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21st Century 12th Grade Learners

8 Skills that promote learning in the 21st century.

This lesson plan is extensive and uses the lens of human rights and the life of Nelson Mandela. It allows for interaction and reflection as the lesson is executed.

This lesson takes students through the process of determining what sources are real and reliable and which ones are unreliable. It allows the students to form groups to work together to identify legitimate sources of information found on the internet.


This activity is a fun partner activity where students work together by sharing details about their drawings so that their partner can recreate it. It allows students to practice their communication skills when sharing with their partner.

This resource is very detailed with many activities that allow students to, in a sense, self-evaluate their emotional well-being through surveys and reflections.


This lesson is unique in that it is two-fold. Students are asked to create a presentation about a famous entrepreneur but along the way they must research what makes a good entrepreneur. After sharing with the class and listening to their classmates they will learn about specific entrepreneurs and what made them successful.

This source is a good lesson that introduces in an interactive and fun way what global citizenship is. It allows students to play games like bingo as well as answer reflection questions as they come to grips with what global citizenship is.

This source is two-fold as well in that it give a graphic organizer that students complete as background information and then students will work together in groups to solve problems given in different scenarios.


The students are given a list of characteristics of a team and which ones they think are best. They are then given a scenario and are asked to reevaluate their choices they think are the best. They will then team up with another two or three individuals to make the best team to resolve the scenario. After the activity, the teacher will debrief the activity to make sure the students know the significance.