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Headline for 21st Century 10th-Grade Learners
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21st Century 10th-Grade Learners

Lesson plans for the 8 must have skills for 21st century learners.

This lesson plan includes a video, writing prompt, class discussion, and leadership analysis for the students to complete. The lesson can be completed in a 50 minute class period and was created for middle and high school students.

This lesson covers four topics of digital literacy: understanding digital footprints, protecting yourself online, handling digital communication, and cyberbullying. There are several interactive activities for each topic that can be completed during class. It does not say but I would imagine completing the entire lesson would take about 4 class periods (60 minute classes).

This lesson plan teaches students ages 14-21 how to develop communication skills that will help them succeed in school and the workplace. The lesson includes several activities that include things such as class skits, drawing, discussions, journal prompts, and flip charts. The entire lesson should take about 2 (60 min) class periods.

This lesson plan includes activities for students ages 13-18 to learn about skills including: intrapersonal skills, interpersonal skills, adaptability,
stress management and general mood. Each section begins with a survey that allows students to rank where they fall on each emotional scale. There are several individual and group activities throughout the lesson. I could see using this lesson ongoing throughout a course (maybe one activity per day) to help the students learn more about their emotions and how to handle them.

This lesson allows students to understand if they have the skills necessary to become an entrepreneur and if their community would be a good place to start their own business. The lesson includes two activities that allow students to work in groups to discover what entrepreneurship is, describe the characteristics of an entrepreneur. calculate entrepreneurship rates for their county, evaluate their region’s assets that foster entrepreneurship, and contemplate how to foster entrepreneurial spirit in their community. This lesson was designed for students in grade 9-12 and can be completed in two 45 minute class periods.

Global Citizenship Lesson Plan

This lesson plan teaches students about how to become a global citizen through the use of a video and several activities. The activities are meant to be stations that the students rotate through and the stations are either case studies or a photo analysis. As a group the students discuss the issue and answer questions. At the end of the lesson there is a closing video the teacher can show and have a class discussion about what was learned. This lesson would be great for middle and high school students and would take about one 60 minute class period.

Problem-Solving Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is designed to teach students how to work through a practical problem. Students will identify problems in their school that need fixing, then devise viable solutions to one of those problems, using problem-solving models and drawing on strategies like the social science of behavioral change. The lesson includes several class discussions and questions to get the students thinking about the process they would need to undergo to solve a problem in their school or everyday life. Though it does not say, I believe this lesson would take about two 60 minute class periods and is excellent for a high school classroom.

This lesson is designed for middle and high school students to learn the importance of working in teams. Students will complete a mini activity first that allows them to work together and be creative. Then the main activity allows students to work as a news team where each member has a specific role and as a team they create a news story. After students have designed their story have a class discussion about what it takes to work together and why it is necessary even in the professional world. The lesson can be completed in two 60 minute class periods.