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Headline for Extreme Sports and Adventures in Australia for Adrenaline Junkies - To Enjoy the Ultimate Adrenaline Fix!
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Extreme Sports and Adventures in Australia for Adrenaline Junkies - To Enjoy the Ultimate Adrenaline Fix!

Magnificent Australia provides sensational delights to those who visit it from all across the globe. From dazzling beaches to amazing wildlife, this is a place that has it all. The country certainly has much to offer to the adrenaline junkies who need daring experiences to enjoy a fulfilling vacation! The list below details some of the most exhilarating activities that can be enjoyed here to appease the yearning of the bold and brave heart!


Shark cage diving

Face your fears, literally, as you descend into eerie depths of the seas where the fiercest killing machines of nature roam! Haunting silence will fill your ears as you anxiously wait for the ruthless beasts to swim toward you. Operators will start using berley and underwater audio vibrations to lure the sharks toward the cage and you will start wondering yet again whether this was after all a good idea!

And then they will come.

Your blood will run cold as brutal eyes of death look piercingly at yours. For an hour you will feel surges of exhilaration and primal fear as the great white sharks swim around the cage in a menacingly intimidating manner.
In the oceans surrounding Neptune Island, you can enjoy the unforgettable thrills of shark cage diving. The memories of this epic adventure will remain etched in your memory throughout your life!


Sky dive

Treat yourself to the ultimate adrenaline rush of sky diving when you are travelling in the land down under because the best adventure vacations in the country will not be complete without this sensational experience!! Fall from staggering heights and witness the panoramic beauty of stunning coastal lines or cityscapes as your heart pounds with exhilaration. Tandem sky diving from an altitude of 15,000 feet is offered in Australia exclusively for the brave at heart. The experience is complete with a wildly thrilling free fall of 60 seconds, followed by glorious 5-7 minutes of floating under a canopy.



Overcome your fear of heights as you enjoy yet another phenomenal feat during your adventurous holiday. Abseiling in Tasmania is one of the most exciting activities that you can try out in this magnificent land. You can read about the experiences of those who have embarked on this epic thrill on blogs such as The Adventure Travel Site. The 140 metre Gordon Dam in southwest Tasmania, which is the highest commercial abseil in the world, can be chosen to enjoy the sensational thrills of this adventure sport. The Blackmans Bay is yet another popular spot for abseiling in Tasmania.


Experience an adventure flight

Live out your fantasy of flying in a military fighter jet with the safety of a highly trained pilot in Australia. The experience will cost you quite a lot of money but there are packages offered at varying rates depending on the duration of the flights which span from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. Speeds of up to 900 kilometres per hour are reached as the sleek jets soar amidst limitless skies, giving adrenaline junkies sublime delight. The pilot might even perform some sensational aerobatic manoeuvres to make you go wild with ecstatic thrills!


Fly boarding

Play with the waters of the oceans and enjoy a truly exciting day of fly boarding. If you have ever fantasised about having super hero powers like Iron Man, then fly boarding will give you an experience that brings you close enough to that euphoric dream. This popular water sport uses a water powered jet pack that can be worn on your feet. These jets provide enough propulsion to carry you 8 to 10 metres into the air. It's truly an addictive activity that you should definitely consider trying out when visiting Australia!