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Headline for 5 reasons to climb Pidurangala rock – the other half that completes Sigiriya
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5 reasons to climb Pidurangala rock – the other half that completes Sigiriya

Pidurangala is a massive rock located a few kilometres away from the Sigiriya rock fortress. The meaning of its name is 'offered golden rock' but has different interpretations. The rock is less grandiose and is perceived to be a difficult climb than Sigiriya. For these reasons, is often overlooked by tourists and locals. But these 5 reasons will give you sufficient proof to consider exploring and climbing Pidurangala.


It does have a story behind it

Based on historical chronicles, Prince Kashyapa had killed his father King Dhatusena and fled to Sigiriya in search of a safe hideout as his half-brother, Prince Mugalan sort retaliation. Declaring himself King, Kashyapa requested the resident monks at Sigiriya to move into Pidurangala, which was refurbished and donated to them. It is said that the Pidurangala monastery is known to have existed for over 2500 years but rose to prominence only after Kashyapa's reign begun.


The view from above is nothing but spectacular

The surface of the Pidurangala rock is a steep slope of solid rock. Once you reach the top of it, the view is nothing but extraordinary. From every angle, it gives a perfect view of the majestic Sigiriya to the extent that you can even see people climbing it. Apart from that, the view extends to the infinite countryside, the mountains and the jungles beneath. The best times to visit are to witness the sunrise or the sunset.


It's ideally placed within a multitude of other historical sights

Located a few kilometres away from Sigiriya, Pidurangala falls within the confines of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, an area of cultural sites belonging to the ancient cities of which, Sigiriya is one. Most of the sites within the area are of significant historical value and are world heritages.
With all that climbing, hiking and trekking involved within the area, who wouldn't admit to staying at one of the most renowned hotels in cultural triangle which are mostly located at a convenient distance with a variety to offer. Hotels the likes of Sigiriya Jungles are ideally placed within 15 minutes of both rocks offering spacious rooms with a view of the fortress itself and ensures a relaxing stay. Go for a swim in the pool or treat yourself to a luxury massage at the spa which will be a treat for the days' excitement.


A real treat for the average hiker

Pidurangala is massive as Sigiriya. The climb is quite a challenging task but short-lived and worth a try.
Upon arriving at the entry point starting at the 'Pidurangala Viharaya', you need to donate at the entrance and continue to trek along the steady path with steps and small rocks. This takes about 20 minutes and requires minimum effort. Upon completing the first part of the hike, you arrive at the cave which leads on to the next level. The ordeal begins here as there are huge boulders blocking the path and you need to pay extra attention to get past these by carefully using your hands and legs to move yourself on to the top. In total, the hike takes about an hour both ways.
A few tips to keep in mind would be;
 Wear suitable clothing for the hike. Dress conservatively as there is a temple. Or else make sure to cover yourself as and when you enter the sacred premises.
 Wear proper footwear suitable for hiking.
 Take plenty of water. Pre-check the weather patterns. Downpours can spoil your journey.
 Depending on the time of the day you decide to hike, you might need a light to watch your feet.


It's not just a rock but has the detail to explore

Pidurangala is not just a rock itself. As you enter the premises stands the Pidurangala temple which was built in recent times but has many of the ancient houses within the cave temple. A few remnants of the structures such as the dageba and the chapter houses can be seen beside the road. As you advance to the top of the rock, you get to see the partially destroyed reclining statue of Buddha constructed using bricks and a few rock inscriptions preserved to this date.

So, put on your hiking shoes and go climb Pidurangala, the rock that brings out the best of Sigiriya.

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