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21st Century 8th-Grade Learners

These are lesson plans on how to teach 8th graders the 8 skills needed to be successful as a 21 century learner.

Communication Lesson 1

The kids will work with a partner and draw pictures. They then describe the picture without the partner seeing it.

Communication Lesson 2

"This lesson and activities strive to teach students the characteristics necessary for effective communication skills in various aspects of their lives in a fun and interactive way, using a variety of techniques. I’m sure there are many other activities that could be used in addition to what you will find here so, if you have a great way to teach communication skills, please share in the comment section below."(Part of the website overview)

Digital Literacy Lesson 1

"Students reflect on their responsibilities as creators and users of creative work. Students view and discuss the video vignette, a documentary-style story of a young creator who uses video and music clips to make his own creations. Students then read case studies and discuss the particular ethical challenges that a “cut and paste” digital culture poses with respect to creative work.".(Overview from the website)

Digital Literacy Lesson 2

"In this lesson, students will learn how computer scientists analyze tweets to tell which accounts are phony, automated bots and which accounts have real people behind them".(part of the overview)

This lesson gives the students the chance to see how they would react to a given situation.

This link has a ton of different activities for you to do during class.

\Entrepreneurship Lesson 1 and Lesson 2

This is a two lesson link. The students learn about entrepreneurship and how the process of creating or designing an item. They also look at what details go into the process.

The students will see what global citizenship is and how it relates from different parts of the world. They also look at how compatible Global citizenship is with the U.S.
Pages 8 - 17
Lesson 1 goes from page 8 to 12
Lesson 2 goes from page 13 to 17

This lesson has the students watching a video and do an activity about the video. This lesson also involves a teacher lead discussion.

Leadership Lesson 2

Classrooms can use this lesson plan and its companion website resources to explore the nature of leadership. This plan is designed to be used with the film, The Principal Story, which follows the activities of both a veteran and a novice school principal during the course of a school year.

Problem Solving Lesson 1

In this lesson the students will watch a video, answer questions, and have a discussion at the end.

Problem Solving Lesson 2

In this lesson the students will watch a video, answer questions, and have a discussion at the end.

This lesson allows the students to work together in groups to build a tower with limited materials.

Teamwork Lesson 2

Working in groups can be challenging for even the best students and so helping kids learn how to work well together can be an invaluable lesson not only in journalism but across the curriculum. Remind students that while some news organizations have APJs (All Platform Journalists) who work in field alone producing news packages, it is still common practice to collaborate in teams of two to five production members.