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Best Sales Automation Blog List For Understanding About Field Sales Automation

Cygneto Field Sales Ordering Blog gives you in-depth content related to Field Sales Management, and upcoming ordering trends. You will gen an informative blogs regarding Field Sales Automation Process, benefits of use of SFA, and more. You will also get an informative blogs regarding benefits of field sales ordering app.
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Learn about how analytics enhances Sales Force Automation tool

Business Intelligence, or BI integration, when teamed up with analytics in field sales automation, plays a major role in increasing return on investment. Sales teams are the ones who depend on data and sales forecasting. Analytics help in monitoring, optimizing the existing business practices.

Sales data needs to be understood by sales teams as well as managers – to generate timely sales reports. The old methods of accessing and maintaining documented sheets of paper can now easily be carried out with the use of analytics. Getting better insights can enhance productivity with a smooth experience and integrating both back-end and front-end solutions.

An extended user interface with tailored viewing for all the retailers, team tracking simplifies and enhances the power tools with real-time insights and capabilities which are measurable and scalable. With enhanced team tracking, sales can also be enhanced and easily be monetized for managers.

How Analytics Enhances Operations in Field Sales
Team tracking, managing various accounts across the interface, delivering the products on time – everything can be enhanced with analytics. Predictive analytics and other techniques of big data play a major role too. Here’s how analytics help the field sales:
Managing Accounts and Territories

  • Managing Accounts and Territories
  • Data Driven Dashboards
  • Sales projections and channel management
  • Customizable Reports

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Sales Force Automation: boon for packaged drinking water

Hygiene and safety concerns boosted the sales of the packaged drinking water industry in the last two decades. Sealed bottles are now more preferred by the masses as they’re considered “clean and healthy”. For the packaged drinking water industry, FY 2018 is a year to watch out for.

According to reports, the packaged drinking water industry is going to grow with a CAGR of 22% and reach the 160bn mark in 2018.
Challenges that Await the Packaged Drinking Water Industry:
In spite of the predictions made by the industry surveys, one of the main, the industry hasn’t yet reached its maximum potential. Analyzing these challenges operationally, we can conclude that the problem that lies in the packaged drinking water industry is two-fold:

  • Managing Distribution Channels
  • Managing Internal Operations

Additionally, one of the main things that packaged drinking water manufacturing plants need to make sure is to conduct operations according to shelf life. While water does not go bad on its own, several environmental and packaging factors come into play here. As a result, packaged drinking water needs to move fast into the market once manufactured.

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Learn How Field Sales Automation Helps Spice Manufacturers

Spice manufacturing in India is a widespread industry. India, being an agrarian country, its economy flourishes with the growth of its agriculture and agriculture-based manufacturing industry. Additionally, India is known in the world for its aromatic and flavor-packed spices. In wake of the growing popularity of Indian spices across the globe, Spice Manufacturers now need a system that can automate and set processes for raw material collection, processing, distribution, order booking, etc. completely seamless.

Operational Challenges Faced by Spice Manufacturers
To keep a business running, you have to make sure that all processes are aligned with each other – everywhere.

  • Unable to Manage Retailer Database
  • Difficulties in team tracking
  • Managing Channels

How Cygneto Field Sales Helps Spice, Manufacturers?
Field sales automation efficiently manages the ground sales team and their order booking process from the company retailers. The process involves a complete hierarchical system of order booking from retailers, sales executives to the management of the company. The automation helps in order booking, tracking the on-ground team and managing the orders.

  • Keeping Track On-the-Go
  • Access Data Efficiently
  • Route Optimization
  • Independence and Responsibility
  • Order Management
  • Generating Reports
  • The expense and Target Management

Cygneto sales automation application provides all features which help in an efficient working by providing an improved and enhanced solution for sales team tracking, order, retailer management, and analyzing sales on-the-go. The features in this solution provide an enhanced procedure to manage all the production processes involved in the industry.

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Manage on-ground field routes and order booking with CFS

A field person always carries a bag of expectations and challenges that need to be fulfilled. The challenges can be many such as on time sales update, order booking, retailer’s data etc. His or her productivity is defined by the number of visits done/orders booked by the executive. Though there are many applications available in the market company needs to select the one based on their team’s requirement and order booking facility from the retailers/customers.

Fulfilling that demand, Cygneto Field Sales application has been developed to help incline company managers, on-ground sales team and their distribution channel towards one single direction.

Following Solution features help Managers from across the industries chose Cygneto Field Sales over other solutions:

  • Route Assignment
  • Improvement in sales Productivity
  • Avail Information Outside the Office
  • Commit to Core Objectives by Territory Planning
  • Managing the Sales Process with CFS

With all the above-mentioned features and benefits, on-ground field sales executives can become versatile and more flexible with their sales/order booking process. Company heads can easily channelize their team and differentiate themselves from the generic solutions available in the market.

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Customer Relationship Management and Sales-force Automation

Customer Relationship Management tools and Sales Force Automation (SFA) tools help companies streamline their processes and improve the implementation and execution of processes. According to research, SFA software increases average sales by 27%, decrease the sales cycle by 16% and reduce sales administration time by 14%. CRM software, on the other hand, improves customer retention by 27% and 6 out of 10 small businesses are using their CRM for relationship management.

SFA is a technique of using software that automates business tasks of sales that includes order booking information, sales tracking, target orientation, cold calls, employee performance evaluation, and customer management.

CRM, on the other hand, is a technology for managing the company’s relationships and interactions with current and potential customers. It improves profitability by providing customer communication, sales responses, marketing campaigns in the pipeline, accounts data, and service support.
Here is the detailed comparison between CRM and SFA.

  • Functional Role
  • Customer Lifecycle
  • Procedural Role
  • Objective Roles

Solutions measure and manage different sales activities, carry out ordering automation and order booking, provide a summarized sales record, allow the managers to check daily sales from the backend. The sales automation platform improves sales productivity and performance and is built by keeping sales-specific challenges and requirements in mind.

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Mobile Application for Field Sales Management

Cygneto Fields Sales is an effective sales management app as it offers a simple design and an easy mobile access with an option of offline data sync that makes it easier to use the app in all good and bad circumstances. The app helps you improve the accuracy and integrity of your data by field sales automation, it also allows the management to get a holistic real-time view of field operations from their mobile itself. Visit for more details.


Infographic - How Analytics Enhances Operations In Field Sales

Infographic - How Analytics Enhances Operations In Field Sales

Team tracking, managing various accounts across the interface, delivering the products on time – everything can be enhanced with analytics. Predictive analytics and other techniques of big data play a major role too.
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