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Updated by sellannuity on Jun 14, 2018
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Five Things to Avoid If You Sell Your Annuity

When it comes to business, if something doesn't feel right, you should pull the plug on the transaction. Let's say, for example, that you are in a restaurant, and it looks really dirty. Chances are the food is not going to be treated well. While this isn't always the case, do you really want to take the chance and be sick for the next week. We wouldn't either.



Selling your annuity payments is a very important transaction for those that need to do it to cover their bills, pay for tuition, or take advantage of a new investment opportunity. Unfortunately, in any industry, there are going to be bad players, which is why you must be mindful of any red flags. You can end up getting the most money for your annuity payments if you do. Here are four things to look out for.


You can't find any information about the company

You should only work with a buyer that has experience and one that produced successful transactions in the past. If you can't find anything about the company, that should be a cause for some concern.


There are a lot of negative reviews about the company

If there are one or two negative reviews with a bunch of positive ones, this is one thing. However, if a Google search results in a ton of negative reviews, you may want to rethink working with them.


You are pressured into selling

If you feel pressured in any way to sell your annuity payments, you should not sell your annuity payments to them. Customer service should be of utmost importance to a company, so if a company instead is not treating you right and is just trying to get you to sell, this is not the right buyer for you.


You don't know what happens next

Although the process isn't complicated, there are several steps involved. Your annuity buyer should provide you with all of the information available on how to cash out your annuity. If they cannot provide you with the next steps and specific dates, there may be something shady going on.