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21st Century 11th Grade Learners

This list links to lessons on the eight must have skills of 21st century learners.

Lesson Plan: Principles of Leadership: What Makes a Strong Leader? | The Principal Story | POV | PBS


This fifty minute lesson utilizes three point of view video clips taken from the film, The Principals Story. After students view the video clips and discuss the document “Principles of Leadership” they are required to write about what makes a strong leader and produce a written leadership analysis of a famous leader or a leader they know personally and interact with on a regular basis.

Unit: Facing Ferguson: News Literacy in a Digital Age | Facing History

Digital Literacy

This eleven part lesson focuses on digital news literacy using the events that occurred in Ferguson as the backdrop. The lessons focus on personal identity, bias, confirming news stories, social media, the power of images, free press, and the role of citizen watchdogs. Teachers may choose to use all eleven lessons or pick and choose as they see fit.


This lesson plan from the “Soft Skills to Pay the Bills” series includes five 15 to 30 minute activities focusing on how to communicate to others and how to interpret communication from others. The activities work on skills involving verbal, aural, non-verbal, written, and visual communication. As the title of the series suggests, the activities focus on communication skills related to employability and are focused on students ranging from high school to college age.

Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying (9-12) | Common Sense Education

Emotional Intelligence

“Taking Perspective on Cyberbullying” is one of several lesson plans offered by Common Sense Media on Social and Emotional Learning. By the end of this 45 minute lesson students should be able to articulate why it is important to consider the perspective of others, consider the motivations and feelings of those involved on all sides in online cruelty, and come up with suggestions on how they should act when they or someone else is the target of online cruelty. Note: you must create a Common Sense Media account to access the lesson plan after clicking on “download pdf.”

VentureLab: Grades 9-12 Intro to Entrepreneurship A


This 90 minute high school lesson on entrepreneurship consists of two 45 minute activities: Marshmallow Challenge and Dream Team. The Marshmallow Challenge is a team tower building activity and the Dream Team activity requires students to work in teams to create an entrepreneurial poster. The activities focus on teamwork, collaboration, learning from success, and learning from failure. Key skills for entrepreneurs. This lesson plan is the first part of a two part “Intro to Entrepreneurship” series.

Global Citizenship Workshop — ACT 4 Global Change

Global Citizenship

This lesson uses video clips and three 15 minute stations in which students look at three case studies to learn about global citizenship and the sustainable development goals. The three case studies are Girl Power: The Story of Malala, The Dark Side of Coffee: Choices for a Better Planet, and Lens on the Issue. After completing the stations students are asked to share their thoughts with the class. Guiding questions are provided to help the students organize their thoughts.

Problem Solving Skills | Teachers' Lesson Plan | Barclays LifeSkills

Problem Solving

This 40 to 60 minute lesson is designed for students aged 11 to 19 years old. This lesson uses a problem solving skills video and then has students work through problem solving scenarios using a problem solving sheet and intervention cards in order to work through a solution to the scenario. Note: you will have to sign up with Barclay Life Skills to download the free documents that are provided with the lesson.


This 90 minute lesson focuses on teamwork skills, specifically functioning as both a leader and a follower as part of a team, as they build a vehicle that will take them from water to land to space in order to reach the mother ship. The lesson includes a debriefing activity, extension activity on leadership and teamwork, and a skills assessment for students to reflect on at the end.