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List of Muay Thai Punches – The Old and New Ways of Fighting

There has almost always been a need for man to safeguard himself and what is near and dear to him. In an era before weapons, it was fighting techniques like Muay Thai that were used for self-defense.


The Basic Jab

Muay Thai punches are a classic combination of these olden day techniques and modern attacking methods. The simplest of all types of attacks is the 'jab'; with absolutely no training, humans would instinctively react in a dire situation with a jab. This does not undermine the importance of a jab and knowing the correct way of jabbing. It is usually a good way to gauge the distance between yourself and the attacker and can reduce the power of the opponent. There are several schools of thought about older jabbing techniques and the relatively more modern ones which have been adopted from the west.


The Swing

This punch requires you to stretch far out and attack, unlike the jab. This is used to take the opponent by surprise and limit his/her ability to attack strongly. The swing is less powerful than most of its counterparts but has the advantage of the element of surprise and the flexibility in terms of range and distance. The hook and the swing are distant cousins of each other with the former being more appropriate when the opponent is closer.


The Uppercut

If the opponent is close enough and you are poised well to attack from the bottom to the top; the uppercut is a great punch to use in a fight. It is aimed at the opponent's chin and has the ability to completely throw the opponent off guard and send him/ her reeling. Even someone who has minimal upper body strength would be able to create a great impact if the punch connects to the desired point. The extra time gained while the opponent regains balance and proper vision of the surroundings should suffice to land a few more punches in that direction.


The Superman Punch

As its name suggests, the Superman Punch is considered the flashiest of all the punches in Muay Thai, much like Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, a destination of many discerning travellers. However, one might argue that this punch lacks the style and finesse that some of the other techniques have. It also has the added disadvantage of needing a pillar or a support behind you to permit the kick and the slight suspension in air. The opponent receives a flying punch which has the added power created by the thrust from the kick. This may not be the thing you are looking for, for the purpose of self-defense when out on a casual stroll or at a beach restaurant in the Maldives, but it has its uses and doesn't seem to be losing popularity.


The Overhand Punch

This is best for instances where the attacker is taller than you and it is very similar to the overhand punch seen in conventional boxing. The punch could leave you in a vulnerable position as it can make you lose balance and by nature, it exposes too much of you. This is a powerful punch that loops over your head and can even take your assailant out of contention if executed well.