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Top 5 Attractions in Trincomalee- Five Must Visit Highlights in Trincomalee

As a beach holiday hotspot located in the eastern shores of the country, Trincomalee has a lot to offer tourists and beach lovers. Here are the area's top 5 points of interest.


Go Whale and Dolphin Watching

Often regarded as one of the most engaging activities and sightseeing excursion one can experience in Trincomalee, whale watching and dolphin watching safaris are the main reason most locals and tourists head down to the area in the first place. Those who wish to witness blue whales and somersaulting dolphins off the coast of Trincomalee must time their visit to coincide with the period when the mammals are visible in the Indian Ocean. The months between March and April are the best times to see blue whales in the wild while sperm whales make an appearance from August to September. The boat tours offering whale watching excursions depart in the wee hours of the morning and usually carry up to 6 visitors. Travelling 40km from the shore, visitors can witness the playful and acrobatic nature of both whales and dolphins.


Pigeon Island

As a coveted natural attribute in the region, a visit to Pigeon Island is a must for all first time visitors exploring Trincomalee. The island which lies off the coast of the city is thus named after the chief inhabitants of the island, the rock pigeons who still occupy the aisle in large numbers. Often regarded as one of the best snorkelling spots in the area, the coral reef heritage of the island and its immediate surroundings are also impressive. Octopuses and other marine life are also known to occupy the shores of Pigeon Island where guided tours and diving expeditions are also available.



Also known as the Seven Hot Wells of Trincomalee, no visit to this north-eastern holiday Mecca would be complete without visiting this natural attraction. The Kanniya Hot Springs are not only a unique phenomenon in the area but also a historic highlight, as it has also earned itself a place in the epic narrative of the Ramayana. The temperature of each pool differs with some wells steaming with the fumes of extremely hot waters while others contain lukewarm liquid. As an attraction with religious significance, devotees are also known to come to the wells for a ceremonial bathing session.


Koneswaram Temple

Towering above the surrounding landscape, the Koneswaram Temple sits on a cliff top and is part of a former Dutch fortress. With captivating views of the ocean at every turn, the Hindu religious point of interest is also home to the globally renowned Ravana Cut, which is also called Lover's Leap by locals. Connected to many a tragic love story, the dramatic location and its connection with couples and fertility mean that childless couples flock to the temple in search of blessings and an answer to their predicament. Visitors based in Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes or any other Trincomalee hotel will have easy access to the famed site.


City Tour

No visit to Trincomalee would be complete without a tour of its main town area which was once known as the 'Rome of the Pagans of the Orient'. Containing many remnants of the country's colonial past, the shops and the retail hotspots scattered around the city make it a favourite haunt for tourists. Home to one of the globe's naturally formed harbours, the city tour takes visitors across many historic and commercial precincts in the heart of town.