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Hedding Law Firm

We provide our clients with dedicated criminal defense representation. We will work to provide you with the personal care and dedication that is needed to help obtain a successful outcome for your case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in California | Hedding Law Firm - CA | (213) 374-3952

Hedding Law Firm provide compassionate and strong representation for Criminal Defense. Call For A Free Strategy Session by a Criminal Defense lawyer in California (213) 374-3952


Ronald Hedding

Ronald Hedding

Los Angeles criminal defense attorney

Domestic Violence - Hedding Law Firm

Over the course of the last twenty-five years, I’ve handled hundreds of domestic violence/spousal abuse cases in the LA county courts. In general, I would say yes, the prosecutors do need to have their victim available to testify in order to prove the case against the defendant. However, there are a number of exceptions where the prosecutors can proceed with a criminal case without the alleged victim actually testifying against the defendant.

Drug Crimes Defense Attorney in Los Angeles CA | (213) 374-3952

A drug crime case in Los Angeles, CA requires services of a drug crimes defense lawyer. Call an attorney in Beverly Hills or North Hollywood at (213) 374-3952

Federal Crimes - Hedding Law Firm

Over the course of the past twenty-five years, I’ve handled a lot of federal cases all over the nation. Just to give you a little overview of how these cases work – somebody gets indicted or arrested and they’re brought into court and the first substantive thing that’s obviously going to happen is, they’re going to be given whatever charges they are facing. They’re going to be given an opportunity to have a lawyer or they will have one appointed for them. The person will then appear in front of, typically a magistrate judge, and the probation department will run a report basically indicating whether they think that person should either be detained or whether that person could be released on some sort of conditions. It’s a little bit different than the state court where you get a bail bondsman, or somebody posts the bail for you and then you get out. In federal court, they can just detain you where you can’t get out. So obviously, you want to get an attorney from the beginning, so you can start fighting and try to get yourself out of custody while the case is pending because sometimes these cases take a long time to settle.

Sex Crimes Attorney in Los Angeles CA | (213) 374-3952

Sex crimes are taken very seriously in Los Angeles, CA and carry heavy penalties. Call a Sex Crimes Attorney in Beverly Hills CA at (213) 374-3952

Los Angeles Theft Crimes Lawyer, Ron Hedding | (213) 374-3952

People commit theft crimes for various reasons. Victims facing a theft charge in CA can contact a theft crimes attorney in Los Angeles, CA at (213) 374-3952

San Fernando CA Criminal Defense Attorney | Van Nuys California Top Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense attorney Ronald Hedding has been practicing in San Fernando Valley CA. He was named the top criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles California. Call our office to talk to a criminal defense lawyer. We serve in Encino CA, Van Nuys CA, and Los Angeles County

Armed Robbery | Hedding Law Firm

As you might guess, prosecutors and judges take armed robbery cases very seriously in Los Angeles courtrooms all over LA County. In practicing criminal defense over the past 25 years I have noticed the penalties for robbery cases get worse and worse over the years. First, they made robbery a strike (shortly after the California Three Strikes law passed) and then they made using a gun during a robbery a 10 year enhancement on top of what ever the defendant receives for the underlying robbery. This is some serious time and judges and prosecutors across the county are not afraid or hesitate to give a deserving long prison sentence who they feel deserves it. Finally, any custody time that a person receives related to a robbery charge is served at 85%.

Assault and Battery | Hedding Law Firm

In my experience, I have seen assault and battery cases filed when two people get into a fight, altercation or yelling match. Usually one party gets the better of the other and the police are then called out to the scene and make an arrest. However, just because one person got the better of another in a fight, does not necessarily mean that it is appropriate for the police and prosecutors to press a criminal case against the winning party.

Drug Crime Attorney in Encino, CA | Drug Crime Lawyer in Los Angeles, California

Do you need a narcotics defense attorney? Contact our drug crime attorney in Encino, CA or get help from our drug crime lawyer in Los Angeles California. Our drug crime defense lawyer also provides services in Los Angeles County, Van Nuys, CA and San Fernando Valley