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Updated by Judy Oh on Dec 11, 2018
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Best Knife Sharpener For Your Kitchen - Master Grade

Master Grade Commercial Knife Sharpeners offer a best quality knife sharpener. Master Grade use the latest technology to develop unique “soft touch” sharpening wheels for flexibility that moves with your knives.


Which Sharpening Sticks are Right for Your Professional Kitchen? - Master Grade Knife Sharpener

Are dull knives the sore spot of your professional kitchen career? You’re not alone. Knives that are less than razor sharp are the bane of professional chefs everywhere. But luckily, there are many solutions on the market today to help you and your knives maintain your edge. Ceramic sharpening sticks and diamond sharpening sticks can transform your restaurant’s cutlery, and redefine the meaning of sharp.

Sharpening Your Butcher Knife and Commercial Electric Knife with an Electric Knife Sharpener - Master Grade Knife Sha...

As a professional chef, what do you value most in a knife? A blade that holds its edge? A knife designed for a specific purpose? Comfort after hours of use? You’re in good company with many of the top chefs who seek quality in their kitchen tools. But while knives, like your butcher knife and commercial electric knife, might be vital to your kitchen, having a quality knife sharpener is vital to the life of your knives.

Five Fast Facts About the Santoku Knife - Master Grade Knife Sharpener

A product of Master Grade’s continued commitment to cutting edge innovation, the Santoku knife represents a modern adaption of the traditional Western chef’s knife. Elegantly styled, the Santoku is a traditional chef’s knife reimagined for use in Japanese cooking. Its smaller, lightweight style and handle make it a popular choice for small-handed chefs. It features a flat edge and a sheepsfoot blade, curving at an angle approaching 60 degrees at the point. It is double-faceted and sharpened to a 10–15-degree bevel angle on both sides of the blade. Read the blog to know the facts..

What Do Butchers Look for in the Ideal Knife? - Master Grade Knife Sharpener

You work long hours wielding your butcher knife. From preparing animals to be broken down into individual halves or quarters to cutting and packaging specific cuts and portions for the market, both butchers and meat cutters have a unique relationship with their knives—and an equally unique need for the best.
The Master Grade’s butcher knife is used throughout the world in the food preparation industry. The butcher knife is designed in such a way that the heftier blade works well for splitting, stripping and cutting. Our knives are manufactured with the finest materials available. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through our years of popularity in top-tier businesses.


Steel Sharpening Stick

Steel Sharpening Stick

Master Grade is the only places which offer you the main thing for the food prep industry is sharpening stick. We were determined to develop the finest sharpener available.