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Apple finally says that repair hurts its bottom line

Tim Cook to Investors: People Bought Fewer New iPhones Because They Repaired Their Old Ones

Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook composed a letter to financial specialists cautioning them that the organization would miss its income focuses to a limited extent since Apple didn't sell as many of iPhones as it expected. The long letter refers to, explicitly, that individuals are purchasing less iPhones because they are repairing their old ones.

Macintosh has long battled endeavors that would make iPhones less demanding to fix: It has campaigned against appropriate to fix endeavors in a few states, doesn't move iPhone new parts,
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iOS 12's Rapid Rise

iOS 12's Rapid Rise

iOS 12's rapid rise: Now 78% of Apple's newer mobile devices run it

iOS 12, Apple's newest version of its mobile os, is now installed on the vast majority of iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices.

The iPhone producer presently offers two perspectives of iOS adoption, indicating one estimation for all gadgets and another for gadgets presented in the past four years.

Apple's most recent iOS version update shows that as of January 1 iOS 12 was running on 78 percent of Apple cell phones released over the past four years, with 17 percent still on iOS 11, and five percent on an something sooner than iOS 11.

Over all gadgets being used, iOS 12 is installed on 75 percent of them, with 17 percent on iOS 11, and eight percent on some prior adaptation. It's likely the three percent distinction in the pre-iOS 11 group is because some active iOS devices aren't supported by iOS 12 or iOS 11.

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Apple announced a partnership with Samsung - Apple’s CareKit For Healthcare

Apple reported an association with Samsung, one of its fiercest opponents, on Sunday morning. Before long, customers who claims select Samsung smart TVs will be able to access iTunes movie and TV content. AirPlay 2 support will let iPhone and iPad owners send content from their screens to the TVs, as well.

The declaration indicates the amount Apple is changing, and how it’s working closer with one-time rivals to bring its services to more people.
Samsung and Apple have a bizarre history.

For most of this decade, the two companies have been the top two smartphone makers in the world by market share, with Samsung usually on top. (Recently, Huawei usurped Apple’s number-two spot). The two companies battled it out in court for quite a long time, with Apple blaming Samsung for ripping off its thoughts and violating its patents. The vast majority of those battles have been settled.

In the meantime, Samsung additionally gives Apple key parts, for example, screens and other equipment, for gadgets including the iPhone and iPad.

For the last couple years, Apple has been putting more significance on its services business, which keeps on developing while iPhone deals level. Apple CEO Tim Cook said a week ago in his revised outlook that services administrations created $10.8 billion in monetary Q1 and that Apple plans to double the size of its service business from 2016 to 2020.

"We anticipate bringing the iTunes and AirPlay 2 experience to significantly more clients around the globe through Samsung Smart TVs, so iPhone, iPad and Mac clients have one more approach to appreciate all their favorite content on the biggest screen in their home," said Eddy Cue, senior VP of Internet Software and Services at Apple, in a press release announcing the deal.

Apple hasn't reported it yet, yet it's to a great extent expected to dispatch a TV benefit that combines free and paid content not long from now. An organization with Samsung could enable it to get that benefit before more eyeballs, including content.

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Apple's Biggest Problem Isn't China

Apple's Biggest Problem Isn't China

Apple's most serious issue isn’t a slow-down in the Chinese economy or the US-China exchange war, which has been blamed for a big downward revision in sales.

Its most serious issue is taking consumers for granted at home and abroad.

At home, Apple expect that the iPhone is a unique product, in a regularly developing business sector, where buyers are prepared to pay ever more elevated costs for more up to date iPhone variants. That was positively evident 10 years prior, when Apple was the cell phone pioneer and service providers subsidized new smartphone purchases.

But, it isn't correct these days. While some Apple fans still find Apple products unique, there's a lot of competition from other cell phone creators.

Meanwhile, service providers no longer subsidize cell phone sales, as the cell phone market matures.

This change in the “context” - economic situations and conditions - has made it progressively troublesome for Apple to proceed with its old methodology: present new versions of its product and have customers pay more expensive rates for them. Hence, the warning of a slow-down in sales growth.

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at whatever point we are stuck in traffic or have to search for a route to a particular destination, Google Maps is the most clear decision. And Apple intends to change that. The American global innovation organization had added more highlights to its Apple Maps application. These features have been already rolled out on all the iOS and macOS devices. Vehicles with Apple CarPlay empowered infotainment system can make utilization of the voice navigation feature with the assistance of their iOS and macOS devices. All the more essentially, the Apple Maps update has also gotten turn-by-turn navigation, something that is as of now present on Google Maps.

Notwithstanding giving turn-by-turn navigation, Apple Maps additionally offers different modes, for example, Drive and Walk that can be modified in the middle of route. Apple Maps currently also offers alternative to see different cab services, for example, Ola and Uber along with public transport choices. The cab services also shows the time that would be taken by the cab to reach your location. You can either choose the alternative from Apple Maps itself or tap on the choice and it directs you to the Cab application. Every one of these choices are as of now accessible on Google Maps. Will these new highlights make Apple Maps a favored preferred over Google Maps, is something that time will tell.

When Apple Maps was released in 2012, the organization had claimed to offer flyover recognition, turn-by-turn route, 3D maps and the virtual assistant Siri. It was additionally made to replace Google Maps and be the default application on all iOS and macOS devices. In any case, Apple Maps got extreme analysis which was followed by an official apology by Tim Cook, Apple CEO and also the exit of two of its employees.

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DuckDuckGo’s Location Searches are Now Powered by Apple Maps

DuckDuckGo’s Location Searches are Now Powered by Apple Maps

DuckDuckGo has touted itself as the search engine that puts protection first, promising to never to track its users. In an effort to improve on this promise, the search engine has now partnered with Apple Maps for its location-based searches or address lookups.

Previously, the search engine utilized data from an open-source mapping service called OpenStreetMap alongside information from MapBox. This combination, however, offered restricted data and couldn’t keep up with the likes of Google.

Presently DuckDuckGo has integrated Apple's MapKit JS framework to power map & address seeks on both mobile and desktop.

DuckDuckGo's policies align well to Apple's position on protection and should give the service a fighting chance against the challenge from Google.

When looking into a specific location, organizations, or tourist attraction in an area, DuckDuckGo will currently demonstrate a module with a small map box at the top of its search page. Tapping on the map will expand it, offering satellite views and a sidebar where important.

DuckDuckGo guarantees that recognizable data like IP tends to won't be sent to Apple and all inquiry data is discarded of once closed by the user.

This integration also makes DuckDuckGo the biggest user of Apple Maps, coming only months after the Cupertino firm opened the application up to third parties.

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Apple AirPods can do a lot more than play music

Apple AirPods can do a lot more than play music

*Apple AirPods can do a lot more than play music, here's how to get the most out of them

  • Apple AirPods are incredibly popular, and you can do more than just listen to music.
  • You can tap the side to speak to Siri or skip music.
  • You can also find lost AirPods using Apple's Find My iPhone feature.

If you own a pair of Apple AirPods then you might, like me, simply pair them to your phone and forget about them, spending most of your time just listening to music. But there are other things you can do with AirPods, like control your music or speak to Siri.

Here's a quick guide on a few other things you can do with your AirPods, and how to get the most out of them.

*How to talk to Siri on your AirPods *

You can talk to Siri without ever pulling your iPhone out of your pocket. To make sure it's set up:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Choose Bluetooth.
  • Tap the "i" next to your AirPods.
  • Under "Double Tap on AirPod" choose "Siri" for either the left or the right AirPod.

*Use AirPods to control music *

This is very similar to the last tip, but here I'll show you how to control music. With a double tap on either the right or left AirPod you can skip a song, move back tot the last song, or play or pause your music. To do this:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Choose Bluetooth.
  • Tap the "i" next to your AirPods.
  • Choose the left or right AirPod.
  • Under "Double Tap on AirPod" choose "Play/Pause," "Next Track," or "Previous Track."

How to answer a phone call on AirPods

If you receive a phone call with AirPods in, you can pick it up by:

  • Double tapping one of the AirPods.
  • When the call is finished, double tap it to hang up.

*How to Pair AirPods to your Mac *

AirPods pair seamlessly with an iPhone or a Apple Watch, but it's a bit trickier to pair with a Mac. Here's how:

  • Tap the Apple icon on the top-left of the screen on your Mac.
  • Choose System Preferences.
  • Open Bluetooth.
  • Now, with both AirPods in the case, press and hold the white button on the pack.
  • Choose the AirPods from the Bluetooth menu on your Mac.

How to pair AirPods with an Apple Watch

If you want to listen to music or podcasts stored on your Apple Watch, you can pair them easily before you head out for a run. That means you don't need to carry your iPhone at all. To do that:

  • Put both AirPods in the case
  • Tap and hold the small circular button on the back until a white light flashes between the AirPods
  • Pair them using the on-screen guide on your Apple Watch.

See your AirPods battery life on your iPhone

You can check the battery of your AirPods case at a glance on your iPhone. To do this, we'll create a widget.

  • Swipe right across your iPhone's home screen until you see the iPhone's widget page.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap "Edit."
  • Scroll until you see "batteries" and hit the green + button next to it.

Now, when you scroll to the widget screen, you'll see your AirPods' battery life whenever they're connected via Bluetooth, as well as the battery life for other devices, like the Apple Watch.

How to find missing AirPods

  • Login to your Apple account on
  • Choose "Find iPhone"
  • Under "All Devices" select your AirPods.
  • You'll see them on a map.
  • Choose "Play a sound" if you need help locating them somewhere nearby.

Reference by - CNBC

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Apple’s new battery cases are its most powerful ones yet

Apple’s new battery cases are its most powerful ones yet

Apple's recently launched battery cases for the iPhone XS and XS Max have more battery limit than any of Apple's earlier cases. The Verge at first revealed that the cases' battery capacity was the smallest yet, but that information was wrong.

Entirely, the new Apple cases have the most minimal mAh rating, at 1,369mAh.But that’s because instead of using a single large cell (like the iPhone 7 battery case's 2,365mAh battery or the iPhone 6 case's 1,877mAh), Apple is utilizing two battery cells wired in arrangement, which keeps the net amperage the same but lets it boost the voltage to 8.7V, significantly higher than the evaluated 3.8V that the older cases output power at.

Because of that distinction in voltage, it's smarter to look at the total power output in Wh (1 Watt = 1 Volt x 1 Amp) for specifically looking at the three Apple cases: 10.1 Wh on the new case, compared with 7.13 Wh on the first iPhone 6 model, and 8.98 Wh on the iPhone 7 version. (For a more detailed breakdown as to why this is a better metric for comparing batteries, look at The Wirecutter's guide here.) So, by the day's end, the new cases should supply more power than the old ones, and do it more efficiently.

We still don’t know the battery capacity of the iPhone XR case, yet Apple's battery life estimates recommend it'll be like the XS and XS Max. Apple is claiming up to 75 percent additional use time for these new battery cases, despite the fact that we presently can't seem to test those cases. These new battery cases eature physically bigger humps than the previous ones, perhaps due to the extra room needed for wireless charging.

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Intel's 2019 CPU reveal shines light on 2019 Macbooks

Intel's 2019 CPU reveal shines light on 2019 Macbooks

While Intel hasn't unequivocally characterized what's in store in its 2019 CPUs, they've given us with a couple of details that provide us some insight how the current year's Macs will be updated.

Until Apple perfects its very own organization made CPUs, the next generation (possibly generations) of Macs will likely rely on Intel chips. Thanks of MacWorld who outlined Intel's schedule for 2019, we have an idea as to how 2019 Apple devices will be affected.

With the upcoming processors, the fundamental microarchitecture has been changed for the first time since 2015's Skylake. The new architecture, Sunny Cove, will be employed in the family of processors called Ice Lake turning out this year, and Intel provided a bunch of numerical specs with respect to the Skylake successor.

The integrated graphics performance will be enhanced, offering up 50 percent more execution units than, "the quickest Intel integrated graphics in Macs today (the Iris Plus 655 GPU)," and up to a teraflop of graphic performance could be offered. The last is a critical enhancement for Intel-explicit chips, yet regardless it doesn't measure up to what MacBooks are right now equipped with like the Vega Pro 16 and Radeon Pro 560X.

The next family of CPUs will come integrated with Wi-Fi 6 conveying gigabit speeds to users, just as "lower latency, quicker starting association and enhancements to both range and security." Not just will the Wi-Fi, integrated graphics, and overall performance speed up, but also "systems based on Ice Lake are guaranteed to convey enhanced battery life."

Because they chips will arrive in a wide scope of execution and power alternatives, "we can most likely hope to see them in MacBooks or all stripes, the Mac mini, and iMacs," especially since Apple isn't required to drop Intel for their own processors until 2020 at the soonest.

According to Intel, the Ice Lake processors aren't expected until the end of this current year, so anything released over the summer will probably be released without this particular upgrade. Sunny Cove-powered desktop and workstation processors are not expected until 2020.

Reference by: CTV NEWS

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Apple Expands Certified Refurbished iPhone Program To Back Market

Apple Expands Certified Refurbished iPhone Program To Back Market

Apple certified refurbished iPhones are now available via a third party. This is a major sign that after Apple's ongoing quarterly report and monstrous stock slide, it's not business as usual in Cupertino.

Apple is beginning to work a lot harder to move product.

Numerous customers refurbished phones to get recent tech at a discount. Apple's certified refurbished program offers one of the best guarantees in the industry that you're getting a product that is just as good as new, with a new battery, every broken part fixed, a new display and case, all the accessories that a brand-new device comes with, and full warranty and support. I've utilized Apple's certified refurbished program on different occasions for laptops, and never had an issue.

Yet, Apple is very careful about who it works with.

Toward the end of last year, for instance, Apple restricted outsider resellers from offering refurbished Macs on Amazon. And I've never seen its certified refurbished iPhones available anywhere but on Apple's own sites. There are a lot of refurbished iPhones available from Amazon, Best Buy, and different retailers, yet they are not Apple confirmed.

Presently in any case, the Apple certified experience is available for the first time from a third-party seller, Back Market.

"The service level and certification process, just as Apple's legitimate seal of approval help wipe out distrust about purchasing refurbished devices," Back Market CEO Thibaud Hug de Larauze said in an announcement. "This is an important step towards our objective of making purchasing refurbished products a standard shopping experience."

Purchasing refurbished isn't only useful for purchasers who get it, regularly about 15% off retail costs.

It's also useful for Apple and different brands who sell refurbished. For whatever reason, there are always people who need to return a product. Enabling purchasers to do as such is great customer service, and helps in client faithfulness. In any case, at that point having an outlet to re-sell returned product helps recoup some of the lost income.

Back Market says it's the world's biggest online store for refurbished products. Certified refurbished iPhones eligible for the deal with Apple include iPhone 6s through iPhone X, and will come in "freshly sealed" Apple packaging.

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Apple fixes a host of bugs for iOS, Apple Watch and HomePod

Apple fixes a host of bugs for iOS, Apple Watch and HomePod

Try not to look now, however you'll have a lot of updating to if you live deep in the Apple ecosystem. Apple has released updates that handle a host of issues for iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and HomePod. For iPhone and iPad users, iOS 12.1.3 for the most part tends to specific but annoying bugs. It'll prevent photos from showing artifacts when you send them from a share sheet, prevent some CarPlay systems from detaching from newer iPhones and solve audio distortion if you use external audio input devices with the most recent iPad Pro. It in like manner tends to an issue looking through images in Messages while looking at the Details view.

HomePod owners, in the meantime, might need to update ASAP. Its fix solves issues that could compel the smart speaker to restart or could disable Siri.

Different updates aren't quite so dramatic. MacOS 10.14.3 saves you time when utilizing Kerberos TGT for a record sharing connection (exciting!), while tvOS and watchOS have gotten more generic enhancements and bug fixes. Think about this as Apple cleaning things up to begin 2019 on the correct foot.

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This hidden AirPods feature helps you hear better

This hidden AirPods feature helps you hear better

*This hidden AirPods feature helps you hear better

Apple's AirPods might be one of the hottest iPhone accessories you can purchase right now, however they aren't just made for listening in to music. You can activate a feature called "Live Listen," which gives you a chance to utilize AirPods to amplify sound, enabling them to double as basic hearing aids.

Apple has long prided itself on the accessibility highlights it builds into its gadgets, helping individuals who are hard of a hearing or have sight limitations more effectively utilize the products. at times, Apple's gadgets can be utilized to enhance customers' lives. They're just not talked about a lot because they're not really primary functions

The AirPods Live Listen highlight utilizes the microphone on your iPhone and afterward pipes the audio rightvm, into your AirPods. Thus, if you're hard of hearing, instead of asking somebody to speak up or sitting out of a conversation entirely, you can put your iPhone on a table — or even hold it near somebody's mouth — and the AirPods will amplify what's being said.

It works well and can even be utilized as a sort of spy gag. Since your iPhone keeps on sending audio to your AirPods, you can leave your iPhone on a table and listen in on the discussion even as you leave, as long as the AirPods maintain the Bluetooth connection to your phone.

Here's how to activate to actuate and utilize the AirPods Live Listen feature:

How to use AirPods to hear better

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Pick Control Center.
  • Select Customize Controls.
  • Tap the green + button next to Hearing to add it to your control center list.

Now, when you need to utilize it, turn on Live Listen by opening control center. To do this:

  • Put your AirPods in your ears.
  • From the home screen, swipe down from the top-right of your screen on an iPhone X or newer. Swipe up from the bottom on an iPhone 8 or older.
  • Tap the ear icon.
  • Tap the "Live Listen" option.
  • Put your iPhone on a table or hold it up to somebody's mouth. You'll hear them talking directly into your AirPods, as though you were on a phone call.
  • Want to secretly listen in? Leave the room while people are having a discussion at the table.

It's just as simple as that. The Live Listen feature will stay in Control Center so you can turn it on at whatever you need. Simply bear in mind to turn it off when you're not utilizing it or your music will sound super distorted.

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The Mac App Store welcomes Office 365

The Mac App Store welcomes Office 365

Today, Office 365 is available on the Mac App Store, making it simpler than ever for Mac users to download Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and the entire suite of Microsoft's famous applications. Users can purchase buy a membership for Office 365 from inside the applications, so they can get going quickly.

Office 365 for Mac has been designed specifically to help includes that are unique to the Mac experience — highlights like Dark Mode and Continuity Camera in macOS, just as the MacBook Pro Touch Bar and the Mac's industry-leading Trackpad.

"We are excited to welcome Microsoft Office 365 to the all new Mac App Store in macOS Mojave," said Phil Schiller, Apple's senior VP of Worldwide Marketing. "Apple and Microsoft have worked together to bring great Office productivity to Mac clients from the earliest starting point. Presently, with Office 365 on the Mac App Store, it's easier than ever to get the recent and best version of Office 365 for Mac, iPad and iPhone.”

"We are excited to declare that today Office 365 is arriving in the Mac App Store," said Jared Spataro, corporate VP at Microsoft. "We have worked intimately with Apple to provide Mac clients with the absolute best efficiency experience — one that offers all that they know and love about Office through an experience uniquely intended for the Mac."

In business, as at home, representatives need access to the best gadgets and applications to do their work. With Office 365 on the Mac App Store, these applications would now be able to be effectively conveyed to employees utilizing Apple Business Manager, a central dashboard where IT can deploy gadgets, applications and licenses. Presently IT can rapidly enable employees to get the opportunity to work with their favorite Office tools crosswise overacross Mac, iPad and iPhone, with extraordinary new highlights designed specifically for Apple gadgets.

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Things to Do Before You Give Your iPhone For Service

Things to Do Before You Give Your iPhone For Service

Be it any gadget, protecting data is very essential. Our cell phones hold a lot of individual information and if at all it encounters any issues in its working one needs to approach a professional service centre. iPhones are known for their incredible working and design.Additionally, people invest in iPhones because of its responsive and brisk after-service. The most common iPhone issues are poor battery life, screen power outages, non-working of the volume buttons, low speaker quality, inability to connect with Wi-Fi, overheating of the phone while charging, etc.

iPhone users can solve all their phone issues by sending their phone to the service centre. iPhone service centres have proficient specialists who rapidly tackle the phone’s problem. If you have a valid warranty for your Apple device you can also get a replacement for the same. The vast majority take their iPhones directly to the service centre without preparation. Ordinarily, the phone loses its data because of lack of backup and so you must ready your phone before heading to the service centre. Approach an expert iPhone service center in HONG KONG and understand your phone’s technical issues. Here are the things you should do before giving your phone to the service centre.

Take a Backup of your Data

This is a must-do for all devices be it an iPhone or some other cell phone. Ensure you backup your data before giving it to the service centre. Some phone issues likewise require formatting of the whole data and that can lead loss of data as well. Store your data on the iCloud before your visit.

Unpair all your Devices

It is essential to unpair your iPhone from every other devices before giving it to the service centre. For example, if your iPhone is paired with an iWatch it should be unpaired.

Dispose of all your Passcodes

The experts will require your phone unlocked because the repairing also needs turning off the device and restarting it a few times. In such cases, the phone should be with no passwords.

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Apple’s Netflix-Killer Could Launch by April

Apple’s Netflix-Killer Could Launch by April

Regardless of whether it says so specifically or not, Apple is pushing to become the premier source for entertainment this year. Notwithstanding its current contributions of iTunes, the App Store, Apple Music and Apple News, the tech organization is practically prepared to dispatch its eagerly awaited video-streaming service, as indicated by reports this week.

Per The Information, Apple has been telling its entertainment partners — with whom it's been working on a slate of costly, much-hummed about original video projects for a while now — to plan for a U.S. launch in mid-April. The as-yet-unnamed video-streaming service is expected to have original content just as shows from organizations like STARZ and HBO; a choice of the offerings will be given to Apple users for free, however most will probably be accessible via monthly membership.

Apple currently has some two dozen exclusive TV shows either in the casting or filming stages, extending from comedies to science fiction thrillers to kids' shows, and it has all the earmarks of being clashing with the present business leaders, Netflix and Amazon, in snapping up new, promising activities. To boost competitiveness, Apple has struck content deals with major Hollywood figures including Reese Witherspoon, Jenifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg, M. Night Shyamalan and Damien Chazelle.

However, the imminent launch of Apple's video-streaming service is just one thing — and the tech giant’s future plans for its different entertainment contributions all in all, about which there is much theory, are another. Ever since Apple first started showing an interest in Hollywood deals, rumors have swirled about its possible gets ready for packaging those video contributions together with Apple Music, Apple News or both. While the famously hidden organization has stayed quiet about any plans for a comprehensive subscription service, every one of the signs are there, and numerous industry analysts and spectators trust it to be just a short time.

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Apple to drop LCD in favor of OLED on all new iPhones from next year

Apple to drop LCD in favor of OLED on all new iPhones from next year

Apple is purportedly looking to drop LCD screens from its iPhone lineup, beginning with the 2020 iPhone. The current year's iPhone XR successor would be the last leader LCD show, as indicated by a report from the Wall Street Journal.

The move to OLED will enable "increasingly adaptable handset configuration", indicating at an ambitious 2020 iPhone guide. We as of now observe this to some degree today with the iPhone XR including bigger bezels than its OLED counterparts.

Not far off, Apple has been investigating how to go past the rectangular glass slab. A year ago, Bloomberg reported on some of Apple’s drastic design research projects, for example, the addition of hover gestures and banana-esque bended iPhones.

All things considered, the 2020 iPhone design is an extreme takeoff from what we know today. The 2019 iPhone chassis is expected to be more of an iterative change.

LCD has dropped out of fashion over the most recent couple of years primarily because it requires a standalone backlight component.. The pixels of an OLED screen are separately lit, enabling them to be utilized in gadgets with increasingly unpredictable shapes. Apple has also been exploring microLED displays as another LCD alternative.

As the business heads moves from LCD, LCD board providers are scrambling to discover new income streams. Whatever is left of the WSJ report describes how Japan Display is in a stagger as it relies so much on LCD orders from Apple.

Falling demand for LCD displays and lower-than-expected iPhone XR requested effect Japan Display's financials fundamentally.

On the flipside, OLED creators will profit if the 2020 iPhone lineup to be sure changes to the screen innovation in all cases.

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Apple Rumored to Sell Apple TV 4K, HomePod at Cost

Apple Rumored to Sell Apple TV 4K, HomePod at Cost

Revealing insight into Apple's equipment valuing technique, and offering a look into the organization's push into services, blogger John Gruber claims the tech giant sells the current generation Apple Apple TV 4K at cost and the HomePod at a los

Referring to his standard thing "birdies," Gruber in an episode of his podcast "The Talk Show" discusses Apple's superior equipment evaluating and says the organization "adequately" sells Apple TV 4K at expense. The claim recommends Apple packs $180 worth of parts, labor and different costs in the streaming set-top box.

"They truly resemble a $180 box. Also, you think, 'Wow this is astounding. It has an A10 processor, which we know is super fast and it has crazy good graphics,'" he says.

The information has not been checked, however Apple's set-top streamer includes higher review parts than contending setups. Past the custom A10X Fusion chip, Apple TV 4K boasts advanced wireless technology, 32GB or 64GB of capacity, a Siri Remote with touchpad and microphone and more.

Gruber proceeds to state that he has heard comparative cases about the $350 HomePod, yet trusts Apple potentially sells the speaker at a loss. He also speculated that AirPods are sold at expense.

"Why is HomePod so much more costly than these other speakers you can converse with? Well, HomePod, I really have reason to trust, Apple really sells it at a loss," Gruber says.

HomePod's bill of materials is to a great extent obscure, as Apple incorporates custom-manufactured sound hardware like horn-loaded tweeters and a custom amplification system into its smart speaker. Further, HomePod incorporates top of the line highlights like dynamic audio processing, beamforming, automatic bass calibration and other exotic niceties.

Gruber's claims recommend Apple is situating its auxiliary equipment product offerings as access points to lucrative services like Apple Music and an up 'til now unannounced video streaming service rumored to debut this year.

Apple's Services arm, which includes Apple Music, iTunes, iCloud, the App Store and authorizing, has experienced a transient ascent on the back of a colossal client introduce base.

For the latest quarter finishing off with December, services revenue hit an all-time high of $10.9 billion with a gross edge of 62.8 percent. During an investor conference call this week, CFO Luca Maestri said the portion is on track to twofold 2016 income levels by 2020.

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Apple Reportedly Working on MacBook with 'Glass Keyboard'

Apple Reportedly Working on MacBook with 'Glass Keyboard'

Apple a year ago faced some backlash on its 2nd-gen ‘Butterfly’ keyboard that apparently was prone to dust and debris. The firm later presented third gen keyboard with the new 2018 MacBook models. But, it would seem that future MacBook models may have a keyboard that not prone to dust and made out of glass.

The new design is found in the most recent patent application that the iPhone maker received recently. "The gadget of claim 1, wherein: the variety of raised key regions forms a keyboard of the gadget; the glass top case further defines a touch-input region along a side of the keyboard; the input includes a force applied to the raised key region of the variety of raised key regions; the raised key regions is designed to locally deflect in response to the applied force; and the sensing system is configured to: recognize the local deflection of the raised key region; and detect touch inputs applied to the touch-input region,” says one of the statements in the patent.

What's comprehended is that the 'glass' keys won't have much travel time like the traditional keyboards. As referenced by the Cult of Mac site, the design of the keyboard could be like that of Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio aside from that with a glass coating instead of the single cloth texture.

The design however is not limited to the keys only. The patent application additionally discusses the touchpad. "The glass top case may further define a touch-input region along a side of the keyboard," says one of the lines, which could be for the touchpad. It also says "The gadget further includes a second display positioned below the glass top case; and the second display is aligned with the transparent portion of the glass top case," which could be for the TouchBar.

Whatever might be the case, it looks like there is a lot of time before we see something like this, in actuality.

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Apple disables Group FaceTime as it works on privacy bug fix

Apple disables Group FaceTime as it works on privacy bug fix

Apple disables Group FaceTime as it works on privacy bug fix

After the revelation of a bug in FaceTime that enables callers to listen in on a recipient's device, regardless if they don't pick up, Apple late Monday notified users that the service has been temporarily disabled.

Apple discreetly declared the takedown on its System Status site page, which as of this writing shows Group FaceTime as inaccessible due to an "ongoing issue." The organization does not offer a timeline on a resolution, however a fix to the underlying flaw is in the works.

Earlier today, reports of a especially terrible FaceTime bug surfaced on social media.

First reported by Benji Mobb on Twitter, anybody can activate the glitch by calling another FaceTime user and manually adding the starting number to the call as a third party. Once included, access to the recipient's microphone is granted even if they don't answer the call.

Through further experimentation it was found that camera get to is also granted— anyway quickly — when a recipient presses iPhone's power or volume buttons to decline the incoming call.

AppleInsider confirmed the exploit works on current iPhone and Mac devices, including the most recent iPhone XS and XR models.

Considering the implications of permitting interlopers simple access to microphone and camera equipment, and Apple's staunch responsibility customer protection, the Group FaceTime takedown does not come as an amazement.

Apple in an announcement to news sources said it knows about the issue and is working on a fix that ought to be released later this week. Group FaceTime will apparently be inaccessible until the update is pushed out.

While the service shutdown ought to illuminate the issue in the meantime, concerned users can disable FaceTime on their gadgets by navigating to Settings > FaceTime and toggling the FaceTime button to the off position.

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Apple rolls out second public betas of iOS 12.2, macOS Mojave 10.14.4, tvOS 12.2

Apple rolls out second public betas of iOS 12.2, macOS Mojave 10.14.4, tvOS 12.2

Arriving one day after their engineer partners, Apple has issued a second round of open beta forms for iOS 12.2, macOS Mojave 10.14.4, and tvOS 12.2 for testing.

The new betas are accessible to everybody enrolled in Apple's Beta Software Program. Once iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple TV units are enrolled in the program, the software can be downloaded as an over-the-air update.

People in general betas delivered moderately rapidly in relation to the developer betas, and are expected to contain similar contents.

The second beta of iOS 12.2 has various upgrades to the OS, including four new Animoji characters, adjustments to the Control Center, and changes to icons on the lock screen.

AppleInsider, and Apple itself, unequivocally recommend users avoid installing betas on to "mission-basic" or essential gadgets, due of the potential for data misfortune or different issues. It is instead recommended to install betas onto secondary or non-essential gadgets, and to guarantee there are sufficient backups of important data beforehand.

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Apple issues macOS 10.14.3 Supplemental Update

Apple issues macOS 10.14.3 Supplemental Update

The Supplemental Update settles the Group FaceTime bug that has been making headlines lately.

Apple on Thursday updated macOS Mojave with the arrival of the macOS 10.14.3 Supplemental Update. The updated was released related to the iOS 12.1.4 update.

The Supplemental Update settles the Group FaceTime bug that has been making headlines lately. While a great many people partner the bug with the iPhone, Group FaceTime support is available on macOS Mojave. The update also settles a security issue including Live Photos in FaceTime. The security notes for the Supplemental Update are available online.

How to install macOS 10.14.3 Supplemental Update

Before installing any system update, perform a backup of your data. Here are the steps for the installation.

  1. In the Finder, click on the Apple menu and look for a update indication for System Preferences,  If you see a indication for a update, select System Preferences.

If not, select About This Mac > Overview > Software Update.

  1. You ought to be at the window for Software Update. Your Mac will check online to check if the update is available. If it is, click on the Update Now button.

  2. A warning will show up, expressing that your Mac should restart. Click Download and Restart if you can continue. The download will take a few & minutes and your Mac will automatically restart.

If your Mac doesn't restart, return to the Software Update window and click Update Now button. A Restart button may show up. Click it to proceed.

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Apple takes issue with Google

Apple takes issue with Google

Apple augmented its security fight with tech giants on Thursday, blocking Google from running its inside built iOS applications, a clear reaction to the inquiry organization's violation of Apple's developer terms.

The choice follows reports that Google had been running a willful program, like Facebook's, that offered cash to members who installed an application on their phones - enabling Google to monitor their exercises.

Google said a week ago that it was "working with Apple to fix an impermanent interruption to some of our corporate iOS applications."

Much like Facebook's research application, Google software - called Screenwise Meter - had been planned and distributed to consumers under an enterprise developer certificate that restricts the user base to employees.

By making the applications accessible to the more extensive open, the tech organizations crossed paths with Apple's terms. Google has disabled Screenwise Meter on iOS gadgets and apologized to TechCrunch.

"We structured our Enterprise Developer Program exclusively for the internal distribution of applications within an association," Apple said after TechCrunch reported Facebook's Research VPN application.

Apple representative Tom Neumayr said later that the organization was "cooperating with Google to help them to restore their enterprise certificates."

Apple also moved to reestablish Facebook's enterprise certificate.

Facebook said in a statement that it was bringing its representative confronting applications back online and that no consumer facing applications were affected.

Apple has positioned itself as a major critic of the business models that power organizations, for example, Google and Facebook.

CEO Tim Cook has called for enactment to get control over what he has described as a “data-industrial complex," and the organization's products and marketing have progressively underlined protection and security includes features in recent years.

But, Apple itself came under fire this week for its own protection mishap, after a bug emerged showing hackers could abuse its FaceTime highlight to eavesdrop on those they called.

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Apple announces Health Records feature coming to veterans

Apple announces Health Records feature coming to veterans

Working with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Apple reported that the Health Records on iPhone highlight will be available soon to veterans. For the first time, American veterans getting care through the Veterans Health Administration will most likely safely see their totaled wellbeing records directly in the Health application on their iPhone.

"We have extraordinary profound respect for veterans, and we're pleased to bring a solution like Health Records on iPhone to the veteran network," said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. "It's really a respect to add to the improved healthcare of America's legends."

With Health Records on iPhone, veterans over the US will most likely observe medical data from participating institutions — including the VA — organized into one view all in the Health application. Wellbeing records information includes allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, meds, techniques and vitals, and is displayed alongside other data in the Health application like Apple Watch data. This implies VA patients will get a single, integrated preview of their wellbeing profile at whatever point they need rapidly and secretly. All Health Records information is encrypted and ensured with the user’s iPhone password, Touch ID or Face ID.

"At the point when patients have better access to health information, they have more productive discussions with their doctors," said Jeff Williams, Apple's COO. "By conveying Health Records on iPhone to VA patients, we trust veterans will experience improved healthcare that will enhance their lives.”

"Our goal is to empower individuals to all the more likely comprehend and enhance their health, enabling them to view their medical information from various suppliers in one place effectively and safely," said Kevin Lynch, Apple's VP of Technology. "We're excited to bring this feature to veterans across the US.”

Health Records on iPhone will be the first record-sharing platform of its kind available to the VA, which is the biggest medical system in the United States giving service to in excess of 9 million veterans crosswise over 1,243 facilities.

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Apple’s latest update for iOS 12 Has A Great Secret Feature

Apple’s latest update for iOS 12 Has A Great Secret Feature

Spotted by according to MacStories supervisor Federico Viticci, iOS 12.1.4 has a noteworthy undocumented change to make managing App Store subscriptions easier and increasingly intuitive.

Apple has adjusted the location of the Manage Subscriptions menu for simpler access. Before the release of iOS 12.1.4 the technique was undeniably progressively confused: Settings > iTunes and App Store > Tap on your Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions. Now, all you have to do is go to the App Store, tap on your profile icon in the upper right corner, and you'll see a choice to Manage Subscriptions.

For the individuals who like to toggle subscriptions (for instance, sports applications during the offseason) this switch will be welcome. For iPhone & iPad owners who may basically have forgotten what they are subscribed too, it is additionally now brisk and simple to find out. Checking may even spare you some money you didn't understand you were spending.

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