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Headline for 21st Century Skills for 6th Graders
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21st Century Skills for 6th Graders

A list of lesson plans to teach 6th graders the 8 must-have skills for the 21st century!


A lesson plan on leadership from In the warm-up, the class works together to create a list of 20th century American leaders from a variety of different fields. The whole group activity consists of identifying leadership traits. The small group activity allows students to focus on one particular leader and use the internet to complete a "Leadership Qualities Graphic Organizer" about their chosen individual. Also includes a closing discussion, extension activities, hints, and helpful web resources.

Digital Literacy

Because digital literacy covers many different concepts, this is a set of seven different lesson plans that will help students develop their digital and civic literacy skills. For the 6-8 grade range, the topics for each lesson are as follows:

  • Lesson 1: Analyzing How Words Communicate Bias
  • Lesson 2: Understanding and Evaluating Online Searches
  • Lesson 3: Civic Engagement and Communication
  • Lesson 4: The Privacy Paradox
  • Lesson 5: Digital Activism Remixed
  • Lesson 6: Advertising on the Internet
  • Lesson 7: Social Media for Social Action

A two day lesson plan that focuses on teaching middle school students effective communication skills. Targeted skills include speaking, listening, and nonverbal interactions. Includes group activities, situations, assessments, and articles.

Emotional Intelligence

Just one (of many) lesson plans from InspirED on emotional intelligence. Students work together to identify different emotions that they have felt from time to time and learn how to control these feelings. Students will be able to identify when their peers feel the same emotions.

45-minute lesson plan that introduces students to the concept of entrepreneurship. Students learn about how and why individuals take risks to start businesses. In the end, students will create their own invention or innovation and make a "book page" about it.

Global Citizenship

Digital lesson on global citizenship that takes a "station" based approach. Students learn about 3 different global issues and how they should respond as a responsible global citizen. Includes external resources for enrichment.

A lesson plan on conflict resolution. Students learn how to apply problem-solving skills to everyday situations and accept personal responsibility.

A lesson plan that helps students build teamwork skills. Students participate in a physical "web" activity where they see the benefits of effective (vs. drawbacks of ineffective) teamwork!