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How to convert to Islam

How to convert to Islam - the testimony of religion (shahada)

becoming a muslim is a simple and smooth method. all that someone has to do is to mention a sentence called the testimony of faith (shahada), which is suggested as:


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How to convert to Islam

How to convert to Islam

The arabic phrase ‘islam’ means ‘submission’, and springs from a phrase which means ‘peace’. as such, the faith of islam teaches that with a view to reap proper peace of thoughts and surety of coronary heart, one need to put up to god and live in keeping with his divinely found out law.

islam isn't always a new faith because ‘submission to the desire of god’, i.e. islam, has continually been the simplest applicable religion in the sight of god. because of this, islam is the proper ‘natural faith’, and it's far the equal everlasting message discovered through the ages to all of god’s prophets and messengers. the principle message of all the prophets has always been that there may be best one real god and he on my own is to be worshipped. those prophets begin with adam and include noah, abraham, moses, david, solomon, john the baptist, and jesus, peace be upon all of them. god says within the holy quran:

How to convert to Islam - the testimony of religion (shahada)

becoming a muslim is a simple and smooth method. all that someone has to do is to mention a sentence called the testimony of faith (shahada), which is suggested as:

i testify “La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadan rasoolu Allah”

these arabic phrases suggest, “there's no true god (deity) however god (allah), and muhammad is the messenger (prophet) of god.” once someone says the testimony of faith (shahada) with conviction and knowledge its meaning, then he/she has become a muslim.

the primary part, “there's no authentic deity however god,” method that none has the right to be worshipped but god by myself, and that god has neither partner nor son. the second one component means that muhammad changed into a true prophet despatched by using god to humankind.

to be a muslim, one need to additionally:

  • consider that the holy quran is the literal word of god, found out by using him.

  • trust that the judgment day (resurrection day) is real and could come.

  • believe in the prophets that god despatched and the books he discovered, and in his angels.

  • accept islam as his/her faith

  • not worship whatever nor all people except god.

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