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Headline for 21st Century 8th Grade Learners - Skills for School and Life
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21st Century 8th Grade Learners - Skills for School and Life

Lesson Plans - Leadership, Digital Literacy, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Global Citizenship, Problem Solving, Team-Working

In order for students to be role models and effective leaders, it is important for them to define what is important to them as individuals and to their organization. This lesson helps students examine various values they feel are important and their relationship to their organization John Wiley and Sons Inc. (2010). Model the way. Retrieved from

The lesson plan outlines help you create lessons on what emotional intelligence is and why it's important and introduce activities on this topic for children or college students ( (n.d.). Emotional Intelligence Lesson Plans & Activities - Videos & Lessons | Retrieved from

Students take a self-assessment survey of their entrepreneurial potential. They learn about Gallup’s 10 talents of successful entrepreneurs and apply this knowledge to solve a business problem in a given scenario. The lesson assessment includes research and evaluation of the talents of famous entrepreneurs (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. (n.d.). Are you ready to take the risk. Retrieved from

Our world is incredibly large and filled with diverse people, countries, cultures, and beliefs. In this lesson, you will learn about global citizenship and what it means to be a global citizen ( (n.d.). What is Global Citizenship? - Lesson for Kids | Retrieved from

This problem-solving lesson plan, adaptable for grades 6-12, centers around an online gamed called Quandary that engages students in making ethical decisions about a society they are helping to shape (Brainpop Educators. (n.d.). Problem Solving Lesson Plan: The Quandary Game | BrainPOP Educators. Retrieved from

Working in groups can be challenging for even the best students and so helping kids learn how to work well together can be an invaluable lesson not only in journalism but across the curriculum (PBS News Hour. (n.d.). Lesson 3.2: Team Work and Planning | PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs. Retrieved from

Students reflect on their responsibilities as creators and users of creative work. Students view and discuss the video vignette, a documentary-style story of a young creator who uses video and music clips to make his own creations. Students then read case studies and discuss the particular ethical challenges that a “cut and paste” digital culture poses with respect to creative work (Common Sense Education. (2018, May 30). A Creator's Responsibilities (6-8). Retrieved from

This lesson and activities strive to teach students the characteristics necessary for effective communication skills in various aspects of their lives in a fun and interactive way, using a variety of techniques (