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A travel blog from India with travel experience, adventure blog, and mysterious stories for mystery lovers.

Top 10 Haunted places in India

India is a mysterious country with a beauty of places, and here we give you a chance to start haunted and mysterious journey with the Mysterious Trip top 10 haunted places in India. This post based on tourism of haunted places, so here you get everything related to most haunted places in India.

Best Adventure sports in Jaipur

Adventure Sports in Jaipur surely a destination for you. In Jaipur and kukas, you can enjoy adventure sports like Paragliding, Hot Air Balloon Ride, Elephant Safari, Jeep Safari, Camping, Camel Ride, Jaipur Zoo, Panther Safari, Low rope course, Bubble bash, Dartboard, Swimming, Horse and camel polo, ZipLine, Zorbing, high rope, Sand Dune safari, Body Zorbing, Archery, Quadbiking, Paint Balling, climbing & Rappelling, Bungee Running.

Places For Couples In Jaipur

places for couples in Jaipur like Smriti Van, Jaldhara, Central Park, Jawaher circle, Kanak ghatti Amber, Nehru Bal udyan, Vidhadher garden and more with detailed information like entry fees, Food, images, Location, popular things, visiting time and more.

Historical Places In Jaipur

Many Historical Places In Jaipur, If you want to make your visit unforgettable in Jaipur that will be incomplete without there historical places. These endearing lovable regions are proud of Jaipur.You can get all over the culture of Rajasthan like food, crafts, clothing and many more cultural activities at different historical places that have their own fame. Each place has their own amazing historical story which is a great part of ancient Jaipur to make that popular in not in only India also in world Jaipur has its own name, fame and a different history.

Most famous Historical places in Jaipur are: Amer Fort, City Place, Hawamahal, Jai Garh, Jal Mahal, Jantar Manter, Nahargarh Fort, Albert Hall Museum, Jaigarh Fort

Most Mysterious Temples In India

There are several and strange most mysterious temples in India.We have many temples in India that are more than thousands years old and every temple is unique in their own ways. There are 64 crore god, temples can be found at every step of the way, but only some of mysterious or take mystery in it these are called most mysterious temples in India like as

Brihadeeswara Temple
Kailash temple
Padmanabhaswamy temple
Jagannath Temple
Jwala Mukhi Temple
Karni Mata Temple
Veerabhadra temple
Konark Sun Temple
Kaal Bhairav Temple

Famous temples in Jaipur

The pink city of India “Jaipur” is the popular destination for tourist, Jaipur has many tourist destinations like forts, historical places, and temples. Jaipur having many beautiful temples.
The temple is the attraction of Jaipur here is the list of famous temples in Jaipur Birla Mandir, Govind Dev Ji, Khole Ke Hanuman Ji temple, Moti Doongri Ganesh temple, Galta Ji, Shri Garh Ganesh temple, Papad Ke Hanuman Ji, Kale Hanuman Ji Mandir, Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple.

Everyone Loves to Visit Most Beautiful Picnic Spots In Jaipur

We want you to have to continue your enjoyment with your people (Friends & Family) we come with a new collection of Picnic Spots in Jaipur. Many popular Picnic Spots in Jaipur
Jaldhara, Galta Ji, Chulgiri, Kanak Ghati, Pink Pearl, Sisodiya Rani Bagh, Technology Park, Vidyadhar Garden, Amber Fort, Central Park, Jaigarh Fort, Chokhi Dhani, Nahargarh Fort, Ram Niwas Garden, Snow Planet, Jaipur Zoological Park, Jawahar Circle, Jal Mahal, Khole Ke Hanuman Ji and lots more

Top 10 Mysterious Places In India

Mysterioustrip gives you a trip to Top 10 mysterious places in India like Jatinga s bird suicide, Tale of Twins, Magnetic Hill, RoopKund, levitating stone.India is one of those countries that have bazillions of secrets buried within or instead, we should say, India is a home to mysterious places. People often being heard ‘ranting’ about the Top 10 mysterious place in India and don’t have the idea of where these notions came.
Well, neither do we! From bird committing suicide to hills pulling cars up, these are some top mysterious places in India, which is undoubtedly going to leave you all baffled and will put all your imagination into life!

Nahargarh Fort Jaipur - The Ultimate Guide To Nahargarh Fort

Rajasthan is famous for its unique regal history and culture.Each fort and place have their different exclusive history which makes them magnetize for tourist. In these attractive destinations of Rajasthan, we have the first name of “Pink city” JAIPUR. Which is famous for its historical forts, temples, hills, etc. In these historical forts, the famous name is “Nahargarh fort jaipur“. Which based on a range of Aravali hills they give it an adorable sight to complete look out of Jaipur.
Nahargarh Fort Jaipur - The Ultimate Guide To Nahargarh Fort, timings, inside the fort, movies shooting, fort haunted, Nahargarh fort images and more.

Amber Fort Palace Jaipur – History, Timings - MysteriousTrip

If you ever plan to visit Jaipur's historical palace “amber fort”, then you need to know some interesting facts regarding the Amber Fort Palace Jaipur, Sheesh Mahal etc.. Amer Fort Inside the fort is old and might look like an old fort but its beautiful on the inside. Inside the place, it consists of many prominence buildings like diwan-i-aam, the sheesh mahal, and the Sukh Mahal.

Amber Palace is the most romantic palace of all the Rajput palaces and forts. The fort has a “Ganesh poll,” which is a striking two-story gateway, decorated with perplexed paintings and exquisite jail screens, built by the Mirza Raja Jai Singh.

City palace Jaipur

The City palace Jaipur lies in the heart of central Jaipur city built between 1727 to 1732, have credit to attract the tourist in Jaipur for their best trip in Rajasthan. City palace captured for most significant historical building in Jaipur which cover 1 of the 7th part of old Jaipur city.

Maharaja Swai Jai Singh established its outer wall and completed by Maharaja Jai Singh II. Chandra Mahal of Jaipur City palace constructed by Maharaja Man Singh II who was adopted son of Maharaja Madho Singh II who was last Maharaja of Jaipur.
city palace a "maharajas palace " to know city palace jaipur address, history, architecture, timings, entry fee, images and many more in just a click:
City palace Jaipur


Govind Dev Ji - Shri Radha Govind Temple Jaipur

Govind Dev Ji - Shri Radha Govind Temple Jaipur

Govind Dev Ji Temple Lord Shree Krishna is known for “Kalyug Ke Bhagwan,” Which now lives in his seven various characters “GOVIND DEV JI JAIPUR” is one of them. GOVIND DEV JI JAIPUR temple is the most famous temple, here is the ultimate guide to giving you all information about this Radha Govind palace.

Jaigarh Fort Jaipur

The fort situated on the cape called the “Cheel ka Teela”(hills of an eagle) of the Aravalli range; it overlooks the Amber Fort and Maota lake near Amer, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

The Jaigarh fort’s structural design is similar to the Amer fort, known as victory Fort. The wall of the Jaigarh Fort is 3kms long.

The one thing you would come across about Jaigarh fort more often is that it is the world’s most massive cannon on wheels, known as Jaivana. As huge as this was, the weird thing was, that, it never was used in a battle. The only time it was used as a test when the cannonball traveled 35kms.Jaigarh Fort Jaipur get pieces of information like build by, History, Architecture, Jaivana cannon, Indra Gandhi Controversy, Fort timing and more

Chittorgarh Fort - History of Padmavati Palace

Chittor Fort is captured in 5 most prominent forts of Rajasthan and also a part of “World’s Heritage Site.” Chittorgarh Fort is proud of Rajasthan.
There are many reasons for the popularity of this fort; Firstly this fort is a single spot of Rajasthan which has most significant proof of “Mahabharat” duration. The second reason for its popularity is Rani Padmini who was a live example an incredible female beauty.
Another reason for its popularity this fort is most ancient and famous region for Rajasthan visitors, also it was the capital of Mewar state with prolonged duration of 800 years. Chittorgarh fort ultimate guide will help you to know about Fort, history, Haunted, battles, Rani Padmini, Ratan Singh, Allaudin Khalji, Padmavati Johar.

Smriti van Jaipur

When we suffered from our stress, get bored with the daily schedule. We always search a destination where we can talk to someone special and feel the feeling of love and beautiful nature in Smriti Van Jaipur.
Smriti van in Jaipur is the best region for Japurites and Jaipur visitors in these moments.
At this place, you will lively meet our wildlife with its beautiful sight of flowers, attractive greenery, water pot etc.
Many people like a couple, youth, and senior citizens coming here for maintaining their health.
Kulish Smriti van Jaipur will lively meet our wildlife with its beautiful sight of flowers, attractive greenery, timing, entry fee, food, nearby places, etc

Nehru Garden Jaipur

Nehru garden Jaipur or Nehru ball Udhyan a place for couples, kids also for adventure seekers. The love of everybody is always someone special guy whose happiness is our happiness, and this can be any of our child, friend, lover any of them. Here we will visit you a place that one you can visit with your any of special guy to give your quality time him/her/them.Yes, we are talking about a garden through which you can enjoy a greenery area, swings, garden with beautiful flowers, water fountain, kids train, boating means many attractive things are available for our joy.

Nehru Garden Jaipur / Nehru Bal Udyan a place for couples, kids also for adventure seekers. To get information about the train ride, train ride fees, paddle boating images, boating fees, kids swing and other actives, open this ultimate guide of Mysterioustrip.

How Much Do You Know about Jaipur Zoo?

There’s no doubt about Jaipur being India’s one of the most beautiful places to visit once,
But do you know it also has a zoo which compliments the conservation of wildlife.
The Jaipur zoo is India’s oldest zoo and built as part of the Ram Niwas Gardens in 1877 and was opened in the same year.
You will get to see about 50 species of different birds and animals from all over the world.
The Jaipur zoo has been constituted under the wildlife (Protection Act).
The zoo was first constructed in the year 1868 and corresponded with the completion of Albert hall museum.
Jaipur zoo all information like zoo timing, opening and closing time, price, animal and birds images inside the zoo in Jaipur, Ram Niwas Bagh, and Albert Hall and much more get here in just one click details with pictures.

Shila Devi temple Jaipur

Shila Devi (Goddess of Amber) is another character of “Durga Maa,” Who is the inventor of the whole world even that Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh was also done worship of this goddess for the world’s stabilization.
As we know that Jaipur pink city is completely made on “Vastu Shastra” rules.
Here we are discussing “Shila Devi” which is also known as “Shila Mata” is “Kuldevi of Jaipur.”
Maharaja Sawai Mansingh was made this temple 1604.

Shila Devi is a famous temple in Amer, Jaipur. Here we give you complete details information about Durga ma temple, entrance timing, images and lots more about this historic temple.

Garh Ganesh Temple Jaipur

Among many religious places in our pink city “Garh Ganesh temple” has unique fame for its reason of capture.

This temple is signed for complete of “Ashwamegh Yagh”, before established our pink city Jaipur.The reason for the popularity of this temple is most attractive that is the statue of Lord Ganesha is without trunk which is called as “Purusha Kriti”.
Means this statue is child character of Lord Ganesha in which real image of Ganesh Ji.
garh Ganesh temple guide helps you to get full information of this historical temple in Jaipur with its images, opening and closing timing, facets, history and a lots more.

Albert hall museum Jaipur

Albert Hall Museum jaipur is the oldest museum in India which situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan.
This charming building used for the conference from reign duration of Maharajas.
Albert Hall also is known for “Old Vidhansabha.”
It is more massive area conference hall auditorium which decorated on any event or festival for a big conference of any cultural activities, cultural events, singing, and dancing program.
It also used for any political issues(Debate, Parties, or big discussion), etc.
Some mummies,Maharaja’s weared clothes and some musical instruments remarkable in this museum.
albert hall museum jaipur - timings, images, inside photos, mummy, history, architecture, location details, entry fee and get more information in just one click.

Jaipur Hanuman Temple - Sankat Mochan Hanuman Jaipur

Jaipur Hanuman Temple also known as Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple, This is one of the Amazing location with Spiritual Environment.“Jaipur Hanuman Temple”, which is situated at Delhi Jaipur highway on Aravali Hills. The sculpture of God Hanuman in this temple gives an amazing sight of the corner of a hill with the large size of 52 feet. Here we are sharing some beautiful facts about temple which are attractive you to visit this place.

“Hanuman Ji” a God name which is significant of his devotee’s love, power, strength.
About religion and spirituality, this era known as “KALYUG,”
According to some sources of “Ramayana” and many stories of spiritual time god “HANUMAN” is one of alive god for their devotees.
Our Hindu religions believe that “A trust on god is responsible for every situation in our life like health and wealth everything.
Jaipur Hanuman Temple information, timings, history , Events, Address, Near by temple and everything about Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple.

Jaipur Ka Jantar Mantar

Jaipur Ka Jantar Mantar is a location for calculation of date and time in Rajwada’s era.
Now we are in the 21st century in which everything is possible with technical and scientific support like a study of astronomy, Janam Kundli (birth details), sign(Rashi Chaker), Garah Nakshatra, Time and many astrology relate things all are efficiently knowledgeable through the internet or many scientific phenomena.
But in our ancient time, it was difficult to get any source which can provide this information.
jantar mantar jaipur full information like timings, entry fee, images, history, ticket price, photo, light and sound show timings and many information which nobody gives you like here and get all that and also called jaipur ka jantar mantar.

Ram Niwas garden

When I go to Albert hall museum, I found a garden, opposite side of Albert hall museum that is ram Niwas garden.
The Ram Niwas garden is an open space garden which is in the heart of the Jaipur city and the crowd often present. The garden creates an environment that helps to breathe fresh air for the tourists.The garden constructed during Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh era, who wished to see greenery around the Albert Hall.
Ram Niwas garden timings, photos, travel experience, nearby places and much other information with our visiting experience in just one click, information like never before you see.

Akshardham jaipur temple

Akshardham Jaipur is the new architecture of Jaipur.
Akshardham is one of the most beautiful temples in Jaipur because there is many more specified area for visitors.It has fantastic look in the late evening and early morning.According to tourist, this temple location is like heaven.
If you have seen Delhi Akshardham Temple you have also to visit this place. Akshardham Jaipur temple timings, address, photos, history, Architecture, Best Time To Visit, food, Arti Timings and get more details in just one click.

Kanak Ghati

Kanak ghati in Jaipur gives a foresight view of Amber and Nahargarh Fort with beautiful greenery.
In Maharaja’s duration, this place was like “Vatika” in which royal family spend their quality time with each other.
It Is a very peaceful place with adorable greenery; two things are made unique this site firstly it’s destination which gives a heart touching peace to our mind so that we can go with any of our close friends, family member, and kids. kanak ghati is a very beautiful garden in Jaipur city to get updated information(2018) like Kanak ghati Jaipur timing, entrees fee, images, address, photos and many others just click here Kanak ghati