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Cool gadgets for men who have everything

Cool gadgets for men who have everything

Girls go crazy when it comes to find that perfect gift for their other half. No matter how much effort you pull just to find that perfect gift to gift your man, it just doesn't seem to suffice him. If you are one of them, you need to read the info we have acquired regarding cool gadgets for men who have everything.
Cool gadgets for men who have everything


Google grasshopper coding app

Google grasshopper coding app

Google grasshopper coding app has launched for those who wants to learn coding in fun way. To be honest it is amusing to think of something like this. To those of you who want to know how to code but find it hard,they can learn coding in grasshopper app. You can also see grasshopper reviews on google play store.


Cool gift for your boss

Cool gift for your boss

Choosing a gift for your boss can be a tough task. Choosing the RIGHT cool gifts for boss could be TOUGHER! To ease your pain a little, we have made an article on the top 10 cool gift for your boss that might save your day. This article is for all those who have been struggling to find that right gift for their boss.
Cool gift for your boss


Best DSLR for wedding photography

Best DSLR for wedding photography

Every bride and groom want everything to be perfect including their wedding photographs. while some looks for the best DSLR for wedding photography, some are battling between Nikon vs Canon DSLR; who to choose? In this article, we have tried to accumulate everything on the best DSLR for weddings.
Best DSLR for wedding photography


Best DSLR for low light photography

Best DSLR for low light photography

If you are searching for the Best DSLR for low light photography, in this article you will find out about it alongside the best Nikon DSLR for low light photography. Low light photography is becoming a necessity nowadays many high-end events take place at night time and you'd want the best to have it with yourself.


Best DSLR camera for travel

Best DSLR camera for travel

Searching for a Best DSLR camera for travel can be challenging. There are tons of excellent models better than the other in the market that just let you go through battles between brands. In this article, we have tried to help you with your confusion with the brands and we hope you find your choice.


Best camera under 500$

Best camera under 500$

Many of us look for the best and splurge thousands of dollars in high-end model DSLRs. Little do we know that you can have the Best camera under 500$. Yes, its no joke. There are few cameras available in the market that offers what you'd want to have in a 500$ camera. We have picked few best cameras under 500$.


Difference between deep web and dark web

Difference between deep web and dark web

Many people often interchange the term Dark web and deep web. The Difference between deep web and dark web is simple. However, the concept of the deep web vs dark web is quite similar but has some significant differences. The term Deep web or invisible web first coined by Micheal Bergman in 2001 as search index term

What happens if you get caught torrenting?

While using torrent many use it with a fear inside asking themselves in ther mind is it safe using torrent? what happens if you get caught torrenting and start accumulating as to how to not get caught torrenting? We are here to tell you how to be safe from getting those warning letters from your ISP.

How Whatsapp group video call works? whatsapp new features

Facebook is all set to launch its new features in near months. Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier this may during an F8 conference that Facebook is going to add whatsapp group video call feature. And Zuckerberg also allowed changes that need to establish from a developer's point of view.

Top 10 old school games that reminds of your childhood.

While many are happy with the evolvement of technology in the gaming sector, many are reminiscing about the old school video games they played in their childhood. In this article, we are talking about the old school games that remind of your childhood. Let us reminiscence about the old school games once more.

15 Best accessories for car that you actually need.

Whether its best car accessories for road trip or a habit of collecting best accessory for car, having the best car gadgets sometimes aids a lot in many situation. For deeper information on the cool car accessories for guys visit our website to know more about the best accessories for your car. We have all the details.

Texas school shooting: Santa Fe high school attacked

A teenager shot 10 students and tried to kill himself as well in the Texas school shooting. He bursted into an art class and started firing at the students. He killed those he targeted and spared the lives of those he like so that they'd tell his story to others.

Trump 'promises' protection to North Korea if they denuclearized.

In the feud between Donald Trump vs Kim Jung Un, President Trump promises to North Korea with 'strong protection' if they denuclearize. North Korea showed concern regarding the preservation of their nuclear weapon security and so they need to give up on a nuclear program.

OnePlus 6 in India: Top oneplus 6 features you should know

OnePlus 6 in India has finally been launched few days ago and this time it comes with a bigger display. Packed with snapdragon 845 chip-set the company has said to have upgraded few of its smartphone features. We have concluded top six oneplus 6 features in our OnePlus 6 article.

5 Whatsapp new feature you can't miss 2018 update

Facebook's recently held F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced of launching 5 whatsapp new feature. In these 5 latest features comprises of group video calling, the admins of a group can now restrict chats for non-admins, chat filters for whatsapp for business, report request and facebook contents to be shared.

Whatsapp announced Whatsapp restrict group feature

on a recently held F8 conference, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that there will be a new feature for WhatsApp that would enable whatsapp restrict group. The feature would only allow the admins of the group to respond to the text messages received in the group. This restricted chat feature's helpful

Facebook's rolling out how to share facebook post on whatsapp

Facebook recently proclaimed its new feature regarding how to share facebook video on whatsapp and how to share facebook post on whatsapp. On an F8 conference held few days ago, facebook has announced many new features for Whatsapp. As of now, the beta testers can enjoy these features.

How Whatsapp Request account info report works? Is whatsapp safe?

Recently on Facebook's F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced few features that will soon roll out the general public. However, some features that are yet to launch raise questions like how safe is whatsapp or is whatsapp safe to use now? To know more visit our website where have jotted down everything

How Whatsapp Chat filters works? 2018 new features

On May's first week Facebook held an F8 conference where Mark Zuckerberg announce 5 new features for WhatsApp one of them is the Whatsapp chat filters. This new feature would allow the admins of Whatsapp Business Accounts to search for messages faster. The feature would group the users in groups, and messages

Xiaomi Mi 8 rumor features and Launch Date

Xiaomi's new flagship smartphone is about to reveal on May 31st, 2018, however, the release date of xiaomi mi 8 is still uncertain. The device is rumored to come with a 16MP+16MP dual camera with full HD screen resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio. The smartphone might be a little expensive than its predecessors.

Lenovo Z5 hype 1080 hours of battery life. All you need to know

Lenovo is making headlines with its soon to be launched smartphone Lenovo Z5 in which they have proclaimed that this device would consist of a massive battery life.The Lenovo Z5 battery life is said to offer 45 days of standby time. Prior to this announcement, it was revealed that the phone will also have a 4TB storage

Lenovo Z5 screen-to-body ratio revealed. The truth

Lenovo could give a tough competition to the giant tech smartphone companies with its 100% screen-to-body ratio. The company's VP Chang Cheng recently leaked a sketch regarding the Lenovo Z5 screen following its first teaser leak by the VP himself. It also going to have a massive battery life as claimed by the company


gifts for mom under $50

gifts for mom under $50

This mother's day surprise your mom with some cool gadgets that would not only remind her of you but also be helpful. Here we have enlisted top 10 cool gadgets for mom alongside gifts for mom under $50 ( who are looking for gifts more on a cheaper yet effective side) if you want to find out what are they? Click here : Gifts for mom under $50


DSLR with 4k video recording

DSLR with 4k video recording

Choosing the best DSLR for video that shoot 4k videos can be challenging as there are almost hundreds of them out there with tons of advanced features. You get confused as to what would be worth your money. In this article, we have mentioned 10 best DSLR with 4k video recording and we hope you find your perfect match.