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Headline for 7 quick ways to build a good relationship with your apartment neighbours- Know thy neighbours!
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7 quick ways to build a good relationship with your apartment neighbours- Know thy neighbours!

The key to building a relationship of any kind is to first, break the ice! From that point on, it gets much easier. Here are a few ways to help you


What's your name?

Remember their name! As easy and ridiculous as it sounds, being able to acknowledge them by their name instantly makes them have a positive impression on you. Instead of just referring to them as just your neighbour, when you use their name, it sounds more personal.


Strike a conversation

Go beyond your acknowledging nods and curt His and byes, and actually strike a conversation. Ask them how their day was or if you think that might sound a bit too overbearing, you could give some information about yourself and ask questions. For example, my friend/cousin has recently started a movie club. Would you be interested in supporting their venture? Do you have any suggestions? What do you enjoy watching? Remember, this is a conversation; not an interview! So build up conversations by telling about your preference and questioning theirs.


Celebrate special holidays

Whether you are living in one of the many Sri Lanka luxury apartments or an individual house, build a community that celebrates holidays and festivals together. Have an organising team and actively participate in it by gathering support from other residents. Give children the opportunity to know other children in the apartment or street, so that they too can enjoy a game of friendly outdoor cricket.
If you are living on an island, say in Sri Lanka, most prefer locations that are closer to the beach. If you are one of the lucky ones to be living in an apartment near the coast, like the Elysian Realty Mirissa, that is located in the Southern Province, make maximum use of the beach! Perhaps you could go for a beach picnic on a Sunday every month? Perhaps you could play a game of tap rugby? Possibilities are endless!


Cook for them

If there is one thing I believe is the easiest and sure way of making a good, lasting impression, it is to cook for them! Food is the way to many hearts! There is bound to be a few dishes that you excel in; make them and share with them. If your neighbours are normal people, and if your special dish worked, then they will return the favour by making something for you! This is one of the chain reactions that you will never regret!


Pay good attention

What I mean is just be aware of your neighbours and look out for them. There's a fine line between being helpful and paying attention and being that one village aunty who knows everything that is happening around her! Be careful not to be the latter! Maybe they are going through something traumatic, maybe one of them is ill; give a lending hand and support them. If they are not home or have gone out on a trip, just look out for their house too; one can never be too cautious with robbers.


Take a message!

If they are out of town or currently not at home and there is a delivery, step up and sign it for them. They will certainly appreciate the gesture.


Keep calm and help each other out!

It might be the road, or the apartment property, or just the staircase that you share, take turns to clean it when house maintenance isn't there. Don't litter!