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List of Online Merchant Account



Online Payment Gateway for Direct Marketing System

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a promotional technique that includes introducing information about your company, product, or service to your target customer without the use of a promoting go between. It is a focused on type of marketing that presents information of potential interest to a customer that has been determined to be an imaginable purchaser.

Efficient Front-end Systems and Credit Card Processing Gateway to integrate with Stronghold’s gateway API and be able to provide instant successful transactions are important, especially for a Direct marketing System. Stronghold’s credit card processing gateway not only accepts payment but also compiles reports so that merchants can keep records of transactions. Many companies these days promise to deliver these efficient systems, but most of them focus on providing fancy systems rather than better security. Merchant stronghold on the other hand not only have the most secure and solid gateways available but also close all loopholes that can harm payment system of your direct marketing business.

Rather than using physical terminals, your customers can use secure online gateways for making transactions. There are many advantages; business gets daily batch reports, multi-batch reports, decline reasons, successful transactions, refunds, sorting last 30 days transactions, and much more. All these can be done using your personal or business computer. The Gateway also captures the IP Address and reports it in the system using the I Spy Fraud Technology.

Online Payment Gateway

Our virtual gateways can make credit card processing money saving, which means your business pay less amount to process transactions. Merchant stronghold makes sure that every transaction is secure. In order to provide better direct marketing gateways, we have set ourselves apart from our competition. We offer services that are tailored to your business – A glimpse of our methods:


All the credit card processing transactions go through multiple secure servers means no data is stored on your business computer. This makes direct marketing processing safe and secure.


The first thing that any business should focus on is better customer support. Our team is available to help you deal with any payment issue. You can contact us and discuss issues and we will resolve timely so that your direct marketing business thrives.


Gateway allows you to accept e-checks too! Accept Credit Cards and e-Checks in the same Gateway.


The business can customize or set a certain time for the transactions to batch out and send out for settlement.


Our direct marketing credit card processing gateways give users multiple options. Your customers get email receipts at the time of processing. This ensures that transaction is authentic and quick. All the records are available for future references.


So, it is quick and easy! Start an online application or call one of our merchant specialists will walk you through the process. We offer various services and based on your requirement, we will provide a payment solution that will best suit your direct marketing business.


Online Merchant Services for your Retail Business

Online Merchant Services for your Retail Business

Retail Merchant Accounts are most appropriate for the business that requires transaction processing at the time of the sale and arranged under Card Present Online Merchant Services. Merchant Stronghold can set it for your business whenever. It is sometimes referred as CP or Card Present account, it fills in as the establishment for rate structure. Retail Merchant accounts require a brilliant, strong and quick process at the time of the sale.

Some Types of Retail Business

•Department Stores.
•Discount Stores.
•Warehouse Stores.
•Speciality Stores.
•E-Tailers. Etc

Retail Merchant Account

It is obvious that having credit card present when the transaction is being processed will reduce chances of fraud. But there are other variables as well that should be considered when going for a retail merchant account.

One example can be the Volume of Transaction and Average Ticket Size. Consider someone is selling jelly beans or any other product at a mall. The sale of this business will relatively be moderate having low average ticket size. If someone purchases couple of dollars of beans, then there won’t be any big risk to the merchant.

Chargebacks and product returns will not be the concern of business owner. But if average ticket size increases, the risk of chargeback and product return will also increase. If the price of the product is high, means customers value the quality of the product. Retail Merchant account in this situation can save you because you will be safe from frauds and high risk. With the point of sale software by Merchant Stronghold, retailers will accept payments safely and securely.

Best Retail Online Merchant Services

Credit card acceptance is the major factor that can lift up your business. There is the wide range of payment solutions that merchants can choose from. We provide all the online merchant services that will help business owners succeed in their industry. Here are some of the benefits that most merchants can expect by using our services:

Customer Service: Quality Customer Support that is ready to look into your queries anytime
Set Up: Easy and Solid Set Up, Accept Payment 24/7
Daily Funding: Next Day Batch Settlement
Online Portal: Merchants can view their online activities and access dedicated platform that gathers information regarding business activities.
Merchant Technology: Technical Help so that merchants are able to handle difficult equipment flexibly. We make sure that merchants understand the concept of point of sale. One of the major points that we focus upon is fast debt and credit card authorization. We are among the fastest and dependable network in this industry.


How to Reduce Chargeback in Trial Continuity Membership Business?

How to Reduce Chargeback in Trial Continuity Membership Business?

Minimize Chargeback - Trial & Continuity

In the event that your organization is having an issue with trial Continuity chargebacks, there are a few ways you can approach the issue to minimize chargebacks.

Keep up clear strategies: When offering an administration or item normally fixing to trial continuity, ensure that the terms of your trial continuity understanding are clear. This incorporates expressing the period over which the exchanges will happen, what charging dates and sums that will be charged to the client, how to wipe out a membership, and any limited time data connected to the exchange. Try not to cover this data in a long authoritative archive – it ought to be on the purchase page and the client must tap on a, “consent to” checkbox. Also, the terms ought to be effortlessly available when they come back to the site and incorporated into all email correspondence alongside how to scratch off directions.

Continuously attempt to impart this data in a reasonable and brief email to new clients and in an email 10 day before every time the client is charged. It additionally doesn’t hurt to tell clients that they ought to hold this data for their records.

Improve client administration: Customer administration is a central point in figuring out if or not a disappointed customer will start a chargeback. Keeping in mind the end goal to diminish the probability of this occurrence, ensure that you give simple and dependable approaches to clients to speak with your business group.

Clients shouldn’t need to move their calendars around to get an once in a while accessible director or sit tight for long stretches to get an email reaction. Also, it’s basic that you prepare your staff in incredible client administration. Make it clear to them that when they give extraordinary administration they’re likewise supporting your organization’s picture and notoriety in the group.

Know your reason codes: It might appear glaringly evident that the purpose behind a chargeback on a trial continuity is regularly the client’s inability to wipe out a continuous membership. Let’s get straight to the point – there is no reason code for this. Or maybe, despondent clients may guarantee an alternate reason keeping in mind the end goal to record a chargeback.
Touch *SIGNUP *and get more information for Minimize Chargeback.


How to choose right Merchant Account for Tech Support Business

How to choose right Merchant Account for Tech Support Business

Need A High-Risk Merchant Account & Payment Gateway

If you want to have a high class, compliant tech support company you need to do all you can in order to streamline your financials. Not all support companies out there tend to deliver the utmost value which is why it can be nothing short of frustrating when a merchant problem appears and your business can’t get paid. Plus, many companies use only specific payment processors which make it even harder to get paid.

Thankfully, Merchant Stronghold will help you deal with all of that in a very professional manner. No matter if you deal with companies from another state or high risk businesses in your own country, we are here to assist and we will offer you the best financial solutions on the market.

On top of that, the payment gateway and merchant account offered by us is designed to be very reliable, professional and suitable for any company out there. Merchant Stronghold can also provide APIs to integrate your Tech Support Gateway with your website to accept payments online, we also pre-integrated website with payment gateway to run your business online and accept payments only anytime & anywhere.

We also work very hard to ensure that you can easily get a merchant account in the US. Even if you are from a foreign country you will have no problem accessing the outcome you want. Plus, Merchant Stronghold is free to offer you the best electronic payment solutions, payroll and business accounting as well as stellar financial processing for your tech support business. We can handle the challenging stuff for you so you never have to do that on your own. That’s where you get the utmost value and the outcome will be very well worth it in the end.

Contact us now

Merchant Stronghold is here to provide you with a great way to reach your tech support success. Not only will you be able to get a very good payment gateway solution via our services, but you will find it a lot easier to deal even with high risk business partners. We know that this can be a challenge for you so even if you want to set up a merchant account in the US, we will be here for you to offer the help, support and guidance that you might need at all times. Take your tech support business to new heights with a stellar merchant account and a better exposure to new markets; Contact the Merchant Stronghold services today!


Looking Merchant Account for your Jewelry, Electronics Businesses

Looking Merchant Account for your Jewelry, Electronics Businesses

Online merchant account can be integrated in your business even if you don’t have impeccable reputation. Jewelry, Furniture and Electronics industries are considered as high-risk businesses because of high volume of sales, frauds, and refunds. Businesses qualify for merchant accounts based on the risk they pose.
It doesn’t matter which business you are running, we can provide you Merchant account with benefits such as:

  • Global acceptance with premium security and reliability
  • Customized account with fraud management
  • PCI compliance and payment via mobile app
  • Account on file, instance checkout, and digital wallet
  • Global reach, localized checkout, and secure
  • In country payment and support system
  • Purchases and protection
  • Low checkout friction

Merchant account industry

In recent years, this industry has underdone changes. Many have moved towards more transparent pricing, and a rising number interchange their pricing model every now and then. Merchant account industry has also been evolved in security and fraud management. Account service providers are keeping up with the technological advances. Among many changes this industry has seen, EMV is one of the latest technologies that is helping Merchant account providers to deal with security issues.

Many customers expect that your business accepts credit cards. For availing this opportunity, the most important thing to do is balancing the costs of accepting cards and your profit. There are some areas where you can define your own policies so that you can get rid of high fees. You must not be charged extra for maximum use. There are different types of cards such as American express and diner club and they have different charges. It depends on you whether you want these or not. If you don’t want to regret later, then make sure to choose merchant stronghold for your Jewelry, Furniture or Electronics business. We have experts that can provide you a customized platform suitable for your business.


Processing of Merchant Account Application with Merchant Stronghold

Processing of Merchant Account Application with Merchant Stronghold

Here are the generally detailed documentation(irrespective of any country) that are required for the merchant account is:

To prove that the applicant is the legal resident of the country he/she should have these documents to initiate the application process:

Legal presence in the country: The merchant should have a registered legal name and address and a Doing Business As name.

Physical presence: The merchant should have a physical presence of the business place. This physical presence can be the applicant’s home or an office from where the business is being incorporated.

An existing personal or business bank account in the country where the applicant is applying for the merchant account.

The documentation that will be required while filing the application form and get the approval as soon as possible:

Applicant’s form: This is typically provided by the bank or processor to get filled by the applicant that acts as the resume of the applicant which will contain almost all the details about the applicant. The basic details that should be specified in this document are business’ fundamentals, Tax ID, the address of the applicant, e-mail address, web portal details of the business(if available), sales and processing volume details.

Business license: This document help business owner to prove that the business is registered with the local government body and the merchant have the legal authority to sell the products.

The article of Incorporation: This document is required whenever the merchant or business claims to be owned by multiple people or claims to be in process on a world level.

Voided check: A voided check must be deposited by the merchant; this should be a permanent check that is the name should be pre-printed on the check.

Guarantee: This is one of the things that will be required if the business belongs to the high-risk industry or the transaction volume of the business is high. For this, the merchant needs a third party that can give the assurance about the business’ profitability and existence.

If the business is a high risk that is if the volume of transaction is high or the product belongs to the industry that is categorized in the high-risk business industry the merchant needs to provide these details:

Financial transaction details of the personal account, of last two financial years.

Financial transaction details of the business account, of last two years.

If the business has used the virtual terminal they should provide the transaction processing details of at least last 3-6 months.


Protect Your Online Business With Cyber Security

Protect Your Online Business With Cyber Security

Cyber Security for Online Business

Thе Internet аllоwѕ businesses оf аll sizes аnd frоm аnу location tо reach nеw аnd larger markets аnd рrоvidеѕ opportunities tо work mоrе efficiently bу uѕing computer-based tools.

Whеthеr a business iѕ thinking оf adopting cloud computing оr juѕt uѕing email аnd maintaining a website, cybersecurity ѕhоuld bе a раrt оf thе plan. Theft оf digital information hаѕ bесоmе thе mоѕt commonly reported fraud, surpassing physical theft.

Evеrу business thаt uѕеѕ thе Internet iѕ responsible fоr creating a culture оf security thаt will enhance business аnd consumer confidence. Thе Small Biz Cyber Planner 2.0 iѕ аn online resource tо hеlр small businesses create customized cybersecurity plans.

Cyber Security tips to Protect your online Business

Broadband аnd information technology аrе powerful factors in small businesses reaching nеw markets аnd increasing productivity аnd efficiency.

However, businesses nееd a cybersecurity strategy tо protect thеir оwn business, thеir customers, аnd thеir data frоm growing cybersecurity threats.

Train employees in security principles:
Protect information, computers аnd networks frоm cyber-attacks:
Prоvidе firewall security fоr уоur Internet connection:
Create a mobile device action plan:
Make backup copies оf important business data аnd information:
Control physical access tо уоur computers аnd create user accounts fоr еасh employee:
Secure уоur Wi-Fi networks:
Employ bеѕt practices оn payment cards:
Limit employee access tо data аnd information, limit authority tо install software:
Passwords аnd authentication:

A secure network iѕ a robust network. Cyber-attacks саn hарреn in minutes аnd аrе оftеn vеrу hаrd tо detect. Make ѕurе thаt уоu tаkе аll essential steps tо prevent asecurity breach.enter link description here


Few Common Online Payment Mistakes That Kill Conversion

Few Common Online Payment Mistakes That Kill Conversion

Online Payment Mistakes that kill Conversion – Managing an E-Commerce business is not as easy as it looks. There are a number of things that a merchant should to keep in mind while selling his goods and services over the internet. And, if anything goes wrong it can affect the revenue of the entire business. Same problems are faced by users while setting up online payment methods.


Every merchant needs a customer database for business, but forcing the customer to create an account every time he/she visits your website can be bad for business.

Furthermore, asking too much data while signing up can also force the customer to abandon the website.

But we also understand that account creation is important, and therefore to avoid such issues, you can try these tips:

Instead of asking to create an account, offer services like Sign In with Google or Facebook or any other social media account.
Furthermore, you can ask for address details and other personal information at the time of payment. Do not ask unimportant details.
Also, ask the customer to save his personal information to avoid entering them again and again. Make sure you assure the safety of this information.

Other than that, you can also provide FAQ’s and customer service option to answer the query of the customer.

Offering customer support has become as important as providing the privacy policy.
Providing customer support gives customers a trust factor that makes them feel appreciated hence making them a loyal customer. Along with that, the customer also believes you are a genuine service provider.
Now if you are small firm and unable to offer 24/7 support then you can try adding FAQ section. Other than that, you can also offer email support - ** _

Many reasons are on here for online payment mistakes, If you want to get more information you can contact us directly - +1 (888) 622-6875.


Few Ways to Choose Merchant Service Provider

Few Ways to Choose Merchant Service Provider

In this blog, we will try to focus on some important factors that can help you to choose best merchant service provider for your business.

  1. Clear and Transparent Fee Rates

This is the most important thing to study before selecting a merchant account. Many a times, a provider will charge you very less processing fees to entice you to open an account with them but may charge very high fees in the name of other fees. A PCI fee is one such fee that a merchant has to pay to safeguard both merchant’s and customer’s account information. So, you need to consider all the rates and then finally choose best merchant service provider with transparent fees structure.

  1. Study the Fraud Detection Program

We have seen a lot of evidence of fraud happening in the cyber world in recent times. Fraudsters are now moving toward the small and medium-sized merchants because they are considered to be an ‘easy target’. So, one needs to be aware of the data breach security program covered by the service provider.

  1. Stay Away from the Misleading Advertisement

Advertisement can really be a disguise. The basic idea of an advertisement is to enlighten customers about a company’s product with proper information. But it doesn’t seem to be happening all of the time. Many times companies hire individuals’ agents having no relevant educational background or no interest. Well, there are other reasons too, which led them to promote their product in a non-transparent way. So, try not to fall into any such trap. Conduct proper internet research and choose the best merchant service provider, which fulfills all of your needs.

  1. Post-Sales Customer Service Assistance

It’s not just about your hardware or software products that you require a customer service assistance after the purchase of the product, customer service for presales and post-sales is required for almost each and everything that we buy or buy from. It can be in various forms. Some companies will assist through email and chat, some may even provide you with a dedicated representative for your account.

  1. History of the Merchant Account Provider

Last but not least, you need to figure out the behavior of the merchant account provider with the proper market research. Proper market research will guide you in terms of examining the previous background of the provider. So, we hope that this article will give you a good idea on how to choose the best merchant service provider for your business.

Merchant stronghold specializes in high risk and offshore merchant account. For more information on merchant services, Payment Gateway you can reach out to us via email @


Instant Approval Merchant Account For Your Business

Instant Approval Merchant Account For Your Business

There are benefits of getting a Merchant Account Provider for Business:

Better Money Management

No matter how small or large enterprise you have, money management is one of the very important aspect of a business. Without proper management of money, you won’t be able to see any profit. This is how a merchant account helps:

You get a merchant account, which is connected with all the modes of transaction available.
Now, if a customer makes the purchase using credit card, debit card, or other cashless modes, the money will be directed to your merchant account directly.
Also, you can easily track the flow of money and make your business better.

Customer Satisfaction

There are many people who do not carry a large amount of cash anymore. Also, they prefer card mode of payment when it comes to expenditure. Coming back to the merchant, they need to equip their business with the tools to accept such payments. A merchant account provides such services.

A merchant also provides the tools to accept various kinds of card payment.
This provides flexibility to the customer, as they have the option to choose from multiple modes of the payment.
If you have an online platform to make business then you can also add payment buttons to the website for the customer.

No Fake Currency or Bad Check Hassle

In the case of cash or check transaction, the merchant is always worried whether the money offered is genuine or not. Sometimes, these little frauds can lead to a great loss for the merchant.

By using the cashless transaction, the merchant can avoid cases of fake currency and bounced checks.
A merchant account also offers payment modes for the recurring transaction of products and services.

Growth in Number of Sales

As we discussed, a great number of individuals are opting for the card payment as the mode of transaction. And introducing the cashless transaction can actually bring more business. With the growing security, the number of card customers is increasing exponentially.


Why Offshore Merchant Account Important For Business

Why Offshore Merchant Account Important For Business

The term ‘offshore’ is basically used to describe banks from countries other than home country or foreign lands. An offshore account is like any other merchant account opened in any country other than merchant’s home country. The main benefits of an offshore account are the security and the option of accepting major currencies. It also helps the merchant in increasing revenue due to tax relaxation, provides greater privacy to merchants and helps in gaining more customers (major currency acceptance).

E-commerce and offshore accounts are highly linked as merchants, irrespective of their industry types. It aims at attracting a majority of customers and look for maximizing sale to earn good profit. To achieve this, the merchant needs to have a merchant account that accepts the majority of credit cards. But it is not that easy to open a merchant account, as it includes many requirements and lengthy procedures, which is not the case with an offshore merchant account. Most of the businesses like to maintain an offshore account as it provides many financial and legal advantages to its client.

Most of the merchants choose offshore accounts over merchant accounts for various reasons. Few of them are below:

Hassle free procedure
Low initial costs
Low taxes/ tax relaxation
International Reach
Major credit card acceptance
Different currencies

Why are Offshore Accounts so Popular?

No matter how small or big business you own, any merchant can get an offshore account. Especially, merchants who are planning to set up an online business, irrespective of their size, prefer offshore account over merchant account due to low initial cost.
Every merchant running an online business wants to hit the international market at a certain point of growth. Offshore merchant account makes the acceptance of various currencies as well as credit cards much easier. Although, merchants who are dealing with local customers with the prime objective of capturing domestic market don’t get enough benefits from offshore merchant account as compared to the merchant targeting the global market.

Things to Remember

If you are searching for an offshore Merchant account provider, there are many providers available online. But it is completely merchant’s choice to decide which one is better for their business and which one will turn out to be more beneficiary. Making a decision and choosing a suitable offshore account provider is very important because benefits provided may vary from one provider to the other. So take your own sweet time to think, decide and choose the right one to enjoy the benefits of an offshore account.


Advantages Of Mobile Payment For Transportation Service

Advantages Of Mobile Payment For Transportation Service

If you are traveling to big cities, local commute (taxi or car) is the option most of us
would like to opt for. Your taxi driver may only accept cash payment which may cause you trouble like no cash, shortage of change, security issues etc. So it is better to use cashless payment methods, especially if you are related to the transportation industry.


Mobile payment has many advantages over tradition method of payment i.e. cash payment. When you are in the transportation industry, there is a lot of cash flow on daily basis, which most of the time is with the drivers as they are on road, providing services. It is not possible for the drivers to come back to the main station to deposit cash after every trip. So he has to carry cash along with him all day long until he is off duty. Due to which they become a target and may end up in unfortunate incidences (robbery). It is best to use mobile payment method for security purposes, better services, and greater revenue. Let us discuss few of the advantages of mobile payment in detail:


It is very common for a customer to not have the exact amount or a change with him, resulting in wastage of time in arranging the difference for the customer. When you accept the payment through mobile, it merely takes 20-30 seconds to swap the card and get customer’s signature. This will increase the effectiveness of transportation service and time saved can be utilized in serving the next customer, resulting in greater revenue.


In today’s world, the flow of virtual money is more than hard cash. People like to use credit/debit cards instead of paper money. It is easy to carry, convenient and a secure way of making payments. The transportation industry is rapidly growing, which increases the demand for multiple payment methods for the customer’s convenience and safety. Most of the customers availing transportation services prefer making the mobile payment rather than paper money, as it is the most convenient.


If you have more than one driver i.e. multiple drivers, it becomes important as well as tedious to control and manage funds effectively. You need to find out an organized way to watch your money. By using credit card processing, you will be able to keep an eye on payments made by clients, what each driver earned, everything you want to know with the help of an online merchant portal.


Apart from these three advantages, there are many more advantages of using mobile payments. The above-listed advantages help service providers to manage his/her business more efficiently, increase profitability as well as provides security. With the help of such payment processors, payment is directly deposited into the merchant account, so there is no chance of losing a payment.enter link description here


Get High-Risk Merchant Account For Your Business

Get High-Risk Merchant Account For Your Business

Few Tips Advice that can help your search

High-Risk Merchant Account looks at their respect for your business. Not with all business, but by the tech support business. Some claim to work will all “high-risk merchants account, but that is not big issues that occur in every single business. While they are all under the same “high risk” Merchants, tech support businesses have different issues. Be sure to network with local tech support merchants to learn of their merchant account decision, as this can help speed up your search.

If you work a tech support industry you need good credit card processing at affordable charges. Unfortunately, there are not various merchant account providers that provide Indian, U.S. or U.K based tech support industry with merchant accounts, and even fewer merchant account providers that offer reliable credit card processing at affordable charges.

If you need Merchant Account and If you are searching online for key phrases related to high-risk merchant accounts and provides of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, discover credit card processing services for high-risk business types and if you need some help. then you come to the right place #Merchant Stronghold. Almost everything you need to know about receiving credit cards in USA, UK, and Canada with a high-risk merchant account can be found here for our goal.

Types of businesses that need a High-Risk Merchant Account

  • Annual memberships
  • Adult products
  • Bail bonds
  • Online dating sites
  • Business opportunities
  • Electronics sold online
  • Home-based
  • Online auctions
  • Horoscope/Fortune telling
  • Mail order or telephone order
  • Multi-level marketing (MLM)enter link description here

Does Zero Credit Card Processing Actually Cost Nothing?

Does Zero Credit Card Processing Actually Cost Nothing?

Zero Credit Card Processing – Credit Card Processing fees are applied as a cost of managing the exchange of money from customers account to the merchant’s account in a secured manner.

Does Zero Credit Card Processing Actually Cost Nothing?

As we have discussed, in the case of zero credit card processing the customer has to pay most of the charges.

However, it is not like the merchant is not paying anything entirely. Because there are still other charges to be paid by the merchant such as :

PCI Compliance
Monthly Fees
And many more.

Generally, these plans are designed in such a manner that the processing fees are reduced to “zero” or “no cost”. However, all the other charges are increased by a bit.

And when a customer is introduced to these prices, it seems like that the processing fees are reduced to zero.

What Does It Cost To Your Customers?

The charges are generally set to 4% or less for the customer as the surcharge of no-cost credit card processing of merchant.
Also, customers are generally charged dynamically and the range is between 3.45% to 3.65%.
However, this is not any kind of hidden charge and your customer will see the surcharge in the receipt on their purchased goods and services. And in such situation, a customer can feel like being charged more than he/she should.
No customer wants to pay extra for any goods and services and if this is the case with you then you can lose customers.

What To Do Next?

As the merchant, the first thing you should do is check your competitors. If most of your competitors are using the surcharge method to get a minimized credit card processing, then you can also use this method for your business.

However, if your competitors are not into “no-cost credit card processing” then you should also reconsider your payment methods. Applying surcharges to your customer results in loss of customers.

In such a case, you can try other methods that can help with the reduction of credit card processing charges. Also, you can contact an expert to help you choose the ideal credit card processing method for your business.

We, at Merchant Stronghold, provide you with an expert who will customize the perfect deal for you depending on the industry your business is in. Contact us at the toll-free number +1 (888) 622 – 6875 and get the required services that you are looking for as a merchant. We also offer assistance regarding high-risk payment gateway and merchant account services.


Technical Support Checklists Of Merchant Stronghold

Technical Support Checklists Of Merchant Stronghold

Technical Support Checklists

Merchant represents and warrants each of the following by checking it and signing below:

Merchant is engaged in the business of offering technical support services and has obtained, and throughout the term of the agreement will maintain all local, state, and federal licenses, registrations, and approvals required to conduct such business. All technical support services for which Merchant services charge any customer will be provided only by the Merchant, and will not be referred, re-directed, or outsourced to any third party.

Merchant understands, currently fully complies with, and during the term of the agreement, will fully comply with all relevant provisions of all of the following as amended from time to time: section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, 15 U.S.C. §45;

The Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act. 15 U.S.C § 601, et seq(“TCFAPA”) and all regulations implementing the TCFAPA including without limitation the Telemarketing Sales Rule, 16 C.F.R. §310.1, et seq.,

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, 47 U.S.C. §227, et seq. (“TCPA”) and all regulations implementing the TCPA including without limitation 47 C.F.R§64.1200, et seq.;

The Electronic Funds Transfer Act, 15 U.S.C §1693, et seq.(“EFTA”) and all regulations implementing the EFTA including without limitation Regulation E,12 C.F.R. §1005.1, et seq.:

The electronic signatures in global and National Commerce Act, 15 U.S.C. §7001, et seq.; and all other applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations including, without limitation, those referring, relating or operating to the foregoing, consumer privacy and protection, credit , lending, finance, usury, and banking, and with the Rules (as defined in section 1 of the Agreement)

Merchant will immediately notify MSH and Bank in writing of any inquiry, investigation, complaint, charge, subpoena, claim, request for information, judgment, injunction order, cease and desist order, any similar judicial, quasi-judicial, administrative, or executive order, or any license or permit revocation or cancellation by any local, state or federal law enforcement or regulatory agency, entity, or official in connection with or relating to Merchant’s business including withoutlimitation of any complaints, charges or claims against Merchant by any customers of Merchant or by any local, state or federal official.

In addition to the indemnity obligations set forth in the Agreement, Merchant will also indemnify MSH and Bank, harmless from and against any and all losses, costs, liabilities, damages and expenses (including attorneys’ fees and collection costs) resulting from or incurred in connection with any inquiry, investigation, complaint, charge, subopena, claim, or request for information of or against Merchant, or against or involving MSH or Bank in Connection with Merchant, by any local, state or federal law enforcement or regulatory agency in connection with or relating to Merchant’s business including without limitation of any complaints, charges or claims by any customers of Merchant or by any customers of Merchant or by any local, state or federal official. Merchant understands that MSH or Bank may terminate the agreement effective immediately in the event of any breach of this addendum or as otherwise set forth in the Agreement.

Tech Support Merchant Account Fees
Our tech support merchant account fees are competitive and affordable, and our application process is free. Once our underwriting department matches you with one of our acquiring banking partners, the bank will then process your application and determine your merchant account fees.


What are the basic needs for an online payment gateway

What are the basic needs for an online payment gateway

Merchants Have Three Basic Needs For an Online Payment Gateway

The first is security and anti-fraud protection. Protecting your business and protecting your customers is a cornerstone of a successful business. Once incident can wreck your potential and reputation.

The second need is for the payment gateway to be user-friendly. Not only does it need to seamlessly integrate into your website and merchant account but it needs to be customer-friendly so that your customers do not become frustrated and give up on buying your products.

Lastly, you have to find the best rates. Business-friendly rates regarding transaction volume and transaction fees can make or break your margins. Finding the right balance of security and financial acuity is critical for any payment gateway.

Documents needed when applying for a high-risk payment gateway

To begin taking payments via a high-risk payment gateway, fill out Merchant Stronghold quick and simple online application. Though nothing is guaranteed, Merchant Stronghold promises a fair process.

*In addition to the application, the following documents must be submitted to processors:

A valid, government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport
A merchant account
A secure, working website with terms and conditions
Three months of the most recent bank statements
Three months of the most recent processing statements, if applicable
SSN (Social Security Number) or EIN (Employer Identification Number)

Business Documents and KYC

  • 3 months recent prior processing statements for all products intended on being processed through the merchant account (If applicable)
  • - 3 months of recent business bank statements. (If a new business, the merchant should be able to show financial stability to support the startup/operation of the business or personal bank statements.)
  • - Prior years and year-to-date business financials (Prior years audited financials required if available)
  • - Website or Marketing materials (Print ads, brochures, etc.) if mail order/telephone order sales
  • - If product/service being sold and not owned by a merchant, reseller agreements should be provided
  • - Articles of incorporation/articles of the organization showing the ownership of the entity associated with the merchant accountenter link description here

Get Merchant Account For Nutraceutical Industry

Get Merchant Account For Nutraceutical Industry

Nutra items are prominent right now. In fact, this has formed a billion-dollar business. These are products that help people feel better using natural means. These products include African Mango, Colon Cleanse products, sports nutrition, aromatherapy, Acai berry and many others.

The field of Nutra items also includes weight reduction remedies like Raspberry Ketone, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean Extract. Moreover, anti-aging and sexual enhancement products are also likewise as nutraceuticals. Though this is such a prizewinning industry, it’s still considered high-risk Merchant Account. Most conventional banks and Merchant Processors will not provide services to companies like this.

The Nutra deals business is a big High-Risk Business but it is seen as considered high risk for few reasons. One of them is that e-commerce sites that offer nutraceuticals generally get a higher number of chargebacks than different organizations. Chargebacks occur whenever a customer returns an item or they pay with a bad check or over-extended credit card. Though the merchants themselves are at risk, so is the merchant processing center that handles their transactions.


Some merchant account providers specialize in high-risk merchant services, but they do in general charge higher transaction fees. All of them are not alike though. Few providers offer customized end-to-end payment solutions and some don’t. Some also offer to process for numerous currencies and others do not. For these and other reasons, it’s best to do very systematic research into merchant processors offering Nutra deals merchant accounts.

In spite of the fact that there are more choices nowadays in the card preparing industry, finding the correct processor can be testing. You will require one that addresses your organization’s issues and that can take some time and legwork. Search for a respectable place that has been working together for some time. Discover what different administrations they may offer.

Merchant services for Nutra sales should become more available to business owners. Presently, even today there are many good options if you’re willing to do some research. enter link description here


Starting A Travel Agency Business in USA with Merchant Account

Starting A Travel Agency Business in USA with Merchant Account

If you run a travel agency as the tour operator, or hotel operator planning to the same then you must be excited by the opportunities in High Risk. Before start receiving online funds, you must setup payment gateway for your merchant account.


Find consultants who specialize in the helping high-risk merchants finding a merchant account.
We at merchant stronghold provide you the same.
If you have a good record of risk, fraud, and charge-backs, you will be required to provide at least 6 months of prior financials to prove it.
The best side of this is that if you can provide financial statements of 3 years, you will have more leverage to negotiate a better deal.
Startups with a weak or non-existent record, you must accept a very well relationship.
A common mistake that everyone does is to find big banks and merchant account, providers.
If these processors receive any hint that you are high risk, there is a chance that the merchant account will get a termination.
Develop and put into action a strong fraud prevention plan. Introduce new tools that will help you detect and fight fraud.

Purchase a financial failure insurance plan to boost financial security.

These actions will be enough to get a merchant account for your tour and travel business. Just because of rejection for a merchant account before, doesn’t mean you will not get approval again.

When it comes to your business plan and financials, providing complete transparency is a great way to build trust. Your business model matter, it will work to not only survive in the current market but also thrive.


High-Risk Offshore Merchant Account for your Small Business

High-Risk Offshore Merchant Account for your Small Business

As technology is advancing, the internet has decreased the geographical distance and brought the global market at one place. Through online businesses, merchants can provide its services to the customers all around the world. Irrespective of the size of business you own, to run it successfully online, merchants need to have two things:

  1. Merchant Account
  2. Credit Card Processing Facility

An offshore merchant account is the most common account out of all the options available in the market. The offshore account does not require a huge cost for initial setup. This type of account is more popular among small businesses that operate online.

Benefits of Offshore Merchant Account

  1. Some offshore account providers may charge you but there are a few that do not charge a penny for initial setup, which is a beneficial deal for merchants running small online businesses.
  2. Offshore accounts operate outside of your home country (where your business setup is), the merchant does not have to pay taxes as he will be out of tax regulation laws of the origin country.
  3. Offshore Merchant account provider takes care to protect their clients (small business merchants, having an offshore merchant account) from online frauds.
  4. Acceptance of multi-currency

When you own small sized online business or if you are setting up one, you cannot afford to become a victim of fraud. Fraud and scams are the harsh reality of the business world and usually new, small, inexperienced businesses are the target of these scammers. For the purpose of safety of merchants, offshore merchant account provider takes responsibility to protect their clients from online frauds.

The need for offshore merchant account arises where a merchant deals with multi-national currencies. And, various credit cards used by the customers around the world. If you have an offshore merchant account, this will increase the chances of gaining more customers globally and increase annual revenue.

Merchant Stronghold works 24*7, 367 days and with the vast knowledge of offshore merchant accounts, we will handle any type of query that you might throw at us.


How to choose the right payment gateway for your business?

How to choose the right payment gateway for your business?

When you are looking for different options and want to choose a payment service provider for your business:

Find the one whose services fits your needs. Spend some time to find the right provider instead of making rash decisions based on their discounts or advertised fees.

When you own a company, in addition to a merchant account and payment gateway, you will also have to make recurring billing, remote credit card storage, PCI compliance. You will also need to have anti-fraud tools, firewall security etc. Many providers provide some or all of these services .

From a list of prospective vendors, talk straight about the fees and services. Ask them about the rates for rewards, business, and international cards, minimum maintenance fees, chargebacks, PCI compliance, API, and its technical specification and securities etc.

You should choose a payment service provider that has a better user experience.

Choose a vendor who is easy to contact through email, phone number or any other methods, and provides substantial support to help you through all the complexities of the business and finance.

The right payment service provider will give you options to exit anytime and they won’t charge you for that. On the contrary, you might have to pay for exiting in case of the cheapest payment gateway.

Read contracts; the terms and conditions, and policies carefully. Some “cheapest” payment service providers ask for bond or agreement for 2-4 years and charge hundreds of dollars for a cancellation fee. This is just too much to accept.


Find the best credit card processor for your Identity Restoration Business

Find the best credit card processor for your Identity Restoration Business

Are you running an Identity Restoration business? If you are then you need a merchant account to accept credit card and debit card payments. Your merchant account works as a bridge between your bank account and the customer’s bank. When you get a merchant account, you are required to follow rules and regulations established by credit card companies and your bank. This includes a number of fees associated with both the accounts.

There are various fees associated with a merchant account, some of them are based on percentage and others are on an item basis. Some of the fees are set by issuing bank while others are by merchant and credit card companies. It is necessary to understand fees associated with an account to run your identity restoration business successfully.

Fees associated with a merchant account

Cancellation fee: It is charged when you send your contract with an online merchant account before the due date of your contract. Not all the providers require a contract, but those who have this police ask for a cancellation fee.

Chargeback fee:

When money is returned to the customer. This fee is initiated by the bank of your customer, often because of fraudulent transactions. A chargeback is one of the reasons why merchants around the globe lose thousands of dollars. It is a fee that merchant account providers take for processing the chargeback request.

Gateway Fee:

It is a monthly fee to keep your merchant account. This fee is a charge to maintain your online merchant account. Some online payment gateways don’t charge money, while others may charge as much as $20.

Monthly minimum:

This is the amount your account is required to process on a monthly basis. The fee is charged to maintain the account, but if you don’t exceed the minimum, then the merchant account provider will charge you accordingly.

Statement fee:

A statement fee is charged by all the online merchant account providers. This fee is associated with your statement and it is taken at the end of the billing cycle. You will pay between $7 and $10. It is charged when you get a paper base or paperless statement.

Transaction fee:

As the name suggests, it is a fee that is charged every time a transaction is processed. Usually, it is between 20 and 25 cents. This fee remains the same no matter how big the transaction was.

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Important Factors of Merchant Account Processing

Important Factors of Merchant Account Processing

You are new to the business or have lots of experience, you still might have some misconceptions about it.

Not Worth the Time – Firstly, entrepreneurs find that they have the best payment processing with the banks, some businessmen don’t care about the ease they get while doing the transactions through a merchant account.

Expensive Affair – Yes, the merchant accounts don’t come cheap, but they are not costly either. They just tell you the fees in a package where all the things are segregated and revealed as one. As well as the providers tell you the fees in percentage so, you have a clearer perspective on the rates.

Misleading Promotion – The misconception is that the service providers prevent the facts and sell the merchant accounts in higher percentages or give out misleading information as a result of non-formal training and burdened pressure to close a deal. Independent agents have a bad reputation for failing to disclose some of the more serious terms of the contracts they’re selling, especially early termination fees. Yes, there are some naturally talented and trained independent agents who have done well and can provide you with quality service.

Bad Customer Support – This whole game survives on the customer as it is fully dependent on them. It is a complete misconception that the providers don’t want to provide good customer satisfaction.

Payments are Going Cashless – Across the developed world, plastic and digital payments are overtaking cash. Cash is falling out of favor and the customers are more likely to pay by credit cards or online wallets than ever before. Offering solutions to the customers should be a merchant’s top priority (in this case, service provider), however, the rise in digital payments has also led to an increase in fraud and chargebacks.

Not all Payment Processors are Equal – Like any other service, picking the right payment processor for your company requires due diligence. Payment processors offer different levels of service and technical expertise. Perhaps the biggest mistake one can make is to assume these services are standardized and pick the first one you come across. Dig deeper and try to find the right fit for your business.

Technical Support is Crucial – Technical support is like insurance, you don’t realize how important it is until you need it. A person needs a friendly and experienced team of professionals on call. Most of the payment processors offer 24/7 helpdesk handled by experts who can guide a customer through any query.

Consider Processor Fees – A cost-benefit analysis is another crucial part of running a business. Generally, a merchant service provider in this competition opts for the best rates and customer can benefit from this. The search for the cheapest payment processor has its own consequences. One needs to consider his margins, customer preferences, technical details, and quality of service before making a pick.

Merchant Specific Services – When a merchant comes to get payment services, each one of them demands specific services like the freedom to trade to some of the specific countries, selling more products than what the website mentions.

Customers Are Going Mobile So Are Merchant Accounts – 70% of shoppers and customers now use their mobile to buy services or items. The payments are going cashless as well as the merchant accounts. Therefore, to keep up with the market and remain competitive, one needs a payment processor that offers a reliable mobile payment platform.

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Get Approval Domestic & Offshore Merchant Account

Get Approval Domestic & Offshore Merchant Account

As technology is advancing, the internet has decreased the geographical distance and brought the global market at one place. Through online businesses, merchants can provide their services to customers all around the world. Irrespective of the size of business you own, to run it successfully online, merchants need to have two things:

  1. Merchant Account

  2. Credit Card Processing Facility

An offshore merchant account is the most common account out of all the options available in the market. The offshore account does not require a huge cost for the initial setup. This type of account is more popular among small businesses that operate online.

Benefits of Offshore Merchant Account

  1. Some offshore account providers may charge you but there are a few that do not charge a penny for initial setup, which is a beneficial deal for merchants running small online businesses.

  2. Offshore Merchant account provider takes care to protect their clients (small business merchants, having an offshore merchant account) from online frauds.

  3. Offshore accounts operate outside of your home country (where your business setup is), the merchant does not have to pay taxes as he will be out of tax regulation laws of the origin country.

  4. Acceptance of multi-currency


When you own small sized online business or if you are setting up one, you cannot afford to become a victim of fraud. Fraud and scams are the harsh reality of the business world and usually new, small, inexperienced businesses are the target of these scammers. For the purpose of safety of merchants, offshore merchant account provider takes responsibility to protect their clients from online frauds.

The need for an offshore merchant account arises where a merchant deals with multi-national currencies. And, various credit cards used by customers around the world. If you have an offshore merchant account, this will increase the chances of gaining more customers globally and increase annual revenue.

Normally SMBs do not have spare money to invest more in the accounts. This is where offshore can make life easier for merchants having small businesses. If a merchant runs his/her business with proper planning and strategy, he can expand his business. Also, way sooner than expected by gaining more customers nationally and internationally with high profits.


Merchant Account Solution for Debt Consulting Business

Merchant Account Solution for Debt Consulting Business

You’ve opened your debt consulting business. First things first you must have a merchant account. A credit card processor will be an integral part of keeping your business functional. It may take your business to new heights. It would allow you to generate payments and to get more and more clients. In simple terms, we can say, if you are doing business with merchant account then you will be able to get payments from your customer and clients through your merchant account. Your business can run smoothly.

How To Get a Merchant Account?

Be aware of fraud or scam.

Be assured for the type of accepting payments through credit cards.

Search for merchant account providers and compare charges of each of them.

Check if the merchant service provider giving the payment gateway or not

(if they do then, we recommend you to go with them without any second thought.)

Prepare an application and attach all the documents along in an impressive way.

Now you see how simple it is to create a merchant account, you can have this by investing just a little of your time.

Merchant Stronghold is always here to help merchants to get a merchant account.


Why Cannabis Oil Is Big Business | Solutions for Merchant Account for CBD

Why Cannabis Oil Is Big Business | Solutions for Merchant Account for CBD

Merchant Accounts for CBD

CBD merchant accounts are our most in-demand product, for which we have proven domestic and offshore banking solutions for CBD merchants.
Merchant Stronghold provides the best merchant services for your CBD Businesses.

Legalization brings a lot of opportunities, including many that are unexpected. One of the biggest areas for expansion is cannabis oil. Cannabis oil can mean a lot of different things but most importantly, it’s giving consumers and entrepreneurs a new way to explore and benefit from the marijuana industry. Here’s why cannabis oil is big business, and how any entrepreneur can tap into this nascent market.

The cannabis oil market is huge

There are many different kinds of cannabis oil on the market. All of them are growing in popularity. The CBD market alone is predicted to reach $22 billion in 2022, according to Brightfield Group.

The CBD market is blossoming

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the main non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana and hemp. It does not interact with the body the same way as THC and cannot get you high. At the same time, CBD has many of the plant’s most significant medical and medicinal benefits. CBD can reduce seizures in epilepsy patients and a growing body of research finds it useful for reducing pain, acne, anxiety, inflammation and more.

Making cannabis oil is a relatively new and expensive process

Despite the rising popularity of cannabis oil, it’s still a relatively undeveloped market because of how it’s produced. Technically, cannabis oil is what you get when you extract a concentrated oil from the marijuana or hemp plant. THC and CBD oil are technically in the same category because they’re produced with the same type of equipment.

Creating cannabis oil takes some expertise and a fair amount of equipment. Generally, there are two ways of doing it:

CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction
Solvent extraction