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VLSI Research

VLSIresearch provides intelligence for faster and better decision making. It is the leading technology research and advisory company focused on semiconductor-related manufacturing.

Big Dad Semiconductor Industry has Solutions for Technology Business’s Supply Chain

  Companies who are spinning on wheels of technologies need to be alert every second because if dynamic concepts are not incorporated then core “Supply Chain” process can be adversely affected. So how will you mend your supply chain break down?  Here, come Semiconductor Industry’s cost-effective strategies for the supply chain that can skate Technology…

Demystifying the Uncertainty over the Choice of Opportunities in the Semiconductor Equipment Industry

Leaders in the semiconductor industry have worked hard since decades to scale up the performance of IC chips, with research companies ascertaining the progress made in this aspect. And, the discovery hasn’t stopped yet!

Inside Semiconductor Industry: The Challenges and Opportunities it Faces

The development of semiconductors was a breakthrough for mankind treading towards the modern technology and digitalization. The functioning of all the devices that play a vital role in a man’s day is facilitated by semiconductors. Such level of significance provides the Semiconductor Industry with innumerable opportunities and its accompanying challenges.

VLSI Research — What’s Trending in Semiconductor Technology?

Semiconductors are an integral part of our lives. Starting right from the invisible microsensors to the massive supercomputers, they are indispensable!

What’s trending in Semiconductor technology? -

Welcome to the first semiconductor research firm that started demand-based forecasting and introduced a cost-of-ownership model for equipment evaluation.

How To Make Semiconductors Production More Energy Efficient?

The single most expensive requirement in semiconductors production is undoubtedly a clean and continuous supply of electricity. Ensuring a continuous supply is thus vital for the semiconductor fabrication plants. The global semiconductor business is ever growing, with the continual increase in the demand for the electrical appliances.

How Can Semiconductor Industry Catch Up With The Emerging Mega Trends?

The semiconductor industry is hugely affected by the changes in technology. New emerging megatrends are forcing the industries to pick up the pace and catch up with the new demands.

How Is Semiconductor Industry Managing Its Transformation

Before we analyze how the semiconductor industry is managing its transformation let’s take into account what are the exact reasons for its transformation and how the recent trends are causing the impact. Innovations and technological advancements contribute to the emerging requirement of transformation for managing the demands with the supplies.

Silicon Wafer Supply: Tough Times for the Semiconductor Equipment Industry – VLSI Research

Wafers are the foundation of the chip-making industry and their shortage in recent times have led to a feeling of unrest amongst the leading chip makers. With the demand and supply of semiconductor equipment not being in sync, securing an adequate number of silicon wafers has become a matter of concern. The record-low DOI (Days…