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Updated by Kevin Fowler on Nov 20, 2018
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Customized Interior Design & Furniture Provider

SpeedFrame aims to deliver modular display systems, modular framing for storage, innovative framing systems and other interior design frames that suits your commercial, industrial or retail space thoroughly.

Customized Interior Design & Furniture Provider

Speedframe is most adored by most of architects and interior designers in Australia for fab customisable contemporary and functional interior design. Shake hands!

It’s Time to Make Your Kids Double-Up Happily!

Are you planning to design a room for your little ones? Check out the following post that provides certain pointers to take into account.

Home Interior Designing Rule #1- Create a Space that’s Truly Your Own!

Are you finding ways to create a space fabulous and functional? The following post offers certain crucial pointers that will guide you in creating a beautiful home interior design.

Few Things to increase your Garden 'Beauty & Blossom' - RooHome

Besides planting, furniture and all-round support, there is another approach to enliven your garden and breath life into your open-air space, and that is with models. #DomesticInteriorDesign

Some of the Most Incredible Designs for Tight Office Spaces

Creating a home office is no easy decision and can be insanely tricky. The following post won’t just act as a short guide but even give you an accurate blueprint of your home office.

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Rather, you should depend on your smarts to take advantage of accessible space, be it by a method for dividers, furniture or alcoves and corners. Here are some approaches to oblige your rising supply of possessions, without relinquishing on breathing room.

Method to Beautify Your Tiny Balcony Garden - Speedframe

There are such a significant number of approaches to inventively style smaller garden overhangs without basic or compositional changes.

Furniture for a Modular Home Office Interior Concept

Telecommuting is an alternative numerous pick, if given a decision, as it gives them the choice of taking care of their home and family and in the meantime, not bargain on their expert objectives and vocation.

Best of the Ergonomic Stools that suits Australia Office Furniture

Dynamic Active seating, particularly ergonomic stools, fortifies center and back muscles while enabling the spine to accomplish its regular bend. The outcome is a more advantageous body and a mind that stays caution and alert at work.

Anyone Can Find a Piece of Solace in an Industrial Home Design

The term industrial chic might have gained popularity now but was actually coined several years ago. The unique blend of exposed steel and rustic wood has the potential to achieve an aesthetic balance like never before. Well, this design, in particular, cannot be called organic or engineered because it is a mix of both featuring bold and refined, masculine and feminine touch


Learn All About Transitional Interior Style

Learn All About Transitional Interior Style

What is Transitional interior design? In general terms, this is a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles. It is a safe bet to say that the style, in particular, follows from the best of both worlds to create a balanced and sophisticated space attuned to your needs, tastes, and lifestyle.


It’s Time to Pull off Freshly Spruced Living Space

It’s Time to Pull off Freshly Spruced Living Space

A fun-size living room isn’t enough to pull off cozy minimalism. Unfortunately, many of you have this misconception that a minimal design is all about large spaces featuring white walls, wooden floors with wide-open French windows, block sofas, strong architecture, muted colors, and patterning. No, it’s not so! It doesn’t have to be simple, boring or inexpensive all it requires is making the use of less is more concept.

Spruce Up Your Space with a Contemporary Chic Décor - Speed Frame

Now have you ever wondered what exactly it is that makes a room “contemporary,”? If so, you’re not alone. And this is where Speedframe comes into play.

7 Tips for planning your fantasy Dream Bedroom

A room is something other than a place where we rest - we can go there to escape to a more quiet, more tranquil world that 'rests the brain' and the body. Utilize these tips to change your room into a more excellent and tranquil withdraw.


This Is What Makes a Perfect Industrial Bedroom Design

This Is What Makes a Perfect Industrial Bedroom Design

Do you crave for a calm and cool bedroom space? A space featuring exposed brick walls, iron finishes, unpolished floors, creativity and what not! Have you thought about incorporating the house-in-an-old-factory vibe in your bedroom or living space? If not, it’s time for one!


Style Your Workstation with These Chic Ideas

Style Your Workstation with These Chic Ideas

Are you sick and tired of sitting all day long in a dingy, gray jail cell? Life goes on really quick from being an innocent child to teenage years, from new-found responsibilities in the young adulthood to creating your own family, Time never waits for us !

Get Into the Nitty-Gritty of Industrial Interior Design Style - Small Business Bonfire

Usually concealed as exposed, industrial designs requires one to take a step further regarding experimenting with furnishing products. Choose furnishing pieces that are simple and neutral ones found at a local thrift shop.

Time to Incorporate Some of the Latest Home Interior Design Trends This Winter

I love when the new season approaches. I feel it’s the perfect time to call for the latest interior design trends featuring some bold, subtle, comfy look.

Check Out These Fundamentals of Commercial Interior Design | Posts by Kevin Fowler | Bloglovin’

It's a no-brainer to why we end up decorating spaces whether its home, shops or offices. The world of Interior designing can be classified on the broad basis into two aspects residential designing and commercial designing.