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wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles

Are Unpaid Interns And Temporary Employees Protected From Discrimination in California?

If you are someone who works for his/her spouse and you are being discriminated against in the workplace by your spouse, you are not protected by the state’s anti-discrimination laws.
Los Angeles workplace discrimination attorney Jeffrey Rager warns all those who earn money in California: the law protects only certain groups of workers in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the state. Contact him now !

Fired For Speaking Another Language: Is Language and Accent Discrimination Real?

If you were fired for speaking Spanish during a meal break even though there is the English-only rule in the workplace, you may have a wrongful termination case on your hands.
Best wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles explain that forbidding employees from speaking a language other than English during breaks might not be legal. If you have a case contact Rager Law firm today.

Where You Wrongfully Terminated On The Basis Of Race? Contact an Attorney

Every worker in the state of California has legal rights. Their rights involve protection from any type of mistreatment and discrimination in the workplace. If you were wrongfully terminated based on your race, your origin or your skin color, you should immediately speak with Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorneys. Once they have enough evidence to build you a case, they will help you file a wrongful termination claim.

Signs of Workplace Discrimination in the Workplace, What Can You Do

Read most common signs that you are being discriminated, and things you should do if it happens to you. Get all the help you need to take proper legal actions against your employer, and help protect other employees from the same faith, speak with workplace discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles.

Should You Report Workplace Discrimination

If you have been faced by discrimination in your workplace and your employer has not made any efforts to correct this, or the discrimination was done by the employer themselves then workplace discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles are here to fight for your rights and get you the justice that you are entitled to. If you need advice and help from a discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles Contact at Rager Law firm they will help you.

Wrongful Termination: Whistleblower Protections Apply To Matters Unrelated To Employment, Too

California laws regarding whistleblower protections are not limited to reports concerning the employer’s unlawful actions in operations his or her business. If you have been fired in similar circumstances or any other circumstances, consult with our Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney at the Rager Law Offices to speak about your case. Contact at Rager Law firm they will help you.

Wrongful Termination in California – What the Law says

California employees are allowed to leave the job when and as they wish. This is known as employment. This situation works both ways; employers can fire an employee for any reason given at any time. However, there are some reasons that will be classed as wrongful termination. If you have been facing any of the situations above contact a Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer to guide you through the process.

Wrongful Termination: When Doing the Right Thing Goes Wrong

Wrongful termination can be challenging to prove, particularly in states that have “at-will employment.” At-will employment means that either the employee or the employer reserve the right to terminate the work relationship at any time and for any reason, as long as the reason does not go against any laws. However, discrimination is against the law, and being fired for reporting sexual assault in the workplace. Contact to best wrongful termination Attorney in Los Angeles as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Were You Wrongfully Terminated On The Basis Of Race? Contact an Attorney

Every worker in the state of California has legal rights. Their rights involve protection from any type of mistreatment and discrimination in the workplace. If you were wrongfully terminated based on your rare, your origin or your skin color, you should immediately Contact to Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorneys.

Bank of America Turns down "Dreamer", Gets Sued for Discrimination

Marques claims that his qualifications and suitability for the job were praised at interview, only for him to be informed later that the Bank of America was only considering those who were eligible to work within the United States without any limitations. The Bank of America has denied rejected candidates on the grounds of DACA status. When you apply for employment, or attend work, you are entitled to be treated equally, regardless of your background and characteristics. Contact Best Los Angeles disability discrimination attorney for free initial consultation.

Coachella – Sunshine, Selfies, And Sexual Harassment

The problem is not confined to Coachella either, with a 2016 survey revealing that 90% of all women who attended music festivals had been sexually harassed in some form, at least once. This wasn’t a particularly small-scale survey – over 1,000 women participated. Of course, sexual harassment and similar unwanted advances are not confined to festivals and other leisure activities, as numerous employees regularly approach Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys for legal assistance with work-related incidents.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Campus Targeted By Racist Vandals

Unfortunately, for many of us, race discrimination is a regular occurrence, and something you may feel compelled to accept. Pasadena race discrimination attorneys are passionate about combatting this behavior, and holding those responsible accountable for their actions. Generally, attorneys will file race discrimination claims under FEHA, which specifically prohibits discrimination on the grounds of race and/or ethnic background.

Age Discrimination In California: What Are Your Rights?

This protection is only available if you are 40 years old or older, however. Below is an overview of federal and California law regarding restrictions on age discrimination. In 1967, Congress passed the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) to address concerns about discrimination for older workers. Originally, it only covered workers up to age 70, but that upper restriction has since been removed. Contact best Pasadena employment law attorney for free initial consultation.

We’ve All Heard The Term Hostile Work Environment, But What Is It?

We work for different reasons. Of course, everyone needs to make a living, but money isn’t the only reason people work. For many, our jobs give us a sense of purpose and an identity. Unfortunately, sometimes people are forced to be in a hostile work environment that can be detrimental to their wellbeing.

If you have been treated unfairly at work, you may need a hostile work environment attorney in Los Angeles

When You Should Blow The Whistle And How To Protect Yourself

When we go to work for someone, whether a private company or public entity, we never expect that we will discover that our employer is engaging in illegal activity or acting in a way that is a breach of public trust. Discovering something like that can be hard on an employee because they know that reporting it to the authorities could mean losing their job and endangering their livelihood. Whistleblowers often report when major corporations commit fraud that deceives their investors. Maybe they aren’t truthful when reporting earnings or is engaged in other manipulative behaviors to alter stock prices. Reporting this to the SEC can lead to a reward for the whistleblower.

If you believe your employer is engaged in illegal activities, you may need a whistleblower attorney in Los Angeles. before proceeding. Contact attorneys at the Rager Law Offices

How Much Time Do You Exactly Have To File A Wrongful Termination Lawsuit?

California has a strict rule for any type of workplace discrimination. Every employee (presumably a victim) has 180 days to file a discrimination charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In some cases, the state laws may extend this limit to up to 300 days (in the case where your state or local government have a law prohibiting this type of discrimination). Once you submit a charge with the EEOC, within 30 days you should receive a right to sue letter; from that point on, you have 90 days to file a lawsuit.

In every case of professional misconduct, every employee should speak with a knowledgeable Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorney immediately and file a proper claim against their employer.

What Can Be Considered As Rudeness To Your Boss In A Wrongful Termination Case?

Not even the most experienced attorneys can help you with that. However, there could be one instance in which you may come on top of the situation. That is the case where you got terminated prior to everything you said to your attorney. So, in case you received a termination notice or were simply fired without a notice or a valid reason, and then you messaged your attorney with rude words and threats, you may still have a chance to sue for wrongful termination. It won’t be easy, but a skilled Wrongful Termination Attorney in Los Angeles may help you win the trial. Get in touch today, schedule a free consultation and receive a free case review.

What Are The Consequences If I Don’t Return On Time From Leave? Can My Employer Fired Me

Most of the time, an employer will ask you to name the reason for you being late to return to work. If they don’t like the reason, or if it is not good enough, you may end up losing your job. If there is an option, an employee will grant you this leave unless you are the only current employee working in a particular position, which is key for the company’s production growth. In that case, an employer may have to keep you an additional day until a proper replacement is found.

However, if you end up losing your job, it may fall under the category of wrongful termination. Contact wrongful termination attorneys in Los Angeles at Rager Law Firm and let them be the judge of your situation.

How Employers In California Are Required To Investigate Sexual Harassment Claims And What Can You Do?

The worst thing an employer could do is ignore the sexual harassment claim. By choosing not to do anything about it, you become an accomplice and will be responsible for what comes next. To prevent that, every employer should immediately start the investigation. But first things first, in order to make any progress, every employer should check the validity of the claim. It all starts by speaking with the person who filed the claim and asking them why they filed it, why didn’t they say anything about it, and for how long has it been going on.

If you approach your employer and want to report a sexual harassment instance in the workplace, it is their duty to hear you out and help you resolve the problem. If they choose to ignore you or your problem, you should immediately file a sexual harassment claim. Contact sexual harassment attorneys in Los Angeles from Rager Law Firm in crafting the initial claim.

What Are Your Options In Riverside For Workplace Discrimination

People deserve to feel safe at work. Not just from physical harm, but from emotional and psychological harm as well. We spend a good bit of our time at our jobs. We do it so we can provide a stable home for ourselves and families, but if we are being discriminated against at work, we are often left with a horrible choice: You will find that federal and state protections cover a wide range of types of discrimination. In the past and now, people who fall into these groups have faced problems in the workplace. Many times, people who fall into one of those groups face a hard time even getting hired, and when they do they face difficult situations like being forced to work in unsafe conditions or for lower pay.

If you need a workplace discrimination attorney in Riverside, attorneys at Rager law firm will work with you to ensure you are treated fairly.

What constitutes as Wrongful Termination in Pasadena

Working is something that most of us do so we can make a living and support your families. We also work so we have a sense of purpose. Losing a job can be a painful experience and it can put the livelihood of you and your family in danger. Worse, if you lost your job and you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated or discriminated against, you may wonder if you have any recourse. Being terminated from a job for reasons that are out of your control can leave you feeling powerless, but we want you to know that you have options.

If you have been fired from a company for reasons that were out of your control and you believe you shouldn’t have been let go, you may need a wrongful termination attorneys in Pasadena.

The Components Of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is far too prevalent. This is a situation no one would like to be in and it can affect anybody. Many people may think that the harasser has to try to intentionally harm the victim. A person may be ignorant to their behavior and it can still be considered sexual harassment. An example of this would be an employee asking another coworker on a date. It is still considered sexual harassment even if they meant no harm.

If you feel your company didn’t do everything they could to remedy the situation, then you may need to contact a sexual harassment attorney. When dealing with this delicate subject matter, you want someone who is experienced.

What To Do Before Suing Your Employer For Discrimination Or Harassment

When you get discriminated against or harassed in the workplace it is a big deal and can severely impact you. Anyone can be a victim of this. It can be a scary situation to be in. You may fear to report it because they threatened your job. Or you may have reported it and nothing has been done about it. Harassment and discrimination in the workplace are far too prevalent. You know their behavior was unjustified and you want to seek justice. The first step you must take in this process is confronting the person whose behavior made you uncomfortable through their discrimination or harassment. Although you may not want to do this, it’s important that you do. This may be a way to get them to stop their behavior without having to bring a lawsuit.

Hire an employment law attorney from Rager Law Firm they have years of experience and is an expert in discrimination and harassment cases.

How to Prove Your Whistleblowing Caused Adverse Action

Whistleblowing is when you report a violation of the law by your employer. It is your right to report it but if you get adverse action taken against you because of it, then it is illegal for your employer and you have a right to sue. This violation could be something against yourself. For example, reporting sexual harassment. The violation could also be a general violation.

The Rager Law Firm in Los Angeles has years of experience and expertise in whistleblowing. Contact whistleblower attorney in Los Angeles for your case.

What Reasons for Termination are Considered Illegal?

Getting fired from your job is one of the worst things to go through. It happens out of nowhere and now you no longer have a source of income. Sometimes you don’t receive any notice ahead of time either. Sometimes you may be fired for a viable reason. An employer cannot fire you on the basis of violating public policy. Public policy means something that most people would find morally and/or ethically wrong. Since this is more on an opinion basis, it can be tricky to determine. Public policy varies state by state. Most states, however, agree on these three reasons for termination that are illegal and violate public policy.

Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney at Rager Law Firm has years of experience and expertise in wrongful termination cases.