way for the future of search, but just how much influence might they have on the SERPs? To understand where we're going, it's time to look at how social signals are currently affecting rankings and take the necessary steps to improve them on your website.

5 Tips To Help SEO Based Affiliates Evaluate A Niche | AllinBound

by Rae Hoffman - published originally on One of the most common questions I’m asked is how to evaluate a niche from an SEO based affiliate perspective before diving head first int...

Is WordPress Better For SEO than Blogger?

Blog post at iBlogzone - Online Business Resources : Great question is it not? One of the things I like about Matt Cutts videos on Google's Webmaster Channel is that often times there are reall[..]

SEO News | Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing News

WordPress All-In-One SEO Pack Plugin Gets Major Revamp, Thumbs UP!

While logging in one of my other sites today, I noticed that there was an update for the popular WordPress SEO plugin, All-In-One SEO Pack (AIO). If you have read my best SEO plugins posts, you will notice that it is one of the SEO plugins that I highly recommend, next only to Yoast.

Demise Of The Anchor Text

Search Results with No Keywords Present During the last half of 2012, the good folks over at Seo-up did some research and collected data on the topic of links. They basically wanted to find out how Google treats anchor texts.

Is WordPress Better For SEO than Blogger?

Great question is it not? One of the things I like about Matt Cutts videos on Google's Webmaster Channel is that often times there are really good information that you can take out of it. As usual though, not everything that comes out from these videos are straight forward.

Link Discovery, What Google Webmaster Tools Can Tell You?

With the advent of all the changes that has been happening in the SEO realm, one of the things that all webmasters should be doing is tracking inbound links. Inbound links or backlinks simply put, are "off-site" links that point back to your homepage or inner pages.

On-Page SEO - Tips For Better Search Engine Visibility (infographic)

With all the noise in the SEO sphere about Google+, authorship and brand signals, it's easy to forget an SEO mainstay: on-page SEO. It's not something you want to ignore: a few simple tweaks to your site's content can make a massive difference to providing a better user experience and in your long-term search engine traffic.

Google Authorship: Does It Really Matter and Will Google Use It To Improve Search Quality?

Everybody has been talking about the importance of implementing the Google Authorship markup. Some say that it is an important ranking signal, and some say that improves CTR (Click Through Rates). While all the buzz surrounding the use of "rel=author" is widespread, I actually never saw a specific video from Matt Cutts (Google WebSpam Chief) talking about it (see video below).

WebMeUp All-in-one Web Based SEO Tool [Review Update]

A little over a year ago, I took a look at WebMeUp's all-in-one SEO software, and at that time concluded that it was a very interesting tool to take a shot at, considering the features and services that it offered. Fast forward one year and the updates and additions are overwhelming.