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Updated by Dortech Direct on May 17, 2021
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Building Materials and Tools Supplier

Dortech Direct have been supplying the building materials and tools for over 24 years in all across the UK. We carry a fantastic range of products like EPDM membrane, expanding foam tape, Compriband 600, silicone sealants and such as other quality products - all sourced from direct manufacturers so we are able to supply at reasonable prices. Our years of experience and knowledge allow us to provide our customers with the highest levels of customer service.

Set of Two Pump-activated Angle Suction Holders

Set of two, in sturdy carrying case · angle suction holders also available separately · the Bohle vacuum technology makes glass bonding much easier, e.g. when building box constructions like showcases and aquariums, glass cabinets with shelves or partitions, etc.

35kg Single Cup Glass Sucker

The silverline 35kg single cup glass lifter is Ideal for carrying heavy awkward items such as glass, doors, windows and sheet metal. Can also be used for pulling out dents from body work.

Veribor 75kg Autoglass Vacuum Cup for Windscreen

Suitable for all materials with airtight surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, coated wood, marble, etc.

Veribor 80kg Specialist Narrow Vacuum Cup

Veribor suction lifter with narrow suction pad, pressure gauge and priming pump.

Designed for carrying narrow glass, sheet metal, composite cladding panels and corrugated sandwich panels.

CRL 122kg Vacuum Cup Ratchet Tensioning Kit

Vacuum ratchet tensioning kit is designed to pull two flat surfaces or seams together. They are perfect for formica counter-tops, marble and granite, flooring, cladding, mirrors, glass, plastic, or any situation in which flat, non-porous surfaces need to be pulled together. 

Compriband foam tape is widely used in the industry across both the UK and Europe. It is crafted to satisfy your both external and internal use. Tremco Compriband is ideal for providing a weather tight seal against most severe combination of wind and rain in building and civil engineering applications.

Buy Compriband Tape in various thickness and widths at very affordable prices only at Dortech Direct. Our technical staff is always here to help you find the right product to suit your needs

Magnetic Door Stop | Best Magnetic Door Stop & Door Holders

Select magnetic door stop for your home or commercial property from Dortech Direct Ltd, we offer a wide collection of magnetic door stops in numerous styles, materials and finishes at the best price. Check our collection for your door stops requirements. Feel free to have a look at our complete range of door stop and door holder products, you can send your requirement at or order online from our website. We love to hear from you!

Window Squeegee | Window Cleaning Squeegee

Looking for window cleaning squeegee to wipe water away from your bath tiles and give a streak-free professional finish on exterior windows? Dortech Direct Ltd offers an excellent collection of window squeegee for domestic and professional use for your large or small, long or wide windows. Our window squeegees come in all shapes and sizes and fit any requirements. Compatible with Silverline Extension Poles 250175 and 250182. If you seek any assistance, we will love to help you, send your query/requirement at Explore the full range of window cleaning squeegee online from our website.

Spring Loaded Door Stops | Door Stop With Shock Absorber

Stressing that unsightly marks might appear by doors banging into your walls? Spring-loaded door stops with shock absorber will stop your doors from damaging the walls and it flips back up again. Dortech Direct Ltd offers door stops in different sizes and materials. All our door stops come with quick and easy installation by adhesive pad or by screwing into the floor. We are recognized for our product quality and expertise in the industry.

Foot Operated Door Stops | High Quality Foot Operated Door Holders

UK’s leading suppliers of building material and tool brings robust foot operated door stops and holders for various door types. These stylish doorstops are easy to use for adults and kids to push down and keep the door open and it’s easy to fit. Dortech Direct Ltd offers various shapes, size, and finishes. Check the offerings on our online store. We love to respond to your queries!

Shell Tixophalte Wet – High Performance Sealant for Professionals

Repair works are typically required within a timely manner in all construction environments, whether indoors or outdoors. If you’re involved in construction, roofing, or building maintenance, it’s more than likely that you will need to conduct some type of repair work sooner or later. But the most necessary and hard-to-do repair works are those that have to be done underwater, or those done in damp locations, such as in and around running water.
Some repair works, such as with those with bridges, pavements, gutters and tiles roofs will require urgent attention and the resulting damage caused by water ingress can be extremely costly. Examples include; leaking roofs, cladding defects, cracks in dams, damaged water canals, cracks in gutters and joints in a bridges.
Read more about Shell Tixophalte Wet – High Performance Sealant for Professionals

What is Compriband Tape and When Should it be Used?

Compriband 600 is a BBA Approved, impregnated, pre-compressed foam sealing tape, for use around the perimeter of windows and doors. It is comprised of open-cell polyurethane soft foam, impregnated with flame-retardant synthetic resin.

Compriband works amazingly well in these circumstances in that is expands into the gaps in a cavity, therefore creating an effective, air-tight seal.
Read more details about What is Compriband Tape and When Should it be Used to get the exact idea.

Why do Impurities in Glass Cause Spontaneous Breakages?

Glass by its very nature is a brittle material. One of the realities that the construction sector has come to accept in recent years, is that glass breakages, particularly spontaneous breakages appear to have become a more common phenomenon. Whether this is as a consequence of the manufacturing processes, source materials, or quality control is undetermined, however, this issue is having a direct effect on the longevity and robustness of the glass produced.


Lever Operated

Lever Operated

Buy Lever Operated Product from Dortec Direct Ltd.


LuxFold Timber Loft Ladders

LuxFold Timber Loft Ladders

By LuxFold Timber Loft Ladders from Dortec Direct Ltd.

Jackloc Cable Window Restrictor | Jackloc Window Restrictor Key | Dortech Direct

Dortech Direct offers high quality Jackloc key locking cable window restrictor to prevent falls from windows. We have exclusive collection of safest jackloc cable window restrictors with popular colours and finishes. Custom RAL colours are available on request. Reach us for info at for more information.

FR Putty Pads | Fire Rated Putty Pads for Sockets | Dortect Direct

Dortech Direct offers high performing FR Putty Pads to reinstating fire ratings in electrical sockets up to 2 hours. Simple & quick Installation. We have exclusive collection of various shaped fire rated putty pads. Feel free to get in touch with us through

Everbuild 825 Sealant | Everbuild Silicone 825 Brick Red

Dortech Direct has an exclusive range of Everbuild 825 silicone to provide an extra tool down time on longer joints. These Everbuild 825 Sealants are used for large scale construction & glazing applications. Available in multi colours with excellent adhesion. Have a query? Drop your email at, we will get back you soon!

Sikasil SG 500 | Structural Silicone Adhesive | Dortech Direct

Get Sikasil SG 500 structural silicone adhesive for structural glazing and other high demanding applications from Dortech Direct. This is a two-part structural silicone adhesive meets requirements of EOTA ETAG 002, EN 13022 and ASTM C 1184. Free shipping on eligible order.

Where Are Window Restrictors Required?

Window restrictors themselves are, as you might expect, a method of ensuring that nobody is able to fall out of a window thanks to it opening too far. The environments mentioned above showcase the necessity of such a product.

How Important Is It To Have Window Restrictors?

Windows that are left open, especially those above the ground floor can be fatal. Even more so for young, unsupervised children as well as vulnerable adults. Window restrictors are widely used in hospitals, care homes, nurseries and educational establishments to provide much needed ventilation with security.

Illbruck ME315 Total Protection Tape - 60mm from Dortech Direct

Shop Illbruck ME315 Total Protection Tape - 60mm at the lowest prices from Dortech Direct. Suitable for applications such as sealing of sheathing boards, slab edge details, etc. Free delivery is available on all orders over £100.00.

Buy Arbo 1096 Professional Silicone Sealant for Windows

Shop Arbo 1096 professional silicone sealant for windows - black x 25 at the lowest prices from Dortech Direct. Suitable for construction applications such as glass wall assemblies, perimeter seals, etc. Free delivery is available on all orders over £100.00.

Buy Everbuild 825 Silicone from Dortech Direct

Shop Everbuild 825 Silicone at the lowest prices from Dortech Direct. Suitable for large-scale construction and glazing applications. Free delivery is available on all orders over £100.00

Buy Arbo EPDM Membrane Adhesive from Dortech Direct

Shop Arbo EPDM Membrane Adhesive at the lowest prices from Dortech Direct. Suitable for factory and site applications. Free delivery is available on all orders over £100.00

  • At Dortech Direct, we offer a large selection of our product line from every type of glass clamps, waterproof membranes, lifting devices, to specialist silicone sealants all available to order right now at very affordable prices with fast and free delivery in all across the UK.

    As a leading company, we stock only high quality products from leading brands like Illbruck, Silverline, Skytec, Arbo and such as others. Our Tremco Compriband works effectively and is a great impregnated joint sealing tape that creates a weather tight seal against most sever combinations of wind and rain. All our products have been tried and tested well.

    In order to find a correct Compriband Expanding Foam Compression Tape on our site, you will just need to know the gap size. We also have a friendly sales team to assist you on your technical query and questions, for more details please email us at

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