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Top 5 Ayurveda Spa Treatments – Resting the Mind, Body and Soul

Spas are for rejuvenating, relaxing and pampering yourself. Infuse ayurvedic treatments to the spa and you find yourself with a complete wellness package that puts a perk back in your feet.



This ayurvedic methodology is administered to those who complain of joint pains, tissue problems and aches in limbs. Healing oils are gently rubbed deep into the body such that the detoxification, relief and calm are felt at the cellular level. The therapists are trained to understand which marma points or points of the body that result in relieving pains when rubbed or massaged. This is somewhat like reflexology, however, the marma points are located all over the body and cover a larger spectrum of possible ailments.



The purpose is to make the central nervous system rewind and repair itself. The scientific understanding that the Ayurveda professionals have with regard to the third eye or the centre of human energy is fascinating. Warm oil is poured on to the forehead at a particular pace and those who are subject to it enjoy a tranquil state of consciousness while a deep calming of the nerves takes place. Once you complete this sort of ritual it is always best to enjoy a day or so of absolute serenity before returning to the everyday chaos of life. A facility such as the Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort would have the required setup to complement such a treatment.



This treatment should mandatorily be administered by an ayurvedic medical practitioner. It is seemingly simple with the mere pouring of herbal oil resulting in curing rheumatic conditions and revitalizing the body. Some of the Sri Lanka spa hotels do have qualified professionals who would know to carry out the task to perfection but always inquire before making a request. The oils that are used are freshly made using leaves, roots, plants, bulbs and fruits found in the tropical climes of Sri Lanka and maybe India. It is the inherent properties of these natural ingredients that make the oils powerful enough to promote curing and healing of the body.


Vashpa Swedha

In more conversational lingo, this refers to a herbal bath. Patrons are submerged in a steam bath full of herbs. The fragrance, comfortable temperature and curative powers of the herbs combine to provide a relaxing session under the supervision of a therapist. At the end of the session, a massage may be obtained, either way, the body feels more relaxed and one's skin would have become more supple and clear as a result of the herb-infused bath.



Those who suffer from sinus related sicknesses including catarrh are encouraged to experience a nasna. A medical practitioner would examine you prior to administering a nasna and those who don't require such a treatment will not be allowed as it is a strong curer. The treatment includes the inhalation of the vapour of a herb concoction. This helps to clear blocks in the nose, throat and head, allowing the patron to enjoy better breathing and overall health. Nasna also helps to reduce mucus and relieve longstanding coughs that stubbornly refused to disappear.