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21st Century Learners- Kindergarten

This is a list that provides lesson plans that teach kindergarten students about the 8 skills we need to be successful in life.



This lesson plan is from Canada. It teaches students about what leadership means. It invites various leaders in the community to come and speak about their role and how they are a leader. There are various activities for students to complete. In America, we can skip over the prime ministers role since we do not have one. (


Digital Literacy

This website allows students to go through various videos to learn about the safety of the internet and how to use it. This is kindergarten friendly and students can watch the videos at their own pace. (



This lesson plan teaches students how to answer questions in a complete sentence. It is kindergarten friendly as it involves role play.(


Emotional Intelligence

This site gives a variety of activities that kindergarten could complete to understand emotional intelligence. One activity asks students to show different emotions and discuss how we feel when we see others make those emotions. (



This site gives a lesson plan for grades 3-7 on building a lemonade stand and making a business. There is not a lot out there for kindergarten students but I believe that a teacher could take these ideas and modify them for kindergarten age students. This lesson plan could be completed whole group within the classroom. (


Global Citizen

This lesson plan provides some ideas for read aloud books for children. When the book is finished students will discuss how the people look different but still deserve to be treated with kindness. Click on lesson 2.


Problem Solving

This site gives a variety of lesson plan ideas on how to teach problem solving to young students.


Team Work

This lesson plan gives students the chance to work together to create rules for the classroom and explain why they are important. This lesson is meant for first and second graders but it can be modified for kindergarten. The lesson allows students to learn how to effectively communicate and solve a problem together. (