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Corpusmedia : OTT Services Over The Top Platforms

VideoCorpus is a comprehensive and robust Video OTT Platform that supports our customers towards building a scalable & sustainable digital video streaming business. Our platform can be customized to support multiple business models, devices and content types.

How To Get The Best Video Monetization Platform

Video monetization simply means earning money through your videos. No, this is not something that you earn from the conversion of the potential buyers into your clients by watching the videos. It is something else. When your video is allowed to have advertisements on the same, then YouTube charges an amount from the advertisers and share that money with you. In that way, you can make your video monetized, and you can earn some money through the same.

What Is The Significance Of OTT Videos In The Modern Life

OTT is the product of TV and Internet in this era. Well-known marketing company Cisco predicts that online video will account for 80% of total network traffic in 2019, while Juniper Research’s survey…

The battle between OTT and IPTV Data Streaming

Widespread high-speed access to the Internet, while reducing the cost of traffic is becoming more common in our country. Also, service providers are paying much attention to the modernization of the equipment of the "last mile," which significantly improves the quality of technical support for customers, and provides new service opportunities. The number of Internet users is growing both through the development of wired and wireless networks, as well as by a huge selection of multimedia devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, which are mainly used as the subscriber devices to access media resources.

Why Multi DRM Is Important In Digital Media

DRM- the acronym for Digital Rights Management – is used to broadcast sound, text, etc. content. The DRM comes from a straightforward observation: digital media are particularly suitable for copying: it is only a click of the mouse to duplicate the contents of a file on another medium. Hence, the OTT solution provider takes advantage of encrypting these files in native mode, so that they can only be read with a suitable and secure reader.

Recommendation Engines Made Easy

Real-time recommendation engines are key to the success of any online business. To make relevant recommendations in real time, it requires the ability to correlate product, customer, inventory, supplier, logistics and even social sentiment data. Moreover, a real-time recommendation engine requires the ability to instantly capture any new interests shown in the customer’s’ current visit – something that batch processing can’t accomplish.


Usually websites have only one central server. If the website’s target visitors are only based in a small geographical region around the server, then this might work.
However, when targeting international users, and even visitors from the other side of the country, those users will start to encounter slower load times. This is due to the greater distance information has to travel from the server to international users computer.

In order to reduce load times, we have to reduce this distance. This is where CDNs or Content Delivery Networks come into play.

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